Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


3. The Letter

Chapter 3. The letter.


Age 11.


Remus had stroked Harry’s hair softly, as he had Harry against his chest in the living room. He had fallen asleep against Remus, as a few of the orders members had been visiting them. They had been talking about what they should do with the Death Eaters around the place, also if a few of the order members should be around when Sirius and Remus take Harry a bit out.

“Shall I carry him up to bed, Moony?” Sirius whispered softly, as he had been beside Remus. His hand slowly got to Harry'’ cheek, stroking it softly. Sirius chuckled a bit, as Harry had buried his head more into Remus’ chest.

“You should take him to bed, I think he shall feel rested, when we take him out tomorrow.” Remus whispered, he had slowly lifted Harry a bit from his chest, where Sirius took over and held Harry up to him. He let Harry’s head rest against his shoulder, as he hold around Harry so he wouldn’t fall.

“Do you need some tea, Moony?” Sirius whispered softly, his thumb stroking Harry’s shoulder softly so he wouldn’t awake the small child.

“That do be great, then we should get to bed afterwards too.” Remus told him, as he stood from the couch.

Sirius had carried Harry upstairs to his room, he had pushed the door opened with his foot and walked inside Harry’s room. He had slowly held Harry down in the bed, letting his godson’s arms tugged under the bed sheet.

10 years, it had been going fast like that. He wished it were James and Lily who had done all this, but again he started to blame himself of what happened. Sirius leaned over Harry, he pressed a soft kiss at Harry’s forehead.

“Sleep well lad, let the dreams be wonderful for you.” He whispered, as he ran his hand through Harry’s messy hair.

Sirius then stood and left Harry’s bedroom, he went downstairs to Remus who sat in a chair already and hold an envelope in his hand.

“What you got there, Moony?” Sirius asked, as he held his arms around Remus from behind and looked at the envelope.

“Harry’s Hogwarts Letters, you know he turn eleven in a week. Dumbledore gave it to me before he left, he think it would be a good option for us to take Harry to Diagonally too. That is if we needed to take him somewhere, he wouldn’t mind as long it was in the wizard world.” Remus explained, as he placed the envelope down on the table.

“We will buy him the things he needs, even an ice cream if he get’s hungry.” Sirius mumbled, as he rested his head against Remus shoulder.

“Is he asleep?” Remus asked him, his hand ran through Sirius hair. He had always known that Sirius like people there played with his hair, a bit of Padfoot would end up in him.

“He is soft asleep, I think we need to get some sleeping potions for him soon, if he wakes up again with another of his nightmares, then I don’t know what we can do to keep them away from him.” Sirius mumbled, as he looked up again and into Remus’ eyes.

“He keep looking in the past, that night with his parents.” He whispered, sorrow was into his eyes.

“Then we will try to keep him in good hands, Padfoot, we will speak with Severus tomorrow. It won’t hurt to ask him, if he could make some sleeping potions for Harry.” Remus told him, as he stroked Sirius cheek softly.

They both agreed on that they would do that, Remus and Sirius then got their tea before they too went to bed that evening.


Age 14.


“You got it all, Harry?” Sirius asked him, as he adjusted Harry’s jacket. It had been some time since Harry had started on Hogwarts, that day had been almost heartbreaking for Sirius, seeing Harry getting on the train and knowing he would first see his lad again some months after.

“I’m fine Sirius, don’t worry, you always make such a fuss over things.” Harry said with a chuckle, as he held his hand at Sirius cheek.

“This year won’t be different from the others, I agree on that my second year was…a bit scary, but I’m over it now. You should too, Headmaster did promise me a dorm of my own this year.”  Harry told his godfather with a soft smile, he felt Sirius hand getting on top at his own.

“You know you are special for me and Moony, we won’t like if something happened to you.” Sirius told him, as he ruffled Harry’s hair.

“Hey! Don’t ruffled! It’s messy enough” Harry laughed a bit, as he got away from Sirius hand.

“Get on the train, write to us if there are anything you need to tell us.” Sirius told him, as he looked over at Remus. He stood a bit distand, waving lightly at Harry as he smiled at him.

“Why don’t he get over here, Padfoot?” Harry mumbled, as he waved back toward Remus.

“You know how Moony is, it’s close to full moon and he is also on a duty right now.” Sirius mumbled, he smiled at Harry before he pushed him a bit toward the train.

“I will be home for Christmas, can I get a friend with me home?” Harry asked, as he had been standing just in the doorway of the train.

“Let’s talk about that later on Harry, things will happen around you. Trust me you won’t forget this year, now off with you.” Sirius said with a chuckle, as he saw Harry’s pout at him.

“You two had kept a secret from me the whole summer, what’s so special there will happen this year?” Harry asked him, as the train made a sound that it was about to get ready and move.

“In. Now.” Sirius said, as he waved a hand for Harry to get in.

“But Padfoot!” Harry whined, he was held back from the doorway as the door then closed.

“You will know when you get there!” Sirius called after him, as he waved at Harry while the train took off.

“I just hope they make the rules different.” Sirius whispered, seeing the train leaving and soon where gone.

He had known from Dumbledore, that his year would be rather difficult for Harry.

The Tri-wizard Tournament would be there, at least with the rules Sirius had expected. His godson were not go get in this, if so he wouldn’t know what he should do to his little lad.

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