Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


4. The Tournament.

Chapter 4. The Tournament


Harry sat in the great hall with his friends at the Gryffindor Table, he had smiled a bit while he looked at his plate. They had just heard Dumbledore’s speech about the Tri-wizard Tournament, so this was what his parents had been hiding from him?

Yes, Harry admits it. Sirius and Remus is like his two fathers. He know he had parents, even their names did he know. He also know that Sirius and Remus is his godparents, but it was right there god’parents’ he could call them that.

He didn’t felt weird about having to fathers, not after the talk he had with Padfoot about what happened in his young age. He was more proud actually, that Sirius and Remus wanted to take him in.

“Harry, you are spacing out again there mate.” Ron said from beside him, Harry blinked and looked at Ron. He only chuckled a bit, as he took his goblet in his hand.

“Sorry I was just remembering something funny, what were you saying?” Harry asked him, as he took a sip of his pumpkin juice.

“Who do you think would end in the tournament from Hogwarts? I think Fred and George are already planning something-“

“They can’t even do that Ronald, you know what Dumbledore said, and the tournament is for those who is in age. It’s for 17 and up, unless they turn 17 soon which I hardly believe they do.” Hermione said, as she sat down her fork and knife. She took a napkin beside her and wipe her mouth lightly.

“But Mione, they are already planning on making a potion which can turn their age up.” Ron said, somehow a bit awkward as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“I won’t believe they can do that, you know how Fred and George are.” Hermione mumbled, she had looked at Harry who looked over at the Slytherin table.

“Harry? Who are you looking at?” She asked him, as Harry’s gaze returned again to Hermione.

“No one, I just spaced out again I think. I thought I saw something, but it’s maybe just my mind again.” Harry said with a light chuckle.

“Anyways, I will get to the common room. I feel tired after the train trip, going with me Ron?” Harry asked, as he had stood from his seat.

 “Course I do, see you later Mione.” Ron said, as he too stood from the bench and walked with Harry.

So the days slowly passed by, people was writing their name on a piece of parchment, where they then took it to the goblet of fair.

Of course as Hermione had said, when Fred and George had tried with a potion which would make them older than they was. It failed of course, and the twins needed to be in the hospital wing for at least a week before Madam Pomfrey could help them proper.

It had been on the day where The Goblet of Fire should take out names, Harry were early up and outside to run for a time. Luckily it was on a Friday, Harry didn’t have any lessons before 10. That didn’t mean though, that he couldn’t be up early and have a run outside the castle.

“Potter! Wait up!” A familiar voice called nearby him, Harry turned and lowered his hood from his hoodie. He saw Draco Malfoy were jogging up toward him, his breath were in panting’s as he held his hands on his knees when he was in front at Harry.

“Morning to you as well Malfoy, didn’t thought The Slytherin Prince would be out that early.” Harry said, as he chuckled a bit.

Between the years at Hogwarts, Harry and Draco had become friends. Thought it wasn’t a normal friendship, the Malfoy name weren’t that good around Hogwarts. People already hated Draco before they met him, and to be all honest, Harry had denied Draco’s hand first time Draco had held his hand out in friendship.

However, only a few weeks after as they both had a detention in Potion. Harry had explained why he had denied his hand, Draco were rude against Ron. A thing Harry didn’t stand for, when people would be rude against his friends.

“Oh shut up Potter, you know that rumor isn’t true.” Draco mumbled, as he stood up straight and hold his hands at his hips.

“I thought I could catch you before you went inside again, mind if I joined you?” Draco asked him, as he smiled a bit while he looked at Harry.

“You know I won’t mind, beside I’m soon finish, so you don’t need to make more running’s other than up to the owlery.” Harry said, as he held a letter out from his pocket, showing he was going to send an owl anyway.

“You are really trying to kill me, aren’t you, Harry?” Draco said with a whine, as he looked up toward the owlery tower. “So many stairs, how can you manage?!” Draco whined, as he looked over at the castle instead.

“You know Sirius always made me run, just because he wanted to get some air.” Harry said with a chuckle, as he made his letter into his pocket again.

“Come now let’s talk and walk then.” Harry said, while he started to walk so Draco could follow along.

“Did you ask them about Christmas, Harry?” Draco asked him, his eyes looked around the trees that they passed by.

“I did, but Sirius told me to write to him later. I’m going to ask him again, it’s actually in this letter.” Harry said, as he made a pat at his pocket where the letter was.

“I hope they do agree on it, else I got to be home. I don’t really want that, my parents are acting weird for some reason.” Draco mumbled, as he looked at Harry.

“I think something will happened, Harry. I’m not sure about what, but the way my parents are acting, they are just being plane weird.” Draco told him.

“Parents can be that at times Dray, don’t worry maybe they are worried about you get in the tournament.” Harry teased, as he poked Draco at his side. “First to the owlery!” Harry said, as he started to run toward it.

“You cheat again! Tell me why you didn’t ended in Slytherin!” Draco called, as he started to run after Harry too.

“I asked the sorting Hat! Simply!” Harry called over his shoulder, as he laughed a bit while he got to the stairs. He should be careful, it was cold in the mornings and the way it had rained last night, it could easy make an ice surface on the stairs.

“What?!” Draco called, he had speed up a bit before he caught Harry around his waist and pinned him against the wall. He were panting along with Harry, they had been standing close to each other as Draco had pinned Harry against the wall only a few steps up to the owlery.

“Tell me what you said, what did you mean?” Draco said in a panting voice, his lungs tried to catch the air proper down in them.

“I said, that I asked the sorting hat. “ Harry repeated, while he looked at Draco’s hands on his wrist.

“Asked? Please tell me what you mean.” Draco begged him, as he slowly let go at Harry where he clung his knees again.

“Simply, the sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin. However, I asked it to put me in Gryffindor. I wanted to be in the same house as Remus and Sirius.” Harry told him, as he held his hand at Draco’s shoulder.

“Deep breathe alright? Why all the sudden questions, Draco?” He asked him, as he patted Draco’s back. He helped the blonde to sit on the stairs, as Draco looked all exhausted.

“Because, that is so much unreal. You don’t just ask the sorting hat which house you want to be in, it choose out from your head and personality.” Draco said, as he looked up at Harry.

“Well, as I said I asked the sorting hat to be put in Gryffindor. Story over about that, alright?” Harry asked him, as he patted Draco at his shoulder.

“Stay here, I will just send Hedwig out with my letter.” Harry told him, as he walked up at the stairs. He smiled a bit as he saw his snow owl sitting and waiting for him, he had held his letter out and got over to her.

“Can you fly home and give this to Sirius, Hedwig?” he asked her, as he held out a treat for her as well. He remember the day he got Hedwig, it had been his birthday where he would turn 11. Hagrid, a good friend of Sirius and Remus and a big part of the order had been there. He thought he would give Harry his animal for school, Harry had never been happier for a gift, because now he got a pet and Sirius couldn’t complain over it.

He smiled as Hedwig took his treat, before she held out her foot for the letter. Harry carefully tied it to her foot, he gave her a stroke over her head and sent her off. Harry slowly walked down at the stairs again, seeing Draco sat back against the stairs and looked over at the trees near them.

“Deep thoughts again?” Harry asked, as he took a seat beside him.

“Nah, im just trying to think about what you said, it still don’t make sense. “ Draco mumbled, he had looked up at Harry, where he then smiled softly at him.

“I see you later, I think I will get a bath. All that running makes me sweaty.” Draco said with a chuckle, as he stood along with Harry.

“Oh please, you don’t run at all Dray.” Harry said with a laughter, as they walked back together to the castle.

It had been a bit over dinner time, students and teachers were gathered in the great hall. Even the two other schools were in there, so some needed to sit away from their normal seats.

Harry sat with Ron and Hermione, they had all been looking up at Dumbledore who spoke out. Harry’s eyes thought, landed on two familiar people nearby the teachers table.

What was Sirius and Remus doing here?

Harry leaned over to Ron who spoke something to him, as the names were spitting out from the goblet of fire.

Harry haven’t really paid attention to it, as he listen to what Ron said. But so suddenly, Ron got silent and only stared at Harry.

“What?” Harry whispered, as he turned to look up at the goblet, Dumbledore hold another parchment in his hand. He looked shocked as he called out again.

“Harry Potter.”

Harry’s blood drained from his face, he heard his name, but he haven’t gotten his name in the goblet.

“Harry Potter!” Dumbledore called a bit louder and stronger in his voice.

“Harry go, before he get mad.” Hermione whispered, as she pushed Harry off his seat.

Harry cleared his throat, he had slowly walked passed a few of his classmates, he could feel everyone’s eyes stabbing his bag.

This couldn’t be a good sign.

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