Moving On

Emily is a normal girl, she is going to collage and she lives her life, but one day she meets a man, and all she can do is fall in love but being the girlfriend of a alienfighting superhero isn't all as it cracks up to be


8. The day

They quietly talked. Emily held her breath so she could hear them

"Should we knock her out?" the husky man asked

"Yeah, just so she can't scream, actually, put her in a coma."Laufey laughed

Emily took a deep breath as the man walked over to her and injected a green liquid into her arm. Emily started to struggle."STOP!STOP!" But her head was getting dizzy, things around the room went around in a circle and she saw someone walk in. Hey, I just walked in. She thought as she closed her eyes. 


Tony's POV

I looked around my house, looking for a ransom letter, a death note, even a goodbye, but I didn't want to think of that. I didn't want another one dead, another girl I loved so much. I dug in my garbage and then it hit me. I didn't get my mail. I knocked over chairs that were in my way and I ran to my mailbox. "Junk, Junk, fanmail, junk, JCD Penny for.... Pepper, well she is dead, uhhh ahah!" I yelled as I found a bright blue letter. I ripped it in half and unfolded the paper. 

Dear Tony Stark, your girlfriend is in our grasps, if you want her back, give me all your nuclear weapons and Emily lives.You have 5 hours, and by the time you get this, you have 30 minutes. GOOD LUCK, you will need it  

         -Laufey, GREAT MAN OF ALL

Nuclear Weapons? Nevermind that. I grabbed my wristband and ran out the door. I knew where Laufey was, he was at the Icee Warhouse on Cocaha Street. That man, his and his stupid frost giants, they are going to be icees when I am done with them. 



When I got to the warehouse, I called Jarvis. "Jarvis! Now!"

I stood there with my arms out. 

I heard my suit. It slammed onto my body and tightened around me. I smashed the door open. There stood a tall,buff man and Laufey with Emily, at gun point. "Let her go!!" I scream. Laufey just laughed. "Laufey!!" I scream. But he pushed the gun harder into her head.

I was ready to fire. "Once more step and she is dead!" the man with the really really really deep voice. "Ok!" I said as I shot him with my fire and flew into Laufey. We both crashed into the floor. "GET OFF OF ME!!!" he screams. I punched him in the face and I pushed myself up. I grabbed Emily and we ran out. I held her in front of me and I flew up. I flew to the top of a very tall building. 

I set her down. "Thank god you are safe." I said as I hugged her. 

I heard Laufey screaming but he was the least of my worries.

"I knew you would save me!" Emily laughed. She pulled off my mask and kissed me. "I see you!" Laufey screams again. I ignored him once more. "So..." I laugh

"So..." She giggles. We stood there silently til I heard a gunshot. 

I grabbed Emily and pulled her down.We both laid on the gravel. "He has a pistol. We are too far up." Emily just nodded. I helped her up and we looked over the edge. She was holding her stomach. "Are you ok?" I ask. She shakes her head. "I don't think he used a pistol ." She pulled her hand off her stomach reliving a gunshot wound. "Emily!" I scream. I held her in my arms. She was bleeding like crazy. Her eyes were drowsy looking."Emily! Stay with me!" I let her go, just for a second. She smiled. I turned my head, to look for Laufey. He was on the other roof. "We better go!" I yell as I turn my head. Emily was gone. I looked around the roof. She wasn't there. I looked over the edge, there her body was falling. "EMILY!!!!" I scream I jump over the edge. I was going faster and faster but she was falling faster than me. She was inches away from the sidewalk until I grabbed her hand. I slowly set her body on the sidewalk. "Emily..." I whispered. 

"Yeah.." she said quietly

"Please don't go." I whispered as I cried.

"Tony.. I love...." She said quietly.

"Emily!!" I scream

"You." she gasped with her last breath of air. 

"EMILY!!" I shriek.

I sat there crying and crying

She was dead, the person I thought would replace Pepper, died in my hands. R.I.P Emily

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