Moving On

Emily is a normal girl, she is going to collage and she lives her life, but one day she meets a man, and all she can do is fall in love but being the girlfriend of a alienfighting superhero isn't all as it cracks up to be


1. Clumsy me?

Emily, had a rough day at collage, she tripped and fell on her face. Not only that but she dropped her computer. She just needed some hot coco and to sit, relax and watch Criminal Minds. She walked to her cabinet to grab the coco. She grasped the box and pulled it open. She stared into the box in disbelief. " No coco? I drank all the coco!" she threw the box onto the floor. She walked to the counter and grabbed her keys, she then stormed out the door.


She pulled into the nearest parking spot to the door. She got out and slammed her door closed, she knew who drank her coco, her roommate Allison. She walked into the store and walked straight to the coco section. "Dark? No, Mint? Nah, Milk, sure." she grabs the box and walks toward the cashier. "MAMA NOO!" a kid screams, she turns her head and watches the boy stomp his feet and scream. Before she knew, she crashed into a man. CRASH! She turns her head and she saw the man sitting on the floor crying at the remains of the wine bottle, shattered around the floor. "I am soo sorry." she says as she swats down in front of him. He stood up and started to yell "YOUR SO CLUMSY, WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING, DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM, I AM THE TONY STARK!" he had his face in hers.His breathe smelled of alcohol, and a lot of it. He didn't look like Tony Stark, this man looked like a homeless, drunk man. "I-I" she stutters. He rolled his eyes, turned around and stomped away like the little kid screaming. She shook her head, she didn't need anymore drama. She walked to the cashier and bought her coco. Now she needs to relax and watch Criminal Minds.


She plopped onto the couch with her mug of coco and turned the tv on. She heard a rattle on the doorknob and her roommate Allison walked in. " Hey girl, guess who is standing outside wanting to talk to you." she said as she dropped her stuff on the floor and plopped next to Emily. " Who?" she said as she looked for Criminal Minds on the guide. "Tony Stark." she said while flipping through the Kmart catalogue. Emily spit out her coco onto the coffee table. Allison started cracking up. "Tony Stark?" Emily said as she wiped the coco off the table. "Yeah, he is waiting and nobody wants to keep him waiting." Allison said.

Emily groaned. She got up and walked out the door. She walked through the hallway and out the dorm room door. There was the man who yelled at her. "I am so sorry, I am a little messed up." He said, he shuffled his hand through his pocket and pulled out some money. "Here is $300,000, just please forgive me." he handed her the money. She stood there stunned. "Uhh,I don't want your money." she said. He set the money in front of her and just walked away. She didn't know what to do. She just grabbed it and went back inside. How could she not forgive him, even drunk, she always kinda liked him.

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