Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


8. A Perfect Plan

Chapter 8. A perfect plan.


The pain was too much, his leg hurts like hell, but more over his scar had been burning too for the last 10 minutes. Harry were tied to a tombstone, his right sleeve ripped and his skin were cut so it was bleeding by now.

It had been wormtail, he had done everything to hurt him.

His scar burned even more now, it was like his head was going to split into two. He couldn’t scream because of the gag Wormtail had tied around his mouth, he couldn’t even see Wormtail anymore. Not since he had seeing him cut his own hand off and screamed out loud in pain, it had not been something Harry had liked to see.

He could see the cauldron nearby were gone, a tall man stood there instead. He didn’t know what he had expected, was it that creature he had seeing Wormtail carry into his arms before?

“My wand, Wormtail.” A soft silky voice spoke, as a hand went over toward the fat rat man nearby.

Harry couldn’t see the tall man, he had his back to him and without his glasses proper on. It was impossible for him to see anything, he would be like a blind bat to be honest.

Harry could only hear small steps, he thought maybe Wormtail walked over to the tall man.

“Your wand, my Lord.” Wormtail said, he had bowed in front at his master while giving the wand back to his lord.

Wormtail looked up at his lord, it was nothing alike what he were used to. It was not normal for him to see his dark lord like this, he were used to white skin, snake looking face and dangerous red eyes.

It had all changed now, the Dark lord he saw now was more different.

Slim in his body shape, dark black hair with a mild color skin. The eyes thought stayed the same dangerous red, if not a bloody red color by now.

The dark lord looked rather handsome, as a smile curled up on his lips as he got his wand back.

He took a deep breath, his eyes closed as he held his wand like a small child.

“Your arm, Wormtail.” The soft silky voice spoke, as the red eyes looked at Wormtail.

“My Lord, thank you…” Wormtail said, as he hold up his arm with his lost hand on.

“Your other arm, your fool!” The Dark Lord snapped, as he glared daggers at Wormtail.

He grabbed Wormtail’s arm as soon Wormtail had held it up. A lightly wave with his wand and Wormtail’s sleeve rolled up to show the Dark Mark.

The tip of his wand got on the mark, The Dark lord took a deep inhale and looked up at the sky. A soft smile spread along his lips this time, the dark mark were on the sky after a moment.

“It’s time for them to welcome me back, after all the darkest times will get over the wizard world again!” the black haired man said, as he walked away from Wormtail.

He waited, he was so impatient when his fellows should show up. He let out a small growl, his red eyes fixed over at the Graveyard. Then a small smile appeared on his lips, the boy, true it was the boy.

“Don’t worry, Harry, we will soon speak about you.” He said, his voice soft and gently. It gave chills down at Harry’s spine, that voice were giving him ghost chills, it was like he knew the voices but he couldn’t figure out from where.

The sound of apparatings was heard, Harry had looked weakly up as he saw a few people with skull mask and hats on getting on the graveyard.

“At last, my dear fellows have finally choose to show up.” The dark lord said, as he looked around in the circle. A few spots were missing, but he knew why for a few of them.

Harry could only hear the voice speaking, he didn’t care about listening. He felt tears in his eyes, his mouth and throat getting dry. He was dizzy, the pain in his body started to feel number for each moment there went.

He had his eyes closed, he wished he was home. Being in Sirius and Remus arms, they should tell him everything would be alright. He would wake up in a moment, feeling a hand stroking his hair and a dog licking his face to wake him up.

When Harry opened his eyes, he only saw the tall black haired man standing in a few feet away from him. This wasn’t a nightmare, it was reality.

“So that’s leading me to the next step, someone will die today, that someone will die under my hand to show the rest of the wizard world.” The Dark Lord spoke out, as he turned to the tied up teen at his father’s grave.

He slowly stepped near the boy, kneeling down in front at him with a soft smile at his lips.

“Harry Potter, it’s been a long time since I saw you last.” He whispered so soft and sweet.

Harry’s emerald eyes looked up in the bloody red ones, he was tied, dizzy and numb in his body. He just wanted to sleep, he wanted to be in his godparents arms again.

“Do you know who I am, Harry?” The Dark Lord asked, as he held a hand at Harry’s cheek. He then slowly removed the gag from Harry’s mouth, a wave with his wand he summoned a bottle with water.

It was almost as if this man could read his mind, he was so thirsty. Harry had only shook his head lightly to the question, he didn’t know who the man was. However, he felt like he should have known, from his past.

Harry felt the bottle against his lips, as the man had tip it a bit up so the fresh cold water could get to Harry’s lips.

The teen closed his eyes, he took all the cold liquid and swallowed it fast down into his throat. It was so good, it felt so good in his throat by now. The bottle were held away, a soft stroked got on the corner of Harry’s lip as a water drop had tried to escape.

“Better?” The man asked, his smile only stayed the same.

“Thank you, can I get home now?” Harry’s small voice asked, his eyes still looked into the red ones.

“I’m sorry Harry, I simply can’t allow that right now. You will just ruin my plan, we can’t have that, now can we?” he said, as he held the bottle aside.

“Please, I want to get home.” Harry pleading him, his voice getting weak again. “Who are you?” He managed to ask, he let out another hiss, his leg stated to hurt again.

 “You can call me Tom, Harry.” The man whispered so soft, he slowly stood again as he pointed his wand at Harry’s forehead.

“Rennervate!” Tom mumbled, as he then had made the teen to an unconsciousness state. Harry’s body went limp in the bounds who hold him.

“Wormtail, over here now.” The dark lord said, as he had taken a hair out from Harry’s head.

He took the small bottle out from his pocket, which he knew Wormtail had put in there.

“You don’t know how greateful I am for your service in all those months, wormtail.” Tom spoke with a soft voice, he had added Harry’s hair down in the small bottle with the polyjuice potion there was in it.

“That’s why, you will be my new symbol for the new world to come.” He said, as he handed the potion over to Wormtail. The smile stayed on Tom’s lips, almost as if he were playing a small game.

“Drink it.” He ordered, as he saw Wormtail looked scared and shocked.

“M-My lord…” Wormtail stuttered.

“Even you drink this Wormtail or I will force it down in your throat, is that understood?” Tom said with a cold voice, his humor changing so suddenly.

“Y-Yes my lord.” Wormtail stuttered, he took a hold on the bottle where he slowly drank the thick polyjuice potion.

Tom then pointed his wand lazily at Wormtail. “Your servant will not be forgotten wormtail. However, I will need to do this, otherwise my plan will end up like a mess.” Tom said, as he saw Wormtail’s body started to transform into Harry’s young teenage age so Wormtail were looking like Harry Potter himself.

Tom grabbed Wormtail’s left arm, he ripped up the sleeve and took the dagger from his pocket.

The screams were loud, the sweet scream from the teen that Tom would hear again soon sounded so wonderful! He had carved a good mark which would look like his dark mark, a pretty good sight of it if Tom should tell it himself.

“And now, the last thing.” Tom said, as he pointed his wand at Wormtail, he could see the fear written in the boy’s green eyes, oh he would love to see that fear for real.

“My Lor-“

“Avada Kedavra!” Tom said with a strong firm voice, as the green light surrounded Wormtail and his limp body fell to the ground.

“My Lord, not that I will question you about your doings. Why should Wormtail die?” A death eater dare ask, as he had been looking at the dead teen’s body.

“Polyjuice potions effect will only be an hour along, if the person is alive.” Tom said, as he looked over at the Death eater, his eyes connected with the death eaters.

“If the person is dead while still having the effections of the Polyjuice potion, the person will stay in the same shape forever.” He explained, as he bent down to Wormtail’s body, his wand waved toward the cup so it came flying toward him.

Tom then moved away, having the cup floating in the air above the dead teen’s body.

“This will show people, that I have returned and ‘killed’ Harry Potter.” Tom said, as he then let the cup drop down on the dead body. It took the body away from the graveyard, Tom smiled a bit before he turned toward the real Harry.

“Take him to the manor, heal his wounds and chain his ankle to something so he will stay. I will have a chat with him later.” Tom said, before he turned away, his red eyes looked over at a bush. He smiled a bit, as he held his hand down. A big snake slide across the ground, getting over to the dark lord and on his arm.

“My dear Nagini, I’m sorry you didn’t get a meal tonight. Maybe you will get one very soon.” He whispered, as he walked away from the graveyard with Nagini on his shoulders.

A death eater had untied Harry, he then took Harry into his arms and apparated away with Harry’s body.


At Hogwarts.


The teachers had searched the whole maze, none of them could find Harry anywhere. Sirius had been damn worried, Remus even had a hard time to control Sirius, because he were pacing back and forth. He wasn’t allowed to get in there as Padfoot so he could sniff his way to Harry, no of course not!

“I swear I kill Dumbledore if he don’t give me informations soo-“ Sirius stopped, as the sound of a portkey got in front at the entrance of the maze. The cup was there and Harry!

“Harry!” Sirius called, he had almost ran toward Harry, but he felt Remus grabbed him and hold him back.

Fleur had screamed that moment, Albus had been over at Harry’s body and turned him over. He weren’t moving, not even breathing.

“Harry…” Sirius whispered, his body going a bit limp. Without another thought, he had made Remus let go at him, Sirius ran over toward Harry’s body and throw himself on his knees.

“No, no, no, no, no! Harry please! Lad wake up!” Sirius whispered, as he hold Harry into his arms. “Don’t do this to us, not now Harry! Please wake up lad, you should be alright, you will be alright!” Sirius whispered, his arms hugging his godson’s limp body closer to him as his hand stroked Harry’s cheek.

Tears were in Remus eyes, seeing Sirius in that state with Harry into his arms.

“Let go at him, Sirius.” Albus said, his hand being on Black’s shoulder.

“NO! He isn’t dead!” Sirius shouted, he hugged Harry’s body closer to him.

He felt another hand getting on his shoulder, he knew it was Remus because he heard even Remus whispered to him by now.

“L-Let go at him Padfoot, please.” Remus broken voice spoke, as he tried to pull into Sirius shoulder. “Please, let go at him.” Remus whispered again.

He couldn’t, Sirius couldn’t make himself do it. He had let down James and Lily, he haven’t protected their son! He failed! He wasn’t a good godfather!

Slowly Sirius had let go at Harry’s body, he felt it was taken away from him so Sirius only did what he could do.

He clung onto Remus, tears running down at his cheeks as he sobbed into Remus chest.

He had lost the last remind of James…. And Lily Potter.

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