3 Brothers, 1 Girl

I sat there crying. Suicide and hate was the only thing on my mind. Why did the Styles family have to hurt me? I love them all. Edward:so that he can protect me, Harry: to love me, and Marcel: to make me laugh. But they all screwed up. I hate and love them all at the same time. What do I do? Maybe I should leave... leave the world... Forever. Goodbye styles family.


3. the date... i think?

         Crystal's pov

I walked into mu house which was not that far from Harry's house. I decided to surprise him. I walked down the block. I came to the familiar yellow house. I knocked on the door and there he was. He really did have beautiful eyes. "Hi Harry. I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight." I asked him casually. He nodded quickly. He welcomed me inside and I noticed that the house was large but not as big as it was on  the outside. "So what do you want to do"? he asked in his sexy raspy voice. "Maybe we can watch a movie or something." I replied trying to sound casual. "Yeah so how about you go pick out the movie and I will pop some popcorn." I walked to the living room when I heard something. Someone was crying. I know eavsdropping is bad but I had to do it. "Marcel you will not tell her that Harry is gone. If you tell her what's going on I will beat you to bits!" he whispered. I walked into the kitchen like I had heard nothing. "I'm so sorry Harry but I can't hang out with a liar. Really Edward did you think I was going to fall for something like that. I mean Harry doesn't even have that many tattoos and he doesn't have a lip piercing." I walked out and I have to admit that I was kind of proud of myself. I walked back into my house and my phone began to play Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. I picked it up and heard Niall's adorable accent. "Hey love so what do you want to do tonight?" he asked me. "I don't know maybe we can go see a scary movie or walk through the park." "Alright love I'll pick you up in 20 minutes." I hung up the phone and started getting ready. I put on my sea foam green shirt with an infinity sign on it. I put on some black skinny jeans and my sea foam green converse. I brushed through my dark brown hair. I might want to die the tips a nice sea foam green. I f you can't tell sea foam green is my favorite color. I put on some pink lipstick and headed out to the living room. I heard a knock on he door. I opened it to see....
Harry. Great just great. "What do you want?!" I snapped. "I just wanted to see if you wanted to do something". he asked kind of confused. "I'm actually about to go on my date with Niall. By the way his car just pulled up so you better leave. Goodbye Harry". he left and I walked out to the black range rover. He was wearing a white plain shirt and a pair of red skinny jeans. And to top it all of he wore some really nice red converse. Man I love converse. I owned almost every color. "So how about we go see Paranormal activity?" I nodded and he started the car. He took me to a movie theater and we got our popcorn and soda. We sat in the front. There were a lot of people there.


Niall's pov

We got to the movies and when the movie started he cuddled up close to me. "Don't worry baby it's just a movie." I whispered into her ear. The movie ended and we went outside into the bright light. We walked to the park across the street. Then I saw the only people in the whole world I didn't want to see. They stood in front of me and Crystal. Harry, Zayn, Liam,Louis,  and Edward.  I'm so dead.

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