A Girl + A Boy = Love

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First book (this book): A Girl + A Boy = Love
Second book: A Girl + A Boy = Betrayal
Third book: A Girl + A Boy = Heartbreak
Fourth book (last book): A Girl + A Boy = Suicide


9. #9

Chapter 9:


   I walk over to my closet after getting out of the shower and pick out clothes. I pick out a white/teal striped t-shirt, my teal Converse, and dark navy skinny jeans. I walk over to my vanity and put in silver heart earrings. I start drying my hair and then I straighten my hair after it's dry.


   I open the fridge and it's fully stocked. Elli must have seen the list and gone to the grocery store last night. I decide to make pancakes, sausage, and toast. I grab everything I need and start on the pancakes.


   As Daisy walks in, I'm putting three plates of food on the table. Daisy runs to the first plate and sits down. I walk over to the fridge and get the orange juice out. I get three glasses and pour orange juice in them. I hand Daisy one and she takes a gulp out of hers. I set the other two at my spot and Elli's spot. Elli comes in the kitchen and she sits down. I sit down after getting the butter and syrup for our pancakes. Daisy already finished her toast.


   Daisy and I get out of the car and Elli drives off. I look around the parking lot and see Jake getting out of his dad's car. I walk over and notice Jake doesn't have anything but his phone.
"Where is all your stuff?" I ask.

"Forgot it at home." Jake says and I scoff.
"You idiot." I say.


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(A/N: I hope you liked this chapter!!! It's kind of a stupid chapter but............................................................................................................I'm working on the 10th chapter sooo yeah. Bye!)

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