A Girl + A Boy = Love

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First book (this book): A Girl + A Boy = Love
Second book: A Girl + A Boy = Betrayal
Third book: A Girl + A Boy = Heartbreak
Fourth book (last book): A Girl + A Boy = Suicide


12. #12

Chapter 12:


    I walk over to Jake and he sits up. He opens up his notebook and I open mine. I sit down next to him and look at his page. The only thing written on it was 'Jake' and 'Emotion: Nervous'. On mine I put my name then 'Emotion: Love'.

"Love?" Jake asks while looking at my paper.

"It's a start." I say and Jake chuckles, "What's with yours? You never get nervous." I add.

"I get nervous, but I just don't show it." Jake says and I scoff.

"Okay, so what makes you nervous?" I ask in disbelief.

"A girl." Jake says.
"Aah. So, who's the lucky girl?" I ask and he smiles.

"She's not the lucky one, I am." Jake says.
"What, you're dating her?" I ask.

"No, but I wish I was." Jake says.

"Why are you the lucky one then?" I ask.
"Because I have the chance to know her." Jake says and I force a smile. If only that girl was me.


   It's been an hour and I already have three paragraphs. I glance at Jake's paper and he was way more than me. How!?

"Whoa." I say and Jake looks up from his paper.

"I feel this emotion a lot." Jake says then turns his attention back to his paper.

"I can see." I say and turn back to my paper too.


   Once it's 8:30, I walk Jake outside and he gives me hug.

"What's this for?" I ask.
"I love hanging out with you." Jake says then jumps down the front porch steps. He turns around and looks me in the eye, "Goodnight, gorgeous." Jake adds. He runs away as I start to open my mouth. I smile to myself and walk back into the house. He called me 'gorgeous', wow.

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