Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


10. Forgetting who he was.

Chapter 10. Forgetting who he was.


Two years later.


At first he had thought if he did as he were told, he wouldn’t be harmed. He had thought Tom were an understanding person, that he would take care of him. Harry soon understood that Tom or should he say The Dark Lord, were filled with lies.

The first month that Harry were under Tom’s capture, he have thought it would be alright. Tom had showed he cared for him, he visit Harry daily and got him food that he liked.

Tom had spoken to him, hugged him, caressed him, and kissed him. He had done so much to give Harry the love and attention he so bitterly craved to get, it was because Sirius and Remus always had done that to him. He was used to it, he wanted more of it.

That did change thought, Tom didn’t visit him like he used to do. He hardly got into Harry’s room on that point, only sending a house elf with the meals Harry needed. The visits had turned out to be once each Friday, Tom then had a few books with him.

He would tell Harry to read them, if he didn’t until his next visit Tom said he would be needed to punish Harry for it.

For the whole first year went on like that, Harry got the books from Tom and if he didn’t read them he would be punished.

The life slowly started to rotten away from Harry, he got nothing of what he needed. The attention, the love, social with other people.

It was only him….and Tom once a week.

It soon changed again, the routine that Harry had been so used to, broke within minutes one day.

Harry had been allowed out from the room he had lived in for a year, a house elf had come to Harry with some fine clothes. Telling him that the lord had request him for getting it on, where he then should get to the lord himself.

Without hesitation, Harry had changed into the clothes that day and went with the house elf.

He was surprised when he was leaded to a dinner room, the dark lord sat in the highest and biggest chair in the end of a long dinner table. He had a seat next to him, plate and glass sat up for a person to sit beside him.

Tom had greeting Harry with the soft smile, his voice as silky like he remembered it. Tom had stood from his seat, he had held out a hand for Harry and told him to step forward and get over to him.

Harry wouldn’t hesitation when Tom wanted something from him, he know that he would be punished if he didn’t do as told.

That’s why Harry didn’t disobey, he had walked to Tom his hand getting into Tom’s.

Tom had held Harry close, he had placed a soft kiss at Harry’s hand back, his red eyes locked with Harry’s emerald ones.  A faint blush had been on Harry’s cheeks, why had Tom acting so weird all of sudden?

On that day, Harry had a meal with Tom. He had never gotten such a weird meal before, oh well it wasn’t the food’s problem, but Tom’s sudden of change in his mode toward him.

When they had eaten, Tom had gotten Harry with him. They had been walking outside, in a beautiful garden. It was first time Harry got proper fresh air, since he had been at the graveyard. He had taken in all the fresh air he could, but he never forgot what happened that evening either.

As they had been standing under the moonlight, Tom had hold around Harry from behind. His arms had been so soft and gently, the elder male had swayed with the teen in his arms. Whispering soft words into his ear, promising him that one day he would be more than just a boy under his capture.

When Harry had looked up at Tom that evening, he had never expected Tom to kiss him at his lips. He had been shocked, he didn’t know how he should react to it, so he had stand quite. His eyes closed, his body tends but soon relaxed as he leaned into the loving arms from Tom.

Since that day, everything changed in Harry’s daily routine.

Harry was asked to join Tom in his study room, when Harry had been there. Tom had taught him some new spells, even the rare spells, which was under the parseltongue language.

Tom had known everything about Harry, he had made Lucius speak with his son and gotten the information from him.

That’s also why he knew about Harry’s life, growing up between his godparents instead of that muggle family he were supposed to be into. Tom didn’t blame Harry into this, he were only a baby when he had tried to kill him.

Now, Tom had no mind in killing Harry. Not since he had made an extra scan that day Harry got to his manor, he knew something was odd about him. The powers he wore inside him, the way he could speak Parseltongue without knowing he did.

It could only mean one thing, that thing did Tom keep for himself.

The next year had been so weird, not enough that Harry was at Tom’s side the whole time. Harry were soon moved into Tom’s bedroom too, the first night had been awkward for Harry.

Tom had requested that Harry should sleep next to him, it had been more than an embarrassing for Harry.  The way Tom had held him before they slept, Harry’s head resting into Tom’s arm, his back against Tom’s firm and muscular chest.

Now he had gotten used to it, waking up to that handsome face of his lord.

Yes, Tom was his lord, Tom was his everything. His past was soon forgotten, he couldn’t remember things anymore, only the things that Tom had taught him about or told him.

He had forgotten who he was, even his name, because Tom never used it since the first time he had woken up in the manor. That had been the last day he had heard his name, so he had forgotten it now.

He responded on simple names thought, Tom had called him Raven, Jade or Boy. He knew the different between the three names.

If he were called Raven, he would be Tom’s consort, the only one who is allowed to be at the dark lord’s side. The only one that the Death eaters should respect and bow to.

If he were called Jade, it was normally when he were alone with Tom. Which always happen to be in their bedroom, the way Tom would have Harry sitting into his lap and rest himself against the elder male. Tom always whispered the sweet name ‘Jade’ into his ear, as he were caressing Harry’s cheek or stroking Harry’s hair softly and sweetly.

Jade were the name of Tom’s little pet, his mate or lover. Whatever Tom now saw him as, it was the way Harry could know that Tom liked him.

If he were called Boy, which happen rare by now. It was because he had done a very stupid thing, or if Tom were mad at him for a reason. It normally ended with, that Harry got punished hard. Even an hour after, Tom would then speak his name as Jade again as the soft and tends moment went up in him.

The days were normal for him now, he couldn’t tell if he wanted another life style by now, or if he wanted to continue this life.

Now, it had been two years since he had been at Tom’s manor. The Death eaters were respecting him very much, as Raven that they should call him too.

The Death eaters were used to that Raven were at the meetings by now, special to the sight that Tom had him in his lap and stroked his hand through Harry’s hair.

Harry had also changed a lot by his looks over the two years, his hair were just below his shoulders, but instead of the messy hair he once had. Tom had managed to tame it, as the hair had grew longer.

Even Harry’s skin had been paler, not that he really cared anymore. He was perfect for Tom, that’s what counted for him right now.

Through the last year as well, Tom had been teaching him to use muggle weapons. No, it were not the machine made weapons, which Tom had a huge disgust for. They weren’t…..funny enough to deal with.

No, Tom had in mind to teaching Harry how to use a proper sword, bow and arrows along with the simple medieval muggle weapons.

The reason behind it, oh well Tom planned on making a Magic free zone around his manor’s forest. He will see how good Harry had learned, by taking him out on a hunt now and then.

Harry were a true talent with a bow and arrows, Tom had taught him well.

His plan will soon get in motion.


Early Winter Morning in a town.

Sirius and Remus had been patrolling in a town, Sirius where in his dog form while Remus had him in a leash. Yes, that’s true, when they were undercover for the order. Sirius should be the dog here and have a leash on, even Remus found it as a safe case. Padfoot could be a pain in the ass to control, if first he thought something were wrong.

They had been walking down at the street, it had been cold that morning and the winter this year had been one of the worst they ever had felt.

Maybe the reason was, that a few Dementors were around the town, searching for some Death Eaters who had escaped from Azkaban.

They had simply only walked for an hour, Remus had wanted to get inside so they could get some warmth in their bodies. However, that plan soon got spoiled as hell broke loose in the town.

Death Eaters apparated into the town, they had shot spells around the poor muggles and wizards there lived around the places. Only at those who had been outside that cold morning to work, Padfoot had growled, he had tugged into the leash as if he wanted Remus to follow him.

Something weren’t right, there was a scent out there he found familiar. Remus had sent a Patronus to a few of the other order members, asking for help as the Death Eaters had been around.

A few of the order members got there fast enough, they had apparated to the town where the fight soon broke loose.

They got a few of the Death Eaters knocked down, some others got killed under the spells there flew around everybody’s heads.

As soon the order thought they were about to win, an arrow hit one of them in the chest, cursing him to fall to the ground and died like a fly.

Another arrow hit an Order member, dead as soon she had hit the ground.

“Who is doing that!?” Remus said, as he tried to scan the grounds around them.

Why would a Death eater use bow and arrows?

Padfoot got wild in the leash, he kept tugging on it and got Remus to move his feet again. They were in a running mode, Padfoot ran as fast as he could, almost dragging Remus along the ground.

They went to an alleyway where they looked up at the roof, Padfoot growled a bit but the scent were so familiar. When Remus had looked at the spot like Padfoot, he looked shocked almost as if he had seeing a ghost.

Sitting in a good Archer position with the bow tight in his arms, the arrow bag on his back. The long black haired teen shot arrow after arrow against those he didn’t thought was a death eater, his emerald eyes focus on his victims while he shot them down one by one.

“It can’t be…” Remus whispered, Padfoot had growled, he snapped his jaws around the leash and got free of it. Padfoot had ran, he ran as fast as he could so he could make his way up to the roof top.

It was Harry! He would never forget the scent of his lad!

Not until the day he die.


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