3 Brothers, 1 Girl

I sat there crying. Suicide and hate was the only thing on my mind. Why did the Styles family have to hurt me? I love them all. Edward:so that he can protect me, Harry: to love me, and Marcel: to make me laugh. But they all screwed up. I hate and love them all at the same time. What do I do? Maybe I should leave... leave the world... Forever. Goodbye styles family.


4. I'm so dead

 Crystal's pov

We were walking through the park when we saw a few good friends. "Hey guys. What's up?"

Z: nothing we just have to talk to Niall.

N: what do you want to talk about?

H: oh just some guy stuff.

N: why can't Crystal come?

Li: because it might make her uncomfortable.

C: It's okay I have to use the bathroom anyways. Brb.

I walked to the park bathroom. I called my friend Kimmy.

K: Hey what's up?

C: nothing just on a date

we chatted like this forever.

Niall's pov

Crystal walked away. Great now she's gonna find her boyfriend on the ground... dead. "What's up guys?" I tried not to panic. "If you know what's best for you stay away from Crystal. trust me because if you don't we will find you and literally break you." Zayn was scaring me. "I thought you guys were my friends! Just because I ask a girl out you're threatening to kill me!" I started to walk towards the bathrooms.

Before I got there I was spun around. Edward socked me in the face. I stumbled backwards. I ran at him and got punched in the stomach by Liam. I fell to the ground and I felt multiple kicks to my stomach and face. Then it stopped. "If you know what's best for you stay  from Crystal. Maybe you can get out of town." I couldn't make out who it was but then I heard the bathroom doors open.

"Niall!" Crystal ran to my side. "What happened to you?" she sounded scared. Then everything went dark.


Zayn's pov

After beating up Niall I went home. I couldn't take it anymore. I went into my room and cried myself to sleep. I then got a call from Niall. I answered it and heard a girls voice. "Zayn I need you and the boys to come to the hospital right away! Please hurry I'm so scared!" I hung up and ran out the door. I got into my black Bentley continental GT. I drove to the Hospital. I ran in and asked the nurse for Crystal Dawnings. She told me the room and I burst through the door. But instead of finding her in the hospital bed I saw Niall. Great now I feel guilty. "What's wrong Angel?" I asked as if I didn't know. " When I came out of the bathroom I saw Niall just laying on the ground. His nose was bloody and his lip was cut. His eye was turning purple. I don't know what happened. I just want him to be okay." She broke into sobs.


"Hey everything is going to be fine. Don't worry." She cried herself to sleep. I went home. I can't believe I just my Crystal.

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