Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


9. Giving In.

Chapter 9. Giving in.


He felt so soft and fluffy right now, his body flushed and warm. It was almost as if he was in his own bed, like one of the cold winter days where your bed sheet and bed are your best friend in the whole world. The warming and softness underneath the bed sheets were so amazing right now, he almost didn’t wanted to wake up.

Harry heard a door getting opened, he kept his eyes closed as he were in the soft bed. He could also feel his body had been healed, his leg weren’t in pain anymore nor was his arm.

The bed dipped a bit to the right, someone had sat on the bed. A touch were on his arm, it was so gently and smooth. For a moment Harry thought it was his godfather Sirius, only he or Remus would do something like that.

The teen slowly opened his eyes, his vision were blurry since his glasses weren’t on his nose. He could see a blurry person beside him on his right side, the gently touch slowly vanished.

“You awake now, Harry?” The soft silky voice, which Harry had heard only a few hours ago spoke.

Harry blinked a bit, he slowly pushed himself up on the bed by using his elbows. He searched a bit for his glasses, he didn’t like being blind as a bat.

“Here.” The voice spoke, as Harry could feel the soft touch at his hand. The teen had looked at the blurry figure, as he could see his glasses slowly got on his nose.

They were pushed soft along his nose, Harry used a moment to blink a bit so he could get a more clear vision.

He saw the same man from yesterday, what was his name again? Thomas, Tommy, no, it was Tom, right?

He saw the soft smile at Tom’s lips, a hand got on Harry’s cheek where Tom caressed him ever so sweetly.

“Are you feeling better, Harry?” his name were spoken with such a silky way, it was like Tom loved to say his name, as if it was the easiest thing to do in the world.

All Harry could do was only making a small node, he did feel better. If not relaxed and rested after he had slept for….how long?

“You are maybe wondering how long you have slept, I can tell you were out for almost three days.” Tom said, his hand slowly returned to himself again as he only watched Harry.

Were Tom studying him?

“I-I do want to know-“

“When you can get home?” Tom interrupt while he shook his head a bit.

“Harry, Harry, Harry.” He said with a tsk’ing voice.

“You need to understand, what state you are right now.” Tom said, as he chuckled a bit and leaned back against the bed.

His handsome features only made Harry a bit more…nervous? There was something about Tom that Harry couldn’t explain.

“Right this moment, Harry. People believe you are dead, no one would find you, and no one would search for you. You are no one right now, you aren’t even Harry Potter anymore.” Tom explained, the red blood eyes locked with Harry’s emerald ones.

Tom could see the fear creep up in Harry’s eyes, a smile spread along his lips before he leaned closer over to the boy.

“Your godparents, they are maybe making your funeral right now.” Tom whispered, his smile never left his lips.

“N-No, no they wouldn’t think I’m dead. I p-promised them, I…I need to get home.” Harry stuttered, shock were over him and his mind. His hands were shaking, as he tried to get out from the bed. He only felt a grab at his arm, he was pinned down into the matrass.

Harry felt his wrist being held against the headboard, his lower body a bit exposed as the bed sheet had slide off him.

“Let me go!” Harry whined, he tried to struggle underneath the taller male. He knew he were the weak one, after all his body still felt weak from the pain he had felt some days ago.

“Harry, Harry, Harry.” The man tsk’ing at him again, as he grabbed Harry’s chin. Their eyes met, the ever so playful smile Tom had were still on his lips.

“You are no one Harry, your godparents believe you dead. They won’t search for you, they won’t even look or believe you are alive. Why struggle me? Why get back and haunt them? Why would you make them through a more suffocating state, they just accepted that you were dead. Why haunt them by returning to them?” Tom asked him.

Harry had stopped struggling against Tom, he tried to hold back the tears of the man’s words. Remus and Sirius wouldn’t just do that, Harry knew, he knew them very good.

“There, finally you see the truth, Harry.” Tom breathed, he had leaned down to Harry’s ear, as he let go at his wrists again. Harry’s hands just dropped down on the pillow, the thoughts started to hurt him instead. He couldn’t imagine this, Sirius and Remus crying over a coffin, which wouldn’t have Harry’s real body.

Did it even have a body?

“I will not ignore you Harry, I will make sure you have the attention you need. That’s why I took you, the world as you know it, isn’t like you expected it to be. People can be ever so cruel, but listen to me, then you will see the truth in the wizard world.” Tom’s whispering words were a ghost breath against Harry’s ear, he could feel a shiver ran down at his spine.

“Just give yourself over to me Harry, I will take care of you. I will teach you things, no one else could imagine.” Tom said, his hand slowly stroked Harry’s neck.

Harry’s eyes fluttered close, he wouldn’t cry. Not in front at Tom, he was a big boy! Sirius and Remus wouldn’t like to see him cry either, so he wouldn’t start now, even though it hurts so much right now.

Harry’s body didn’t fought against Tom, it just stayed limp in the bed, he didn’t do anything, he didn’t fought, he didn’t moved. He just lied silent, his chest rise and fall in the tack of his breathing.

“That’s it, you are a good boy, Harry.” Tom whispered, a hand smoothly ran through Harry’s messy hair. A reward? For not fighting against Tom?

“Sleep some more, Harry, you will need it.” Tom whispered, his weight getting away from the top at Harry. He had slowly left the room, the last thing Harry heard was the click noise. Knowing the door was closed, properly locked too.

A tear slowly ran down from the corner of Harry’s eye, it hit the pillow and made a wet spot on it.

He wouldn’t see Sirius and Remus again….


Grimmauld Place Number 12.


Sirius sat with his hands at his face, his tie around his neck weren’t tied up. It hand loose around his neck, while his black jacket hang on the chair he sat in. He and Remus had just returned from Harry’s funeral, it had been such a pain. It wasn’t supposed to end like this, Sirius and Remus shouldn’t see Harry in a coffin.

It should have been the other way around, he know he was selfish thinking right now. He just wanted his lad back, he wanted Harry to get in the room. Asking for Padfoot to get out so they could play, go for a walk, do something!

Sirius inhaled a shakily breath, as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Remus had wrapped his arms around Sirius shoulder, his head rested against Sirius’.

“It’s hard I know, but at least Harry will be in a better place. Remember that, Harry always told you that he would be happy no matter what would happen.” Remus whispered, his hand ran softly over Sirius cheek.

“It wasn’t like this I wanted to happen, I told he should get out from the tournament, he should just send up the red light.” Sirius said, a few tears escaped his eyes.

“He wanted to make us proud, Padfoot, don’t forget that. Harry did his best, he was doing the best he ever could do. I don’t want you to remember Harry as a bad boy. Remember him by the good times we had with him, even those there was painful too.” Remus whispered, he played a bit with Sirius hair. He know that Sirius loved it, special when he did it.

“Harry wouldn’t wish you to cry more over him, he wants you to do what you always did. Be a brave man Padfoot, fight with the order with me, by my side like always. Fight for Harry’s name, fight for a better world.” Remus told him, his hand got down to Sirius’ and held it softly into his own.

“Make Harry proud, like we were proud of him. Don’t let him die in vain, don’t let him die without a meaning of this.” Remus whispered, he felt that Sirius tight his grab at his hand.

“Harry will never be forgotten, his spirit will live within us all.” Remus said, he helped Sirius to stand from the chair. They hugged each other close, Sirius had his head rested into Remus’ shoulder.

“James wouldn’t like seeing his best friend in this state either, Harry is between his parents now. They can be happy now Sirius, one day we will meet them again. Then we can all be a true family, but until then, we need to fight for the better world.” Remus whispered, he stood and swayed a bit with Sirius in his arms. He could tell that Sirius was getting better, because he hugged Remus more tightly.

“You always know what to say to me, no matter what state I might be in.” Sirius mumbled, he closed his eyes before he slowly let go at Remus.

“The meeting is soon, Dumbledore wanted to speak with us too.” Remus told him, his hand placed on Sirius’ cheek.

“Let’s change then, no need to look more depressing than usual.” Sirius half joked, he had grabbed the black tie and thrown it over the bed.

When they had changed to their normal clothes, they went down to the meeting. Sirius hand thought stayed into his pocket under the whole meeting, he hold something precious to him. A small and old dog stuff bear, which were a keychain. It had been Harry’s for years, he had just forgotten it in his drawer the day he left to get to Hogwarts.

Sirius wouldn’t forget his godson, he wouldn’t want Harry’s memory waste away as the dead body they saw that day. He would keep Harry’s memory as a happy young boy, who grew up between love and caring people.

He would fight in Harry and James name, for a better world to live in.

And he would do it with all his powers.

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