A Girl + A Boy = Love

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17. #17

Chapter 17:


    So, it's been three days since everybody saw that Jake and I are dating. Everything is going great...but Sean asked Jake if he wanted to double date with him. Sean said it was Brittany's idea, this is going to be bad. Jake called me and used his cuteness for me to say yes to double dating with Sean and Brittany. I can't believe I said yes. We're going to the movies to see The Fault In Our Stars tonight and I have no idea what to wear. I have to be ready in three hours. But what am I going to wear!!?? I can ask for Elli and Daisy's fashion advice.

"Elli!! Daisy!! I need some fashion advice for tonight at the movies!!" I yell and Elli comes running in first.

"Oh my god, yes! I'm so excited for you! You're first date!" Elli says and Daisy skips in.

"One: you can't wear those old, ripped up, Converse that you always wear." Daisy says and I look down at my feet.

"Yeah, that's probably best." I say and Elli laughs.

"You should also get rid of them if you want to look good next to Jake." Elli says and I shrug. I guess she's right.

"You should wear something burgundy because you look amazing in that color." Daisy says and walks over to my closet.

"I know you don't like being dressy, but, deal with it." Elli says as she walks over to my closet. Oh crap. What are they going to torture me with?


   Elli picks out a burgundy, sleeveless tank top and a short sleeved burgundy lace shirt to go over the tank top. Daisy pulls a black, layered, knee length skirt.

"Now the shoes." Daisy says as she lays my clothes on the bed. They both bend down because all my shoes are on the floor of my closet.

"Either these or these. Which ones do you think?" Elli asks Daisy holding two pairs of shoes. One pair was black Stiletto high heel platform ankle boots with a rhine-stone bow on each outer side and one was black lace-up ankle Combat boots.

"I like the Stilettos. It gives the outfit more of a fancy touch." I say and they both agree.

"I think our fashion sense is rubbing off on you finally!" Daisy says and we all laugh.
"But it all seems too plain. She needs something else." Elli says and we all sit there, with no ideas.
"Look in my vanity, I have some bows, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, all kinds of stuff that I don't use." I say and they run over to it.

"I can't wait to see you all dressed up!" Elli says.
"Jake will be so shocked." Daisy says.

"Oh! You can wear these black rose earrings and a bracelet with a infinity sign with 'love' inside of it." Elli says.
"You can also wear this black Rhine-stone bow that will match your boots!" Daisy says.


   After doing the mess of picking out my outfit, I got in the shower to freshen up. I didn't take time to sing because I want as much time as I need. I changed into my clothes and opened the bathroom door. Elli and Daisy jumped up and down shrieking.

"My whole outfit for tonight isn't even on yet!" I say. Elli and Daisy push me back into the bathroom and they start to do my hair. They put creams in my hair to make it soft and silky (not like it's not already soft but why not add more because Brittany isn't the only one that can look good). They dry my hair and curl it then put just a little hair spay in my hair to make the curls stay. Elli put the bow in my hair and Daisy got the make-up.
"You'll look so good by the time we're done with you." Daisy says and we all laugh.


   Daisy grabs the black eyeliner and puts in on the top on my eyelid and on my waterline. She puts black mascara on my eyelashes to make them pop and she dabs blush on my cheeks. I smile when I look at myself in the mirror. I look amazing. I'd say almost as good as Brittany; but I don't have half as much make up on that she always does. We walk out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. I put in my earrings on put on my bracelet. I put on my shoes and look at myself in my full body mirror. I look like a model. My eyes stand out and my hair looks good. My body looks skinny for some odd reason and my legs look real good.

"A masterpiece!" Daisy exclaims and I laugh.
"Yeah, you both did so good!" I say and look at the time.
"Jake should be here any minute." Elli says as the doorbell rings.
"I'll get it!" Daisy says and runs downstairs.
"You look beautiful, Blake, beautiful." Elli says then leaves. I sigh and grab my phone. I take one last look in the mirror then I leave my room.


   I start walking down the stairs and see Elli, Daisy, and Jake just starring at me with admiration. I smile and look down, a thing I always do when I'm center of attention. I look back up and Jake smiles. I get to the bottom of the stairs. They all act like I'm going to the prom or something. Jake caresses my cheek with his thumb and gives me a kiss. We both pull away when Elli and Daisy go 'ooh!!'. I giggle as we walk out the door. He opens the door of the passenger's seat and I get in. I notice I'm not alone in the car and I turn around. I see Brittany looking furious and Sean with a smile.
"Hey Blake." Sean says and I smile.
"Hey." I say then Jake starts the engine.

"The Fault In Our Stars, here we come!" Jake says and I laugh.


\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ AUTHOR'S NOTE!! \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/


(A/N: So I put this in because Th Fault In Our Stars is an amazing movie and I love it!!!)

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