Raising Harry.

After Harry's Parents got killed, it's up for Sirius and Remus to raise Harry from a young age. The story starts on Harry's birthday and will take on after The parents die. (Not Good at Summury)


2. 8 Years Later.

Chapter 2.


It had been weeks since the terrible thing happen to James and Lily, Voldemort had come in the middle of the night. Of course James were forgetful that night, his wand at the couch, as he ran out to face The Dark Lord.

Sirius had been the second one to get to James and Lily’s home, only to find Hagrid having a sleeping Harry in his arms. Sirius had gotten Harry from Hagrid, holding his godson in his arms, as he had been seeing the lightning bolt scar on Harry’s forehead. It were bleeding a bit, Sirius just didn’t know what he should have done that evening.

A long talk with Dumbledore, saying that Harry should stay with him and Remus would be the best thing. Even though Dumbledore tried to tell them, that Harry should stay with The Dursleys, Remus and Sirius had protest about it.

They won in the end though, having Harry staying with them instead of the Dursleys. That had been a light through the darkness for them.

So there they was now, in Sirius house with the rest of the Order. They had made a room for Harry, special made for him. The walls were decorated with small pictures of snitches, brooms and other Qudditch related things.

Harry had been asleep in the crib, his tiny hand fold so lightly beside his head. Sirius had been watching him, making sure his godson were soft asleep.

He felt a hand at his shoulder, Sirius always know who it was.

“It’s unfair Moony, he didn’t get much time with his parents as we did.” Sirius said low, his voice almost broke as he spoke.

“I know Padfoot, it wasn’t fair they should die like that.” Remus said, as he slowly wrapped his arms around Sirius waist. “But think about Harry too now, at least he isn’t going to grow up between Petunia and her husband.” He whispered, where he rested his chin on Sirius shoulder.

“True, I just wish it haven’t happened for them Moony, it was too early for them to leave.” Sirius said with a sigh, he know that this was Harry’s only chance to grow up between someone he would know.

The rest of the evening did Sirius look after Harry, he kept being in Harry’s room, watching his godson being asleep.


~8 years later~


“Harry?! Harry where are you?!” Sirius called, as he were searching in the kitchen.

“Quit the hiding, Harry, please?” He called out, as he soon gave up. Harry had been good at hiding himself, special when he wanted to be alone.

Sirius sighed, he took his wand out from his pocket and turned himself to Padfoot. He took up Harry’s scent, sniffing his way up the stairs. He soon found the stronger scent of Harry, being in the room where he got all his family members on the wall. As The Family Tree, he knew Harry at times was in there. However, he at times didn’t understand why Harry would be in there.

Sirius had pushed the door opened with his snout, he had peaked inside and saw Harry sitting in front at the wall.

Harry’s legs were fold underneath him, his hands down between his legs, as he seen like he studied the wall carefully. Padfoot slowly walked inside, he made sure that Harry know that he was in the room.

Harry had looked aside, his lips curled up to a small smile, as he held his hands out for Padfoot. When Padfoot had been beside Harry, he just lied down and rested his head in Harry’s lap. His way to ask Harry, what he was doing and how he was feeling.

“I’m good Padfoot, I just like looking at the wall at times.” Harry said, as he looked up at the wall again to a few of Sirius old family members.

Sirius had nuzzled his head against Harry’s lap, he had soon stood a bit again as he changed to his human form. His arms got around Harry, where he held him close to his chest.

“Why would you always like to be in here, Harry?” Sirius asked him, as he ran his hand through Harry’s messy black hair. He had held Harry’s glasses off him, looking at them before he got a cloth out from his pocket so he could clean the glasses.

“It’s lovely quite in here, I can think when I want to. Also, I had a nightmare again Padfoot.” Harry mumbled, his hands slowly rubbed his eyes while Sirius were cleaning Harry’s glasses.

“A nightmare? Do you want to speak about it, Harry?” Sirius asked, as he slowly held Harry’s glasses on him again. A soft smile curled up on his lips, as he wrapped his arms around Harry.

“It’s just the same thing, green light and screams.” Harry mumbled, his head slowly rested back against Sirius shoulder, as he had his eyes closed so he could relax a bit.

“Maybe we should ask Moony, if he wants to make an ice cream surprise for you? Could that help a bit on your dreams?” Sirius asked with a chuckle, as he saw how Harry smiled up at him.

“Can I get the chocolate taste and strawberry?” Harry asked him, as he nuzzled his head against Sirius chest.

“Of course, anything for my little raven here.” Sirius said, he stood from the floor where he helped Harry on his feet too.

“Let’s go ask him shall we?” he asked with a chuckle, as he hold Harry’s hand in his own.

Together they left the Black’s Family Tree’s room, maybe tomorrow Sirius and Remus should take Harry out a bit. Even though Dumbledore had asked them, that Harry forever should be in the orders place.

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