Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


13. The Truth in the memories.

Chapter 13.


Three years later.


A glass with fresh pumpkin juice was pushed in front at him, he had accepted it and slowly drank down the cold liquid. He sat the glass down again at the table, his face didn’t change at all. He looked sad, not because of what had happened, but because his memories were mixed up.

Raven…no…he was Harry, Harry Potter. Harry looked up from the table, the blonde male in the same age as he was sat in front at him.

He couldn’t remember him, he couldn’t point out who he was. However, he were told they had been friends one, close friends even.

“Feeling better, Harry?” Draco asked him, his voice soft and low as he looked at Harry with his stormy grey eyes.

Harry nodded, his throat still felt a bit dry, but he had managed so far.

His gaze left from the blonde, he looked over at a corner of the kitchen at Grimmauld place number 12. There stood a man he should know as Sirius, he only watched him, even thought he could see that Sirius were eager to get over to him.

“Can you tell or show us what you have been through, Harry? It can help me a bit to cover the memories a bit.” Draco explained, he had pushed a small bowl over toward Harry.

“This is a small version of a pensive, if you pull out your memories. It can be easier to show or tell us, I can understand if you do-“

“How can I be sure you won’t mix them?” Harry interrupt, his eyes still at the adult over at the corner.

“My wand can be at your side, if it makes you more comfortable.” Draco offered, he held his hand into his pocket and got his wand out. He place it on the table, before he pushed it over to Harry.

“I cannot do wandless magic, so that’s a thing you need to trust on my words, Harry.” Draco told him, his voice low and soft again.

Harry closed his eyes for a moment, his head turned a bit so he was facing Draco again. Slowly he took Draco’s wand into his own, he pointed it to his head. A few silver lines got pulled out, he placed them into the pensive one by one.

“You promised me I could go when I was done, I don’t want to look at them so take a look yourself.” Harry said, as he looked at Draco.

“No matter how hard you are trying to help, I don’t think it will work. I think I will need time, adjustments to where I am right now and how I can live my life.” Harry said, he then looked over at the man again. His voice kept being in the same tone.

“One day I will remember.” Harry said, his voice getting low, as he looked back at Draco again. “I will remember everything there happened, the good, the bad, those who survived and those there died.” He said, Harry then stood from his seat, as soon he had gotten permission from Draco to go. He left the room, only to walk up at the stairs to his own room. The room he were told he had lived in his whole life, almost his whole life.

Draco looked at the pensive, he cleared his throat for a moment.

“Here goes nothing.” He mumbled, as he noticed Sirius got over in front at him.

First Memory.

“Very good Raven! Two kills on one arrow, you couldn’t make me more proud.” Tom whispered, he had held his raven close to him from behind. Looking at the two girls, who lied dead nearby them.

They had been useless for him, so they were good plates for his Raven to practices his arrow shots.

Raven had only smiled, he looked up at Tom. He could see that Tom was proud of him, he had killed two with one arrow. It was rare for even a proof Archer to do that, so he had learned well from Tom. If not better, of course no one would be better than Tom was.

Their shared a soft kiss, Tom’s hand caressed Harry’s cheek as their lips met. His heart were beating fast, it was that feeling again. Weird, fluffy and loving.

He wished he could get more, he wanted more.

Memory ends.

Draco only looked at the memory, he waved his wand to get it out from the water and soon got it in a small vial. He wrote a small text on it, to remember which memory it was.

He made the next one ready, the vials beside him so they could keep track on it.


Second Memory.

Raven busted through the door into Tom’s study Room.

“TOM!” Raven shouted as he banged into the study room, he was mad, not only because of what happened. But because Tom only stood and watched him being taken.

He heard Tom’s voice speaking to him, but he didn’t care about what he said, he wanted answers!

He couldn’t remember how it happened so suddenly, it was like a small gab of darkness was between the moments he got in and until he hold Tom’s collar in his firm grab.

He saw the smile appeared on Tom’s lips, knowing he was in great punishment for this he were going to do.

He was grabbed by his throat, Raven got pressed against the desk, his airways shut closed as Tom had tight his grab around Harry’s neck.

“Remember Rave, without the power from my side, you would be nothing today.” Tom whispered, he had leaned over Harry, his hand slowly loosed around Harry’s throat to let the boy breath.

“I choose who is going to die around here, Boy. Remember what I am and who I am, if you forget. We will need to fix that with another spell.” Tom whispered, he leaned a bit back, their eyes locked with each other.

Raven was afraid, he were afraid of his lord at times. However, this time he could see the fire into the bloody red eyes.

“I am The Dark Lord, I am powerful….I am….” The Dark Lord leaned down to Harry’s ear, his breath ghosted over the ear shell as he whispered the last word.



Second Memory ends.


Draco and Sirius continued to watch the different memories, how Harry’s life suddenly changed after he had been in the maze. Oh well, they figured Harry had been portkeyed to a graveyard.

They figured out so much more about Harry’s life, even though it weren’t pleasant to watch everything.

Sirius at times needed a break, he had clung his hands into a fist by some memories where Harry looked rather happy with Tom.

Why couldn’t things be simpler? He should never have let Harry get to Hogwarts from the start, they could always teach him the things at home. If he haven’t went, he wouldn’t be in this state.

The memories were enough for him, he couldn’t take it more. Sirius had stood from the table, he had went away from it and gone upstairs instead.

He noticed something, the door into his family tree room were opened. No one had been in there for years, if not since Harry’s age of 8.

Now that he remembered, he had placed a password to the door so no one could get in. How could it then be opened?

Sirius walked closer to the door, he could see someone sat in there.

It was like he had done this before, the memory of little Harry sitting in there. Now, it was just bigger Harry, confused Harry if so who sat on the same spot like those years back.

Sirius slowly opened the door, he stepped inside and looked at Harry’s back.

“You alright lad?” His voice came out in a small raspy voice, he might should have cleared his throat before he spoke, even though it didn’t mind right now.

“I was thinking….” Harry said, his voice lower than a whispering voice.

“Yes?” Sirius asked, he took some small steps near Harry and slowly sat down behind him. He still didn’t wanted to scare Harry more than he already could be, as well Draco had told him not to do so much contact to him.

“I had a dream last night, before I knew I should speak to any of you.” Harry whispered, his gaze never left the wall as he just were starring in it. He hold something into his hand, something that Sirius couldn’t really see.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Sirius asked him, he had sat a bit closer so he could listen to Harry.

“I stood in the forest, the same place that I killed my lord. It was before I went to do it, my mind still don’t want to think I did it.” Harry whispered, he had slowly been silent for a while. But soon enough he spoke out again.

“I saw my parents, their names is blurry for me, but I knew it was them. They stood with you and the other…you were so close to…what was his name again?” Harry asked, his head cocked a bit aside, as he halfway looked back at Sirius.

“Remus, but you used to call him Moony like I did.” Sirius whispered, he tried not to sound broken over the words.

Harry had nodded, he looked back again at the wall.

“You all four just stood there, staring at me. My mum held her hand out for me, I tried to grab it, but my hand went right through hers. “He explained, he had spoken with the same whispering voice.

“She spoke to me…” He whispered. “She said, that I have been very brave. She even called me sweetheart, did she do that a lot?” He asked, as he soon felt Sirius placed his hand on his shoulder.

“She did, a lot of times when you were just a baby.” Sirius mumbled, but he squeezed Harry’s shoulder, to let him know he was there for him.

Harry nodded, he went silent again before he spoke out with the whispering voice.

“I asked all of you, why you were here. I didn’t understood, I knew at that time what I was going to do. Mum, she told none of you never left. I was afraid, who wouldn’t be afraid if they should face their death?” He asked, but he got no respond from Sirius so Harry continued to speak.

“Does it hurt? It’s the childish question to ask, would it hurt? Dying I mean.” Harry whispered, his voice getting weaker for a second. “I asked dad about it, he said it were quicker than falling asleep. He also told me I was nearly there, that they would be at my side.” He said, his voice getting even weaker by now.

“I told Remus I was sorry, sorry about what I did to him. I never wanted him to die, I guess. I am so confused…Sirius” He whispered, Harry slowly fell a bit back, right into Sirius chest.

“Harry?” Sirius asked, he got worried by Harry’s more than weird acting.

Sirius could see Harry’s skin were paler, his head were sweating and he was cold at his skin.

It was there he noticed the two bottles in Harry’s hands, one looked like a poison bottle. The other hold a silver line memory in it.

“Harry! What have you done?!” Sirius said worried, as he hugged Harry closer to his chest.

“I can’t stand it more, the memories are all mixed up.” The teen whispered, his voice went weaker and weaker.

“Stay with me…Padfoot….” He begged him, his voice more childish and crying than Sirius ever had heard it be. It was too late to try and safe him, the poison had already been into his body for too long.

“I’m here Harry, you aren’t alone in this.” Sirius whispered, he had rested his head on top at Harry’s as he rocked his godson softly into his arms.

“I’m going to see them now, my parents and Moony. Promise me, you do be there one day. But not tomorrow, not in a year. But the time there is your time.” Harry whispered.

“Promise me…” he pleading him.

“I promise, Harry. I will always stay by your side, I will always be with my lad’s side. Until the end.” Sirius whispered, he had looked a bit at Harry. Seeing a small happy smile appeared at his lips, maybe the first smile he had seeing for years on Harry’s lips.

“Always….” Harry breathed, it had been his last. Sirius knew, because Harry’s breathe didn’t turn out anymore. It was gone…

Sirius hold Harry close to him, he had not cried this time. Only because this time, Harry’s time had meant to be it.

Sirius took the two bottles from Harry’s hands, he held the one with the memory into his pocket and crushed the poison bottle into a wall.

With that, he left the Family Tree room with his godson in his arms.


One week later.


He was alone now, he had no one around him anymore. His beloved Remus gone, his godson gone too.

Sirius sat alone in the kitchen almost at midnight, he hold the bottle with Harry’s last memory contained in it.

He had opened it, he held it out into the pensive as he sat back and watched it.

Harry sat at the window in Riddle’s manor, he had been looking up at the stars that evening. His leg swung a bit back and forth, a bit childish way as he simply sat there in the window.

Harry’s Last Memories.

“Happy Birthday Padfoot, I hope you aren’t troubling yourself to worry about me. One day I will return home, I won’t let him break me.” He whispered into the window, his breath made it dim.

The memory changed, Harry stood on the roof top, and his eyes scanned the town as he noticed two familiar people.

His eyes wide, it was Sirius and Remus! No… he couldn’t let them get hurt, he couldn’t make himself do this. Harry aimed his first arrow at another order member, he knew it was wrong what he did, but he didn’t wanted them to get hurt special not when it was him there was meant to do it.

He got their attention, he could see it at Padfoot who tried to get remus to follow him. It was not or never, he could make a chance to show them he was alive!

But he needed to act, he needed to make them understand that he was broken, his mind wouldn’t allow him to remember them, not for long at least. One spell and they would be go-

The vision darken over him, he could only see small scenes in front at him. He hit Padfoot, he was at Grimmauld place in his old bedroom, he ran off and back to Riddles manor.

All the short small scense he saw, it was a pain for him. He screamed at the top at his lungs inside his head, he couldn’t allow this! If not he was fast then Riddle had broke his mind, then he would never be able to get back, he would never be into his godparents arms again…

The memory changed, Remus were in front at him. A sword were in Harry’s hand, as he had circled around Remus.

“You need to act along, I can’t continue to keep the spell off me. Hid, hid away and don’t get out before the right time, we will do the trick Moony, just like he did to you and Sirius.” Harry whispered, his sword and stabbed forward, it hit right in the empty space under Remus elbow to the Death eater there hold Remus.

Remus got free, he got behind Harry and looked at the dead Death eater. Harry got some hair from Remus, he took a bottle out from his pocket. Stolen Polyjuice potion, Harry then added the hair, he whined a bit as he felt the spell getting to him again. Riddle would soon take over the rest of his mind, he needed to be fast.

“Hid in Godric’s Hollow, it’s the only chance I can make sure you are safe.” Harry whispered, he looked at the Death eater started to transform into Remus, even though he was dead, the potion just hardly worked. No one would be able to see if it was the true Remus or not, not when Harry would be done cutting into the body.

“When this is over Moony, I will give Padfoot this memory, I keep it shield away so Riddle can’t take it from me. Promise me, you will not get out before it’s over.” Harry pleading him, he whined again as he clung his hand at his forehead.

“GO! Now!” Harry ordered, the last thing he saw at Remus, was his thankful smile as he had apparated away.

The memory changed again, Harry lied in the bed with Tom. His eyes half closed, he looked at the clock, seeing it was almost midnight.

He slowly got closer to Tom, his hand went under the pillow as he felt the dagger he had hid there. He got it out without a sound, Harry then opened his eyes fully, he looked at Tom’s face, so soft and peaceful asleep.

He slowly got on top at Tom, his hand stroked Tom’s chest to make sure he wouldn’t wake up. Harry held the dagger high above him, with one fast movement he stabbed it down, but his wrist were caught in midair.

Tom had opened his eyes, a smile spread along his lips as he looked at Harry.

“Nice try, but you need to be better than hiding a dagger under a pillow.” Tom said, as he rolled them over in the bed.

Harry struggled a bit, he suck in a deep breath as he apparated them both away. They landed out in a forest, he didn’t know why the forest, but it was a calm and peaceful place. Harry were fast in the shadows doing the dark night.

“Running away like a coward? Just like your filthy father!” Tom called out, however, he could see Tom was a bit scared now, he had no word, he had no power in a magical free zone.

He had learned Harry well, too well if you asked Harry, but he didn’t complain.

He got his bow and arrow he had left out here, now he sat in a tree and aimed at Tom.

He shut the arrow toward him, he hit Tom right through his chest and cursed him to fall.

When he heard Tom whine, he had jumped down from the tree. Another arrow aimed toward him.

“I figured it all out Tom, about your horcruxes. You never knew did you? Bellatrix taught me to use the Imperio curse, while you were asleep, I used it on you to kill me. Or rather, kill your soul inside me. Didn’t you notice anything at all? Nagini gone? The locket and cup. All of them!” Harry said, as he got right in front at Tom, the arrow just aimed at Tom’s forehead.

“I have learned you to much, but the thing you can’t get out from, His the memory block spell I got on you, you won’t ever get peace, the memories you know will haunt you forever, you won’t know which one is true or which one is fales” Tom said, he had chuckled a bit as he managed to stand on his feet.

“Shoot me Harry, the last hope you have for a better life. You will be the one people will look up to, The Boy Who Lived. Maybe now they will say, The Mental Boy Who Lived. “ Tom said, his chuckled got into a coughing.

“At least I will be remembered.” Harry said, as he shot the last arrow through Tom’s head.

He saw the body fell to the ground, blood getting out from Tom’s head.

Harry did nothing, he left the body out there to let it rotten.

He whined again, his hand got on his forehead as the memory block spell got worser.

Harry’s Last memory ends.


Sirius sat silent, he had wanted to cry this time. He had wanted to scream at the top at his lungs, but something stopped him.

A soft hand got placed on his shoulder, that touch, that hand. It could only be…

“Moony?” Sirius whispered, he felt the tears at the corner of his eyes slipped away.

“Our boy was clever, even if he were under a dark curse.” Remus whispered, he had stepped a bit back,  as Sirius got up from the chair and wrapped his arms around Remus neck.

He sobbed into Remus’ neck, he hugged his Moony closer to him. He couldn’t believe his Moony where alive, two years without his Moony at his side. It had been hell for him!

“There, there.” Remus whispered with a comforting voice, as he hugged his beloved Padfoot closer to him.

They stood there in silence, only Sirius sobs where the only thing breaking it. None of them told a word, none of them pulled away, they just stood together and comforted each other.

Half an hour later, Sirius pulled back and kissed Remus at his lips.

“What about our boy?” Sirius whispered, his eyes locked with Remus’.

“We are certain now Padfoot, Harry is in the best place he ever could be at. This time we can live on, keeping Harry’s memory with us forever until the day we will be gone too.” Remus whispered, he had rested their foreheads together. His eyes had been closed, he had missed Padfoot, more than people could imagine.

The war was over, the wizard world safe and in comfort for that The Dark Lord would stay dead for sure.

Remus and Sirius honored Harry’s memory each year on Harry’s birthday, they would be silent for 10 minutes as they would turn on a candle in a window.

 At times both of them could see Harry’s reflection in the window through the flame, only the soft and happy smile of an 8 year old Harry.

The best memory they had about him, when he was small, innocent but the happiest child ever.

 All was well in the world. The memories of Harry would never be forgotten, they would be remembered, in fact.

They would Always… be remembered.


The end.

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