Taken Away

perrie has gotten older and moved on my from niall but when happens when niall comes back and she runs away with him.Will he protect her or will they get her first to make him give up a precious item he had taken a long time ago
Read to find out!


2. 2. Who Do i Choose?


"Niall i have a-'' before i could finish i hear something rustle in the woods, Niall looked behind him "shit!'' he says under his breath "Perrie come run away with me please!" he says begging and holding my hands in his

"Niall i have a boyfriend i-" i say getting cut off by him ''please im not losing you again" he said looking down at me "fine" i say biting my lip and texting Liam 

P: Hey Liam we are breaking up,I'm sorry but it's complicated...

L: no that's fine i finally can go out with this girl i wanted to date for years,see ya!!!

i sighed and looked at Niall he smiled and took my hand but then paused as he heard something "hop on my back now" he growled as he heard someone growl at us "W-What why?"i say confused "DO IT NOW!!" he said yelling i hopped on his back looked around "Hold on tight" he said and started to run really fast i looked around me to see everything blurry ,i closed my eyes and and tucked my head on his neck.

He chuckled and finally stopped at a big cabin which looked like it was mansion.He put me down and held my hand as we reached the house,when he opened the door there was his best mates stared at us "OMG PERRIE YOUR HOT,YOU LOOK GREAT!!" they all said while running to me and hugging me.i giggled"well you guys arent bad yourselves" i say punching Harry's arm playfully

A/N hey guys sorry i never updated i just thought no one read my book so please comment and let me know so i can make a longer chapter for you and i might make this chapter longer since its pretty short.~Jadie

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