Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


12. Returning to a punishment

Chapter 12. Returning to a punishment.


He had gotten home, he always know how he should be able to get home. He had so many questions he wanted to ask, but he know if he asked to much, Tom would punish him for being too curious about things he wasn’t supposed to know about.

He had walked down at the hallway, his robe undo and dropped to the floor. A house elf had taken it right the way, where it would clean it and return it back to him again.

“TOM!” Raven shouted as he banged into the study room, he was mad, not only because of what happened. But because Tom only stood and watched him being taken.

He saw the elder man, standing near the window with a glass in his hand. He could smell it was red wine, he somehow hated when Tom were drinking that disgusting liquid.

Tom had turned, his glass placed on a small table nearby him as his eyes locked with Raven’s.

“You returned home, very slow I do admit that.” He said with a calm voice, Raven had then walked over to Tom, he grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. Something there wasn’t the real Raven who would do that to Tom, not without knowing he do be punished later. He wanted answers, he didn’t care how many times he do be punished.

He only saw a smile appeared on Tom’s lips, a hand grabbed around his throat and he knew he were on it now.


Grimmauld Place Number 12.


“We had him back, now he is gone again.” Sirius whispered, he had been starring at the window for the last couple of hours. Why did he needed to be punished like this? Was this a prank from James above the clouds? Testing him about his abilities to take care of his godson?

“We had him, we know he is alive and we know that the dark lord have him, Padfoot.” Remus said, as he held his arms around Sirius from behind.

“We will find him one day, make sure he is fine and back safe again into our arms.” He whispered, as he tried to comfort his Padfoot as good that he could do.

“What if he don’t? What if we never get our lad back?” Sirius asked him, his voice even more broken than it had sounded like before.

“We will, Padfoot, even if it shall take us a years.” Remus told him, he rested his head against Sirius’ shoulder.

“We might not get ‘our’ Harry back, but we will get our godson back in any state he might be in.” He told him, as he kissed Padfoot at his neck.

“Just have faint in him, he will be fine.” He whispered.

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