Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


11. Captured again?

Chapter 11. Captured again?


Raven smiled, he had been good at this. Tom would be so proud of him, as soon as he hear that he had taken down three of those evil people. He aimed for another of the order members, one with long brown hair standing beside a red haired male. He would need to get him down after that, a smile curled on his lips.

They all looked so confused over what happened, Raven where about to let go. However, he stopped as he heard a growling behind him.

He fast got his arrow in his bag on his back, he started to run along the roof tops. His speed was fast, since he was in a good shape. He heard the dog ran after him, Raven only jumped from roof to roof. If he could manage to get over to a forest, he would be safe. He know there is a portkey in there, only one touch and he would be home again.

He got a dagger out from his pocket, Raven jumped up in the midair, making a spin as he threw three daggers toward the dog.

His eyes wide, the dog avoid two of them, but the third hit the dog at its leg. A smirk got on his lips, he landed again on another roof and ran toward the forest.

He were about to jump down in the end of the road, but he soon got held back, as someone had grabbed him around his waist.

“LET GO AT ME!” Raven shouted out, he felt a pressure against his neck and the world turned dark for him. The last he saw, was a figure over at the forest. The red eyes stared right into his owns, he had failed his lord.

Remus hold the Archer in his arms, Sirius had been lying on the roof a few meters away from them.

“Is it him?” Remus asked, he couldn’t recognize his godson, not with the long hair and pale skin.

Remus had slowly gotten over to Padfoot, he waved his wand over Padfoots wound. Making the dagger out and healed him with a few healing charms, Padfoot had turned to Sirius. His eyes was on the long black haired teen, his hands slowly cupped the teen’s cheeks.

“It is, I can always recognize his scent. He isn’t dead Moony, he is very much alive.” Sirius whispered, he felt a tear ran down at his cheek while he hugged the teen close to his chest.



Raven awoke after a time, he could tell he weren’t home. The place looked more creepy around him, than he were used to. He had been fast out from the bed he had lied on, he searched for his weapons, but they were gone! His bow, his arrows, all the daggers! Gone!

Raven growled, he looked around, trying to figure out where he had been taken.

“Harry?” A soft voice spoke nearby him, Raven turned fast as he stepped back, without his weapons, without his wand he were not good enough protected.

“I’m not Harry, I don’t know any by the name of Harry.” Raven said, as he scanned the room for a moment. He found the person who had spoken to him, it was a male but he couldn’t tell who. He haven’t…seeing him before?

Remus had stepped closer, his hands were up so he showed Harry he wouldn’t make any harm to him.

“Easy now, I won’t harm you. I could never do that to my godson, don’t you remember me, Harry?” Remus asked, a dog had slowly appeared next to the man.

Raven’s eyes were fixed on the door, he let out a growled, as he looked at the dog and man again.

“If you won’t harm me, then let me go.” Raven demanded, he held some of his long black hair behind his ears, sadly it failed as it covert back over his right eye.

The emerald green eyes looked into the dog’s eyes, it made a small bark before the man had held his hand at it’s head.

“Could you be nice and sit down?” The man said, as Raven looked curious at him for a while. If he wasn’t going to be harmed, why would he then be sitting down?

“No.” Raven said, as he walked a bit around the room instead. He looked at the objeckts in there, they looked a bit familiar to him.

“What should I exactly remember?” Raven asked, as he looked over at the man again. The dog had gotten on the bed, where it turned to a man as well.

It wasn’t a surprise for Raven, he knew that people could change form.

“Us.” The man on the bed side, as he looked at Raven.

“But I don’t, why should I even?” Raven asked, he held his hands at his inner pockets, yes it was gone too. His inner dagger, his daggers on his belt, his boot daggers. Every single weapon and small sharp item he had before, all gone.

“Don’t even look after them, we removed them all as soon we saw them.” Remus told him.

“It’s my things, hand them back thieves!” Raven yelled, he hated when people took his stuff!

“We aren’t thieves, we don’t want to harm you, but on the other hand we do not want to be harmed either.” Remus told him, his eyes had been soft as he had looked at Sirius.

“Yeah, nice throw by the way, you hit me right on a blood vein.” Sirius mumbled, as he rubbed his leg a bit.

“What’s your name?” Sirius asked, his eyes were locked with Raven’s for a moment.

“What is it to you?” Raven snapped, as he fold his arms over his chest, he head leaned against a wall, a boot against the wall as well so he supported himself against it.

“For us, you are Harry Potter. Our godson who we thought we had lost for two years ago, finding you now, in a state where you don’t remember is. This might be worse than getting a fake Godson in a funeral coffin two years back.” Remus explained, he had tried to get closer over to Harry.

“Stop there or I rip your throat out.” Raven growled, his eyes narrowed at Remus.

“Don’t speak to him like that!” Sirius suddenly shouted, as he had stood and been in front at Remus.

“What the hell happened to you, Harry?! What happened two years back in the maze?!” Sirius demanded answers, he had been holding back all his feelings for so long, now that he had a chance to let them out, they weren’t getting out on a soft way.

“Maze?” Raven asked confused, he cocked his head aside as his hands dropped down at his sides.

Something started to dig out from his memory, he remember a maze. Three people too, no wait…they were four in all. With him into it as well, but into what?

This started to scare him a bit, the memories shouldn’t get through. Tom promised…

Raven shook his head, he held his hands at his head and let out a whine. When he saw one of the men got near him, Raven pushed him and ran to the window. Remus and Sirius had no chance to stop what happened.

Raven had opened the window and jumped out from it, Sirius had been over at the window. Seeing that Raven jumped up on the roof and started to run off.

“We are losing him!” Sirius said, as he got over to the door.

This cannot happen again! He won’t allow it!

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