A Girl + A Boy = Love

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27. #27

Chapter 27:


  I sit down on the living room couch and turn the TV on. I grab some popcorn out of the bowl on my stomach and stuff the popcorn in my mouth. I hear violent knocking on the door so I sit up and put the bowl of popcorn on the table. I grab my phone when I hear the door swing open and hit the wall. I start to dial 911 but stop when Jake charges into the living room. I sigh and put my phone back on the table. 
"Thank god!" Jake says as he runs over to me and hugs me tightly, "When my mom read it in my newspaper, I ran over here. I'm so sorry! Are you okay? Was it really Bill? What's gonna happen to you? I love you Blake! If he would have killed you, I would have killed myself!" Jake says.
"Oh my god, Jake, calm down! I'm alright, I'm fine. Everything's good. I'm not dead, and it really was Bill." I say and he lets me out of the hug. I gasp when I see there's actually tears in his eyes. He tries to turn away so I don't see them but I grab his face, "Oh my gosh! Jake! Are you really crying? Jake!" I say and hug him, "You don't have to cry, I'm alright." I say and Jake pushes his face into my neck as he lets all his tears fall. I smile as I realize he really does love me.

"I thought I was gonna lose you forever." Jake says.

"You'll never lose me. Ever." I say. 


   I walk into school the next day with Jake keeping watch all around. 

"Jake, stop, I'm fine. Nobody wants to kill me anymore." I say, "I killed the person who wanted to kill me." I mumble. Everyone looks at me and whispers, some even came up to me and talked about it. I ignored most of them and tried to get through the school day.


   I get home and plop down on the couch. School is so annoying. I take the remote off the coffee table and start switching the channels until I find Criminal Minds, my favorite TV show. I hear the front door open then footsteps come into the living room. 

"Blake get up." I hear Daisy. I groan then sit up and look at her to see a very hot guy with her. He smirks at me and I just sit there staring at them, "Zach, this is Blake. She's the baby out of all us." Daisy says to Zach.

"Hey, Blake." Zach says with a wink.

"Uh...hi." I say. Once Daisy and Zach sit down on the couch, Zach sitting next to me for some odd reason, I decide to text Jake about our little visitor.


To: Boyfriend <3

Hey handsome! Okay so Daisy has this dude over, I guess his name is Zach or whatever, and he is totally creeping me out...


From: Boyfriend <3

Hey beautiful! What's he doing to creep you out?


To: Boyfriend <3

He keeps winking and smirking at me and not paying any attention to Daisy.


From: Boyfriend <3

I'm coming over right now.


To: Boyfriend <3

He's looking at my phone,  I gotta go, bye. See ya when you get here.


   I put my phone down and look up to see only  Zach sitting on the couch. I give him a questioning look but he just smiles at me.

"Where's my sister?" I ask.

"She went to get popcorn.  We're watching a movie." Zach says.

"Great." I mumble, "What movie?" I ask.

"Daisy wants to watch a romantic comedy." Zach says then winks at me.

"Well that's good! Daisy has you and I have my boyfriend who should be here really soon!" I say happily. I am such a bitch. Zach gets this angry look on his face then Daisy walks in with a bowl of popcorn so he smiles.

"Hey, Jake is coming over so I'll get another bowl." I say to Daisy.
"Oh, sorry, I should have asked first." Daisy says as she's sitting down next to Zach.

"Nah its fine." I say and leave, feeling eyes on me, I glance back and see Zach watching me. I get a bag of popcorn and put it in the microwave. I get a bowl and put it next to the microwave. As I'm waiting for the popcorn to get done, I feel strong arms wrap around my waist and warm breath on my neck.

"Hello beautiful, smells good in here." Jake says in my ear, sniffing the air. I smile to myself and he rests his chin on my shoulder.
"Well, hello handsome." I say and turn my head so I'm facing Jake. I kiss his cheek and he turns me around. I lean against the counter and Jake cups my face in his hands. He slowly leans in just as the microwave dings, "Too late." I say and give him a quick peck before turning and getting the popcorn out of the microwave to pour it into the bowl.
"Well, that spoiled the moment." Jake says and I giggle.

"There will be tons more." I say and he takes the popcorn bowl out of my hand.

"So, what about this Zach kid?" Jake asks and I take his free hand into my hand.

"Wanna meet him?" I ask and lead him out of the kitchen.


\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ AUTHOR'S NOTE \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ 


(A/N: Well, this chapter took a very long time to get published...but I hope you like it anyways.)

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