Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


7. The cup and the dream.

Chapter 7. The cup and the dream.




Harry were running fast in the maze, he tried to avoid a lot of the dangerous path. The air was getting thick and at times he had trouble to breath.

Remember to breathe.

He had turned a corner, seeing a Dementor flying toward him. It was cold around the place, he could feel the happiness around him being sucked out. His breathe could be seeing in front at him, they were fast.

It’s not real what’s in front at you, it’s a boggart.

It got closer, as Harry stepped backward. He didn’t liked this, he had always hated those creatures. Even since he felt one near him at his age of 3, the time were Peter should have been taken to Azkaban, but he escaped and no one had seeing him since.

Use the spell, just use it and move on.

The silver light got out from the tip of his wand, the dementor went away. He ran again, he needed to find the Tri-Wizard cup.

Ron wouldn’t have survived this, if he had been into this. They are so big! So painful to feel in his thigh too, the spider got him.

The blood flowed out from his leg, he could feel Cedric’s hand at his shoulder.

“You aren’t going to die Harry, let me help you.” Cedric said, as he held Harry’s arm around his shoulder.

“No, go take the cup. You are from Hogwarts, we would win anyway.” Harry mumbled, he whined when Cedric held him up on his feet.

“You helped me with the Dragons.” Cedric point out, as he helped Harry to walk slowly toward the cup.

“You helped me with the golden egg.” Harry said back, as he looked at Cedric. He let out another whine, to set too much of his weight over on his leg were too painful for him.

“It was pure luck, how about we take it together?” Cedric asked him, as he stopped in front at the cup with Harry close to him.

“It’s a Hogwarts win anyway, what do you say?” Cedric asked him with a soft smile.

Harry just stared at the blue light from the cup, they were only inches away from it. As soon as they touched it, they had won. Hogwarts would be the winners in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

He could almost imagine it in front at him, people cheered and shouted his and Cedric’s name.

“Alri-“As soon harry were about to agree on it, he felt Cedric got pushed out of the way and into the maze wall.

It cursed to that Harry fell on the ground, his leg getting more in pain.

“HARRY TAKE THE CUP!” Cedric’s voice was heard, as he hold down Victor.

Harry looked at them for a moment, Victor’s eyes weren’t the same. He could see that even from the place he were at, also through the dark.

“He is cursed, Cedric!” Harry said, as he manage to get on his feet with a hiss in pain.

“Just take the cup, Harry! I can’t-“ Cedric got a punch at his jaw, he fell aside on the ground and were limp.

Victor got up, his eyes were on Harry as he started to walk fast over to him.

Panic creep up in Harry’s spine, he grabbed around the cup’s handle and felt a tug in his body. He was getting portkeyed away from the place, his stomach got upside down, but soon he felt ground under his feet. Oh well, his bum to be correct. He had let go at the cup, it flew a bit away from him as he was on the hard ground.

Harry clung his hands around his leg, the pain went through him and he hold back a scream.

He noticed something, it was so silence around here. The raven haired teen looked up, he wasn’t at Hogwarts anymore.

Harry’s eyes scanned his surroundings, he tried to get up. It was a luck he even could stand without stumbling on the ground, he then half limped away from the place he had been portkeyed too.

Was he in a graveyward?


At Hogwarts.

Sirius looked at the entrance of the maze, his arms fold and his leg were jumping up and down. It was easy for Remus to see that Sirius were worried, he always made that jumping with his leg when he were worried.

“He will get out soon.” Remus said, as he placed his hand on top at Sirius’ leg to make it stop jumping up and down.

It stopped after a moment, Sirius let out a soft breath as he held his hand on top at Remus’.

“I know, but something is wrong. I have a six sense for this Remus, I keep thinking about Harry’s dreams.” Sirius said, as he looked at Remus.

“He told me last time about his new nightmare, it wasn’t pleasant to hear Moony.” He whispered.

“Why haven’t you told me that?” Remus asked him.

“I didn’t wanted you to worry like I do right now, you needed to worry about the moon.” Sirius mumbled, he looked a bit down before his eyes fixed to the entrance of the maze.

The girl champion got out, what was her name again? Fleur right? She looked like she was about to cry, or if she had gotten a breakdown in the maze.

“Tell me about it now then, Padfoot.” Remus told him, as he held his hand into Sirius’ where he tried to comfort him a bit.

“Harry said, in his dream he walked up to an old house. It didn’t look like someone had lived there for years, he didn’t tell though what kind of house it was. Just that it were a big one, with dust and lots of insects.” Sirius said, as he sucked in a deep breath.

Victor got out from the maze now, he looked a bit bloody at his head.

“Harry then said, that when he got up at some stairs, he could hear voices. He saw Wormtail, speaking to someone with a high cold voice. Another man getting in his vision and…the door suddenly got opened where he sees the green light.”  Sirius said, as he looked at Remus.

“I’m getting more worried now, thinking about it now, it makes me feel like we shouldn’t had let him in there. He should just had quit this task, sent up the red light right the way.” He mumbled, his eyes then fixed to the entrance again.

That Cedric boy got out from the maze, his hand on his head as he had stumbled a bit in his walk.

He looked like he wanted to say something, he got a hold on Headmaster who had been near him.

“What are they talking about?” Remus said, as he stood from his seat, still with Sirius’ hand into his own.

The headmaster didn’t look pleasant, he made a hand sign to a few teachers nearby.

Where was Harry?

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