Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


1. The Birthday

This is a story i wrote for a friend of mine, i hope it is a good one Freddie :3 Hope to hear if i should continue or not :3 Anyways enjoy xD 


Chapter 1. The Birthday.


James had smiled a bit, as he hold his one year old son in his arms. The little black haired boy had almost been soft asleep against his chest, James were humming softly so he could calm his son down.

“When are they going to be here, James?” Lily asked nearby, as she looked up at her husband with a soft smile at her lips. The sight of James and Harry like that, she never thought about how sweet James look like with their son.

“Soon, Moony needed a few things, and well, you know Padfoot.” James said, as he chuckled a bit. He had looked down at Harry again, his hand softly stroke the small lock of black hair away from Harry’s face.

He slowly walked a bit around with Harry in his arms, he kept looking out at the window. Remus and Sirius should be here soon, they were going to be here for Harry’s birthday party.

It were so weird for James to think about, he had gotten Harry for a year. All the joy he had with his son, all the small fun moments with him and his family around him. It had been pure happiness.

It knocked on the door soon after, Lily had stood and went outside to the hallway so she could open the door.

James had slowly stroked Harry’s cheek, seeing his boy slowly opened his emerald eyes. They were so much like his mothers, so beautiful to look at.

“It’s time to wakey wakey little Harry, your godparents is here.” James whispered, he pressed a soft kiss at Harry’s forehead, as he hold Harry close to his chest.

The small boy had yawned, his tiny hand rubbed his right eye, as he had been looking over at the doorway. He saw his godparents, where he started to smile a bit.

“Look at who it is!” Sirius said with glee in his voice. He had reached his arms out for Harry, as he had walked over to James. “You look so beautiful, Harry!” Sirius said, as he had gotten Harry into his arms.

“Do you mind having him for a while, Padfoot? We need to make the last few things, before Harry can get in the kitchen.” James said, as he smiled a bit while Harry clung his hands at Sirius jacket.

“You know I won’t mind that, besides, who can say no to my little godson? Special on his birthday! That is a very special day, so we need to make sure he is good and happy.” Sirius said, he looked at James when he left to the kitchen.

Sirius slowly sat down on the floor, right next to Harry’s toy’s. “An owl told me, that Harry learned his first word.” Sirius said, with a soft whispering voice. He looked back at Remus for a moment, smiling a bit before he looked at Harry.

“What’s Harry’s first word?” He asked him, as he ran his hand softly along Harry’s cheek.

Harry just keep the smile at Sirius, his hands had clung onto a stuff teddy bear. “Maybe Harry shall get over to Moony?” Remus asked, as he held his hands out for Harry.

Harry had reached his hands out for Remus, he even made a small noise to tell he wanted to get over to Moony.

“No, no. Harry needs to tell Padfoot what you can say.” Sirius said with a chuckle, as he held his hand on top at Harry’s.

“Can you say Padfoot, Harry?” Sirius asked him, with a small smile.

Harry made another noise, his hands kept being reached toward Remus. “Moony!” Harry said, as he wanted to get up to Moony.

“No Harry, it’s Pad-foot. You can do this alright?” Sirius said, his hand got on top at Harry’s again.

“Say ‘Pad-foot’ I know you can do this, Harry.” Sirius said again, he looked so eager to hear Harry saying his name.

“Moony!” Harry said again, this time his gaze were on Sirius.

“No Harry!” Sirius said with a small whine, almost giving up.

Pad-foot, say Pad-foot alright?” Sirius asked again, as he almost made a pouting at Harry.

“Moony!” Harry said, his arms hugging his teddy bear closer to him.

Sirius stood right after, heading right toward the kitchen, as Remus had picked up Harry.

“JAMES! YOUR SON IS BROKEN!” Sirius said out loud, as he went into the kitchen to James and Lily, leaving Remus with a chuckle by Sirius’ words.

“Next time Harry, we will make him happy by learning his name.” Remus said, as he pressed a soft kiss at Harry’s forehead.

“Pad-foot?” Harry asked, as he looked over toward the kitchen.

“That’s why Harry, he is Padfoot.” Remus said softly, as he smiled a bit.

This would be an Interesting birthday for Harry.


That was first Chapter :3 Shall i continue?

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