A Girl + A Boy = Love

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First book (this book): A Girl + A Boy = Love
Second book: A Girl + A Boy = Betrayal
Third book: A Girl + A Boy = Heartbreak
Fourth book (last book): A Girl + A Boy = Suicide


11. #11

Chapter 11:


   After going to my locker and meeting Jake at the front doors of the school, we both start walking to my house. While walking we talk about the fight that is supposed to happen tomorrow .

"Do you think Luis will start it?" Jake asks me.
"Nah, he's too much of a pussy. He practically cries when he gets hit with a ball in gym." I say.
"But he was pretty angry when Zach was threatening to beat him." Jake says.
"Yeah, but Zach is a pretty tough guy. He'll start it." I say.

"I think Luis will." Jake says.
"You wanna bet?" I ask, "If Zach hits first, you have to give me five bucks." I added.

"Okay, and if Luis hits first, you have to kiss me on the cheek." Jake says and I look at him.
"What! I thought we were both gonna bet five bucks." I say.
"I could make it on the lips." Jake threatens.

"I'm good with the cheek." I say and Jake chuckles.


   When we get to my house, Daisy giggles as we walk into my room. When I'm about to close the door, Daisy puts her foot in front of it.

"Go away!" I say and stomp on her foot.
"OW!" She cries because she has no shoes on.

"Idiot." I say and close the door. I quickly lock it as the doorknob starts to turn. I turn around to see Jake laying on his back on my bed and tossing his notebook into the air.


  As I look at him, I get the same feeling I do every time I look at him. His eyes are the brightest blue at this moment because the light is right above him. Since it's still summer, he has a sleeveless shirt on. I can see his muscles even though he's not even flexing. Holy shit.


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(A/N: This chapter was kind of really stupid and it took a really time to get updated but here it is!! I'm sorry about the wait but now I'll make chapter 12.)

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