I'm With You.

When Kalia Ryan moves to L.A. with her best friend and her boyfriend she feels free and that she might have a chance to be happy. She also feels just a bit closer to the one guy that stole her heart, Joey Graceffa.


2. Clumsy Little Me.


( A/N ) Hi guys, otay so first chapter .... not so good. But i promise it will get better.


 I wake up at 2 in the afternoon because of my phone ringing. Karma is a bitch.

 " Hi Bree. " I say in my most cheerfullest voice.

 " We found a nice restaurant near the house. You should come by. " She tells me.

 " Otay. Text me the directions and I'll be there in .... a bit. " I tell her getting up from the floor. I hang up and go find something to wear.

 I grab the first thing that I can find ( which just happened to be my neon orange tank top and my cheetah print shorts ) and put it on. I check my phone and see that Bree sent me the directions to the restaurant. I grab my purse and head out. I start walking to the place when I feel lost. I check my phone and continued walking. I turn the corner and I get a text from Bree. I check to see what she said and bump into someone. 

 " Oh my god, I'm so sorry. " I tell whoever and see what Bree had texted me. We're about to order. You better hurry. - B

 " No it's my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going. " He says. He kinda sounds like Joey.

 " Well neither was I. " I tell him. " Well I have to go. I'm really sorry. " I say glancing at his face but he looked away. Kinda looks like Joey too.

 I continue on my way and find the place. I see Bree and Dee sitting at a both and so over to them. I order my food and we talk for a while. Once our food comes we eat and talk and joke. We finish eating and we head out. We walk to a park and I feel like I'm intruding on their date so I decide to walk away from them. I text Bree telling her I'll meet her at the house. I grab my IPod from my purse and get my headphones. I walk around the park and listen to music. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around to see who it was. It was one of my old freinds Chase. 

 " Hey. " I say as I take off my headphones. 

 " What are you doing here ? " She says hugging me.

 " I moved here with Bree just today. " I tell her. She four years older than me but her little sister was my little brothers best friend so one day we met and became best friends, but a few months after they moved away and I haven't seen her since, but we talked from time to time.

 " Wow. You still look the same but you've gotten preetier. " she tells me. " And your hairs so long too. " She adds.

 " Thanks. " I tell her. " I'm actually going to get it cut soon. " 

 " Why ? It's super preety. " She says. We start walking again. 

 " It's a bit too long for my liking right now so I'm going to cut it a bit. " I tell her.

 " Oh okay. So where's Bree ? " She asks me.

 " Somewhere with David. " I say. 

 " Wait but wasn't David with Jake ? " She asks confused.

 " No that's a different David and they're not together anymore. David went to find his sister and ended up cheating on Jake with some random. " I tell her.

 " Wow. So how's dance been for you ? I remember you telling me about it one time. " She asks.

 " Great. We all work great together and we've won a lot of competitions. I got offered a few jobs and I took the one that was over here. I actually wouldn't have moved out here with Bree if I didn't. " I tell her. 

 " Cool. So when do yo-- " She gets interrupted by her phone ringing. She answers it and a few moments later hangs up. " Sorry but I have to go. My friend Meghan needs me to help her out with some things. " She tells me.

 " That's otay. I think I might need to get going too. " I tell her.

 We say our goodbye's and go our separate ways. 

 * At the house *

 " I'M HOME ! " I yell as I walk through the door. 

 " Hey. We were just unpacking. Wanna help ? " Bree asks me.

 " Later. I'm going to go order pizza. " I tell her.

 " But we just ate. " She says in her motherly voice.

 " I know but we can order it for later. 6 okay with you ? " I say.

 " Sure. " She tells me rolling her eyes.

 I order the pizza and the go help her out. She tells me that David's been working on our bed frames since they got back an hour ago. I go upstairs to see if it's true and I find a shirtless David in my bed. I yell at him to get up and help us unpack some stuff and we go downstairs. After a while Bree starts flirting to Dee and I decide to go upstairs before things got out of hand.


( A/N ) Otay so I'm going to make a few spelling mistakes but most of them will be on purpose. I know how to spell ' pretty ', but it's pronounced like ' preety ' so to me it only makes sense to write it like that. Anyways, my writing will get better ... I hope. so I'm very truly sorry that this sucks right now,

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