'' Babe I am an idiot to fall in love with a girl like you ''
copyright 2014 by Norhan Payne . all rights reserved


2. 1. A New Mission







'' did you see Jack's face when you duped him ? he was like going to cry '' Lucy exclaimed throwing her hands in the air , '' I think he will go for Rehab ''

'' he was an asshole anyway thank god I did this mission quickly , I couldn't stand his annoying jokes '' I rolled my eyes laughing

'' but you hit it off very well , in only  4  weeks you got him drowning Lex ''

''that's nothing actually I can do better than that '' I scoffed playing on my phone when Lucy snatched it from my hand typing on it

''what are you doing ?'' I asked annoyed , '' give me my phone Lucy ''

'' actually I have an idea for another mission '' she grinned shoving the phone in my face , I looked at the screen and spotted a green haired stranger , I looked at her and gave her a ' who's  that ' look

'' this is Micheal Clifford , your next mission '' she crossed her arms across her chest

''easy , where's the dude ?'' I asked like it was very simple , in fact it is simple to get any guy with some moves on him , he will be caught in your pinky

'' no no babe , it not simple as you think '' her tone turned serious as she played with her hair ''he's a pop star '' she added quickly and I looked at her

''seriously ? and how the hell am I going to even find him ?'' I asked throwing my hands in the air just like she did earlier

she grinned again '' him and his band are going to stay here in LA for 20 days , I want you to get him to sleep with you in this period of time , and we will see '' she shrugs , I thought for a moment

'' and what's the prize ?'' I asked crossing my arms over my chest ''and why should I do this ?''

'' the prize that you get is to be famous , people will talk about you and you're going to be 'Micheal Clifford's girlfriend ' '' she said drama drooling of her tone

I laughed and then started thinking of this idea , it won't be bad to try right ? yeah it won't and I get to be famous and my name is everywhere

I would show myself and all the boys comes and drool over me , I like that idea

''huh Lex what do you think ?'' she asked , her blue eyes full of hope and excitement

'' umm..i am in '' she jumped from bed flying to land on me ''that would be great '' she grins evilly

'' yea that will be awesome ''



after planning what to do with Lucy , I decided to go and buy something to drink , Starbucks would be great in a time like this

I entered the café ,going straight to the counter where a guy stood , he looked familiar though

'' hi what do you like to order ?''he asked looking up from the magazine he was reading , he smiled big at me and I returned the gesture

'' i'll have a frappe please '' I said sweetly at him , then my phone vibrated , I took it out and read the text from Lucy , telling to meet her in the mall

I looked up again and my drink was alreadu on the counter '' thank you umm-'' I read the name tag that said '' Max '' ''thanks Max ''I winked and walked out of the café into my car driving off to the mall

in my way there i saw that Max guy from Starbucks staring at my car for some reason, i just ignored him and drove off


when i walked inside the mall ,  i already heard girls screaming and Lucy sitting beside the fountain , she looked up at me and grinned her famous devilish grin

'' you won't believe it they are here !!'' she exclaimed

''who is here ?'' i asked but without a warning she pulled my hand dragging me through the crowd of girls , she stopped moving and her eyes darted to a certain boy with green hair

my breath was stolen for a moment when his eyes landed on my , i pulled away from Lucy's grip and walked forward , not caring about the girls screaming in my ear , i stood in front of him and he smiled

'' Can i have an autograph please '' i asked sweetly at him and he nodded observing my face closely ''on my arm '' i added

he got out a pen and pulled my arm so he can write on it , i took it as the best time as i pt my hands in his pocket and got out his phone , slipping it in my bag without anybody noticing

''thank you '' i smiled one more time before returning to Lucy

'' what the hell Lexi , you didn't get anything but an autograph ?'' she yelled through the crowd , i rolled my eyes laughing ''why are you laughing ?''

''because i got his phone ''



hey guys the first chapter is out , i am super excited for writing this movella , so plz leave feed back !!

love you all


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