Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


6. Let the end begin.

Chapter 6. Let the end begin.


The Third Task.


It had been pure luck all along, getting through the first two task. Fighting against a Dragon, getting underwater to find his best friends between the merpeople. It had been too much for him, but now it was the final task.

The last few months had also been ups and downs the whole time, Ron had been so pissed at him that they hardly had spoken. On the other hand, he had Draco as his support along with Hermione and his godparents.

The Yule Ball had been awkward, it had been hard to find a partner to go with. All the girls were even taken, or ‘thought’ about it. Sadly they always came back and said they had accepted another offer from another boy, so Harry had almost ended alone to the ball.

It had been there he had asked Draco, of course as friends they could go to the yule ball without anything else between it.

People though had looked very weird at them, not because they were boys, but because it had been a Gryffindor and Slytherin going with each other. That had been a rare sight for most people, even for the professors.

The thoughts of the last few months ran through Harry’s mind, he had smiled a bit by the memories of the ball.

Sirius and Remus had giving him a lot of advice and tricks for the ball, for Harry it was funny to see his godparents that evening.

That lovely memory of Sirius and Remus, dancing on the dance floor with each other to a slow dance. For Harry it was normal, both of his godparents had always showed such kind of love to each other.

Now he needed to focus, it was the third task and he had just needed to remember the spells he had learned along with Hermione, Ron and Draco.

So for now, Harry were in the champion’s tent, he was getting ready along with Cedric, Fleur and Victor. He had spoken with Cedric for a while, before he looked over at the tent opening and saw Remus and Sirius getting in along with the Weasleys.

He smiled a bit as he saw them, Cedric had excused him as he had gotten over to his own father who got into the tent as well.

Harry had hugged around Sirius’ waist when his godfather got over to him, he had smiled a bit and rested his head against Sirius chest.

“You have done so well, Moony and I are so proud of you Harry.” Sirius whispered, as he ran his hand through Harry’s hair, he rested his head down against Harry’s and pressed a soft kiss at Harry’s forehead.

“You are nearly there, “Remus said, as he had hold a hand on Harry’s shoulder. A soft and gently smile at his lips, before he had hugged Harry close to his chest as Sirius had let go at Harry.

“Maybe you can go so far and win all this Harry, Hogwarts would need such a golden chance like that.” Ron said with a grin, before he got poked into his chest by Hermione.

“Mione! I mean it!” Ron mumbled, as he rubbed his chest a bit.

“The last task can be a more danger and not ju-“

“If there is more Dragon’s in there and Merpeople, then I will believe you, Hermione.” Harry interrupt her, as he smiled a bit over at them.

“Just remember the spells we have been practiced, Harry.” Hermione remind him, as she smiled softly at him.

“How can I possible forget?” Harry said while he chuckled a bit, he felt Sirius ruffled his hair and hugged him close to his side.

“Good Luck Harry, do be careful in there alright?” Molly said, as she had been in front at Harry and cupped his cheeks.

“When it’s over mate, we will party in the Gryffindor Tower no matter if you win or lose.” Ron told him, as Harry had smiled at them all.

“Thanks, all of you.” Harry said, before he watched each of them walk out from the tent.

Harry took a soft breath in, he closed his eyes and fold his hands in front at him.

One more task and it’s over, a few more hours, then he do be sitting with his friends in the Gryffindor Tower.

Harry opened his eyes again, he, Cedric, Victor and Fleur all walked out to their spots.

It was now or never. 

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