Moving On

Emily is a normal girl, she is going to collage and she lives her life, but one day she meets a man, and all she can do is fall in love but being the girlfriend of a alienfighting superhero isn't all as it cracks up to be


2. We meet again, and again and again

Emily rolled around in bed. She couldn't fall asleep, she just kept thinking about Tony and how he had a wife, Pepper, but he seemed depressed, and with Pepper, he was never depressed. She tossed and turned, her bed creaking. "Shut up!" Allison yelled from her room. Emily rolled her eyes. She kept thinking about his eyes, his brown, big brown eyes. She soon fell asleep..... 


Her alarm goes off. She smacks her hand to her old radio. She slowly opened her eyes to the numbers : 7:23

She had her first class at 7:30

She jumped up and quickly dressed. She ran out the door without even saying goodbye to Allison.

"Goodbye." Allison said in a sarcastic voice after Emily ran out of the room.


Emily ran like the wind. She crashed into several people and she tripped over a uneven crack in the sidewalk but she kept running. She made it into class at 7:28. 

She sat in her seat and started gasping for air. 

"Ok, today we are going to finish those 23 page essay about Americas oil usage." the teacher said.

Emily grabbed her notebook and flipped to her essay, she already had 18 pages so she needed 5 more pages. She started writing. "Tick, Tick, Tick" the clock ticked. 

"CRASH!" everyone raised their heads. "Uhhh, some blacksmith trainees probably dropped some glass." the teacher said, with a concerned voice. This was New York City, we have been attacked by aliens before. Emily thought as she tapped her pencil on the table. She heard loud footsteps. "Click, Click CLick, CLIck, CLICk, CLICK." the door opened and a man stood there. "How may I help you?" The teacher said, standing up. 

He throws a round ball into the middle of the room. Emily stared as a red glowing light flashed faster and faster. Then it hit Emily. she jumped up " RUN! "Everyone ran past the ball. She pushed the man aside and ran down the hallway. "BOOM! Emily fell to the floor. Pieces of the tables flew toward her. She covered her head but pieces fell onto her. "Laufey, I am getting sick of this." a familer voice said. She heard crashing and Laufeys's body fell next to Emily. She turned her head and saw his bloody face and she pushed herself up and started backing away. Back and back and her foot reached the end, her foot slipped and she fell back to what would have been a floor, but since it exploded she was going to fall 4 stories. "HELP!" she screamed and she squeezed her eyes, waiting for the pain, but all she felt was hands on her back. She floated down slowly. She watched as the buildings grew taller and taller. She felt she stopped so she lifted her head. She was still in laying position. "You ok?" the same familiar voice said. The man pushed her up, so she would be able to stand. When her feet touched the ground, she turned her head to see Iron Man. "So your not drunk right now?" she asked in the most sarcastic voice. "Who said I was ever drunk before?"  "Uhh, you could smell your breathe from a mile away." she said, adding some sass to it. "Ok, fine,yes I am not drunk right now." She nodded and turned to walk away, he didn't stop her. She knew it wasn't her business. She walked toward the nearest place she wanted to be: the movie theater. She wanted to see Divergent again. She walked down the street and into the movie theater. "One ticket for Divergent." 


She handed him the money and he handed her, her ticket.


After she watched Divergent for the 2nd time she started to walk home, it was getting dark and she knew Allison hated being home alone when it is dark because she thinks someone will break in and kill her like in Criminal Minds.

She was texting and walking when she bumped into someone.

"Hey watch it..." the same voice whined

She raised her head to see Tony Stark "Oh God, not you again."

"I need that money." Tony said. "Money? The $300,000?" She asked, why would he give it to her and then take it back, that is rude. "No, the $20 for breaking the wine, and the other $20 for buying me more." "More, you are rich, get it yourself." She isn't normally mean but she was sick of his jerkness. "You broke them, you pay." She nodded, "Ok,ok." she said, still slightly nodding her head, she turned around like she was going to leave and spun and punched him in the nose. His head flew back. "What the he...." "Go use someones elses money to get drunk." she pulled a napkin out of her bag and handed it to him. "You have a little blood here." she said gesturing his nose

"I know." he said in a grumpy voice. She turned and walked away, she smiled, she just punched the richest man in the face, and she didn't feel even a little bit guilty.

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