'' Babe I am an idiot to fall in love with a girl like you ''
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3. 2. Mobile





''I can't believe you took his phone '' Lucy laughed loudly , I shrugged and kept typing on my laptop ''what are we going to do next Lexi ?'' she asked with her blue eyes filled with excitement

'' he didn't call yet-'' I was cut of by Micheal's phone ringing , I laughed on his choice of ringtone 'let it go from Frozen '


Lucy starred at the screen with wide eyes ''OMG Lexi , Luke Hemmings is calling you '' she fell from bed and I smirked at her hitting the answer button

''hello? '' I  answered and heard things break and some shuffling before someone who was breathing heavily answered

'' Hi , Please don't end the call, this is Micheal Clifford and this is my phone '' he spoke

''oh yeah I know and yesterday I found this mobile in the mall '' I said innocently

''thank you very much ''

'' your welcome , do you want to meet me to get it ?'' I asked , my grin not leaving my face

''yeah sure , where and when ?'' he asked

'' at Starbucks , 3 O'clock '' I spoke and he sighed heavily before answering with an 'ok ' and ending the call

Lucy starred at me in disbelief and I chuckled at her reaction

''Lexi you're a hero '' she jumped on me tackling me to the floor '' you've got Micheal Clifford's number and you're going to meet him in 2 hours '' she clapped her hands like a little child and I laughed

'' I know I am the hero ''




'' c'mon Lex , you have to go and dress up now , it's 2:30'' she spoke and I jumped out of bed ,walking in my closet and putting on my skinny ripped jeans along with a USA flag printed crop top and my red Vans

'' i'll text you when I finish and come and pick me up alright ?'' she nodded and vanished in the hallway , I put on some perfume and a brush of mascara and headed out of the house


I am going to complete this mission


I took a cab to Starbucks and waited for Micheal to come , the café was almost empty , except for a guy hidden behind a hoody ,what caught my eyes was the green hair that popped out of the hoody

this is Micheal

'' Micheal '' whispered ,he turned around and looked at me and his eyes widened ,he must thought that I am a crazed fan that will eat him

''I have your phone ''

realization hit him and he smiled at , he looked around us and when he didn't find those teenagers , he revealed his face and his hair popped up

'' hi....''

''Lexi , my name is Lexi '' I smiled extending my hand out , he shook it with a giant smile and called the waitress over

''would you like to drink something ?'' she asked me

'' um hot chocolate please '' I smiled at him

'' 2 hot chocolates ''Micheal  he told the waitress and she nodded , leaving our table

I got out my purse and handed him his mobile ''here you go ''

''thank you very much ''he grinned, looking at his phone studying it , I smirked and he turned to look at me , his smile from ear to ear '' I can't thank you Enough Lexi  but where did you find it ?'' he asked curiously , I chuckled

'' I found it near the fountain , when you signed my autograph I found it and looked through the contacts and predicted that it's yours '' I smiled , he grinned back

then the waitress came in and put down our drinks , the familiar guy , I think his name was Max , starred at me strangely while I sipped my hot chocolate


when we finished our drinks , we started walking out of the café and into the street , the weather was hot as we walked together , with Micheal's Hoodie still on

''aren't you hot in this ?'' I asked stopping him from walking any further

'' honestly yes , but if I took it off , the fans will mob me '' he looked around and then at me

'' just take it off , it's very hot ,plus I think there's no fans in this part of L.A '' I said , removing the hood from his head , he shrugged the hoodie off and wrapped it around his waist

''feels much better '' he chuckled along with me , we walked into the street until I heard a small tiny voice , it seemed like someone was crying , Micheal looked at me confused , we approached an alley and my eyes widened

a little girl was on the groud crying her eyes out , holding her teddy bear tight to her chest and he knees into her stomach

I walked over to her , kneeling beside he ''what's wrong baby ?'' I asked , her blue watery eyes met mine and she wiped her eyes with her small hands

'' where's your mummy ?'' Micheal asked her , kneeling down beside me in front of the little innocent kid

'' she left me here '' she started crying and sobbing again

''what's your name honey ?'' I asked her

'' my name is Cindy , awe you gonna get me my mummy ?'' she asked , her big blue eyes sparkling

'' yeah sure baby '' Micheal took her in his arms , carrying her into one hip , she smiled and kissed Micheal's cheek

''aww she's so cute '' I cooed wiping the remaining of his tears ''what does your mummy looks ?'' I asked her patting her soft brown curls

'' she's taw and she hath Brown hair and bwue eyes '' she spoke ,her language dropping

'' don't worry we will find her '' Micheal flashed Cindy a smile and she smiled back


30 minutes later

we were walking for 30 minutes , searching for Cindy's mum , Cindy have already slept in Micheal's arms and she's getting out light snores

I spotted a woman ,she looked in her late twenties with brown hair , she had tears streaming down her face as she walked on the opposite pavement

I dragged Micheal across the street with Cindy still in her arms , I stopped the woman and her red puffy eyes looked at me confused

''are you Cindy's mum ?'' I asked , her eyes lit up and she looked over my shoulder to where Micheal stood , she ran past me looking at her daughter

'' oh My god , Cindy '' she hugged Cindy tightly to the limit that Cindy woke up , she rubbed her eyes and sequeled when she saw her mum ''mummy ''

''thank you very much '' she thanked us

''it's nothing Ma'am '' Micheal answered politely and kissed Cindy's cheek

''goodbye Cindy '' me and Micheal both waved at them and they waved back smiling , the woman turned around one more times and smiled big

''you're a cute couple by the way ''with that she left , I am sure my cheeks were flushed by now , although I tried to hide it

''let's go ?''

''let's go ''

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