A Girl + A Boy = Love

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First book (this book): A Girl + A Boy = Love
Second book: A Girl + A Boy = Betrayal
Third book: A Girl + A Boy = Heartbreak
Fourth book (last book): A Girl + A Boy = Suicide


25. #25

Chapter 25:


    I get out of Jake's car and walk up the porch steps. I smile as I walk into a living room with Elli, Daisy, and my mom asking me questions right away. Of course.

"What did you guys do?" My mom asks.

"Guys! Oh my gosh! I am exhausted-"
"Guess we know what they were doing!" Daisy jokes and I gasp.

"No way! And can you guys save your questions for tomorrow? Please? I need to get something more comfortable on and go to bed. I'm beat." I explain, walking to the staircase.

"Beat? Like he beat your p-"
"Daisy! Ew!" I shout as I'm walking up the staircase. I hear them laughing and I chuckle. What freaks. 


   I shut my bedroom door and lock it. I grab black sweatpants and a black t-shirt. I change and put black fluffy socks on. I throw my clothes in the hamper in the bathroom and flop down on my bed. I cover up with my blankets and look at the time. 10:00. It doesn't feel that late. I close my eyes and Jake's face keeps flooding my mind. Finally at 12:00, I managed to fall asleep.


   I wake up at 2:00 when I hear something. I don't really know what it was because I was sleeping. I get out of bed and open my bedroom door. I look down the hallway and the doors are all closed like they always are when we're sleeping. I see a distant light downstairs. I grab my phone just in case I have to call 911. I slowly walk down the stairs, scared of what I might find. The light is coming from the kitchen. I sigh and look into the kitchen. The person is wearing all black, the figure of  a man. He is going through our money. I quietly get a knife from the counter and he turns around when he hears the blade against the wooden thing. I gasp.
"Ha! What is a prissy little teenager gonna do to stop me?" He asked.
"Um...what do you think I'm doing with a knife?" I ask as I dial 911 behind my back. I let my phone sit in my back pocket so they can hear everything that's going on. 

"Oh. Feisty. I like my women feisty." He says and he inches towards me.
"Good for you." I say, "Back off!" I yell when he gets closer to me.

"Is someone getting angry?" He asks as he runs towards me with his hands aiming for my neck. I lift my hand up that has the knife and stab him in the throat as he gets his hands on mine. Blood sprays everywhere and he falls to the ground. I look at my hand which is full of blood. I drop the knife as Elli, Daisy, and my mom come running in the kitchen.

"Oh my gosh!" My mom says and hugs me from behind.  The quiet voice of the police echoed in the now quiet kitchen as we stared at the man I just killed. My mom takes my phone out of my back pocket and leaves the kitchen as she talks to the police.

"Did you recognize him?" Daisy asked.

"No." I say. I kneel down and take the beanie covering his face in my hand. I pull off the beanie and gasp, "NO! AHH!" I cry and scream at the same time. Daisy and Elli gasp then hug me at once. My mom runs in as we're all crying and screaming our heads off.
"What is going on in-" My mom gasps in the middle of her sentence, "Bill! Bill no!" My mom cries her ex husband's name as she takes him in her arms. I always knew she still loved him, even though he wanted nothing to do with her and she knows it. But what has really got me shocked is that I just killed my dad....


 (A/N: Sorry for the long wait. Hope you liked this chapter anyways! Bye!)

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