Hannah's Heart

In the end, her heart was the strongest of all.


1. Chapter One

C H A P T E R   O N E




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Stay happy!


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    Hannah pushed her laptop away with a sigh. She never had anything to write about. Her life was so… well, so boring. She did nothing. She couldn’t even remember what she had done yesterday, except that it had been cold outside.

    Or that might have been the day before.

    She groaned, then adjusted herself slightly so that she lay more comfortably on her bed. The blue page layout she’d chosen for her public blog tinted her hands as it shone out from her laptop. She sighed again and gazed blankly at the screen.

    If she listened carefully, she could hear her brother Jamie, and his boyfriend conversing in quiet tones in the room next to hers. She strained to hear their words, but they spoke too softly. She shivered. They were probably holding hands or something gross.

    Hannah suddenly blinked. A message had appeared on the comment section on her blog. For a moment, she did nothing. No one ever commented on her blog. There wasn’t anything to comment about.

    She wriggled forward hurriedly, grabbing her laptop and scrolling down. The comment had been posted only a few seconds ago, by a user named i0|iV3.

    She clicked on it.


i0|iV3 10th November: Hey


    This simple comment left her in an agony of decision. If she replied now, she would look too eager. If she waited too long, they might never reply. If she did reply, what if they were a pedophile? Would she look like an easy target?

    In the end, she decided to go the Polite but don’t Mess With Me route.


Hannah_says_hey 10th November: Hello. Do i know you?


    Almost immediately there was a reply.


i0|iV3 10th November: Nope. :) 


    Oh God, what if it actually was a pedophile?


Hannah_says_hey 10th November: May I ask who you are?

i0|iV3 10th November: Yep. :-)


    It was most likely just a troll.


Hannah_says_hey 10th November: Who are you?

i0|iV3 10th November: i0|iV3


    Hilarious. Hannah frowned and shook her head. There was no point in getting her hopes up just to have them dashed. Time to get rid of iOlive.


Hannah_says_hey 10th November: Funny. Uh, if you like the blog then, you know, like it. I have to go, so…


    Nicely done, Hannah. Quick, polite, to the point-


i0|iV3 10th November: I’ll wait.


    What? Did they seriously just do that? Creepy. Very creepy. Hannah slammed her laptop down and crawled off her bed, backing into the wall and almost knocking over her bookshelf. The laptop lay on her bed like a live thing, lights flickering although it was breathing. Hannah put a hand to her heart. It mimicked the flickering of the lights.

    Hannah had always had trouble with her heart. It acted up when she felt sudden emotions, and left her feeling dizzy and breathless. Staggering out and across the landing, Hannah knocked weakly at Jamie’s door. He always kept medicine in his room, knowing that Hannah could easily die trying to get to the downstairs medicine cabinet.

    The door opened, and Hannah felt Jamie’s hands grasp her shoulders.

“Hannah? What do you- hey, are you okay?”

    Hannah shook her head in reply. Grey spots were dancing before her eyes. The thing about her condition was that the shock didn’t have to be a bad one. A book might fall in the night and give her a shock, but it could snowball into a full-on heart attack.

    Jamie pushed a pill into her hand and steered her toward his bed. Hannah sat gratefully and slid the pill into her mouth. The crunchy orange flavour was all too familiar. She felt Jamie sit down next to her and rub her back, saying something to his boyfriend, Mark. She couldn’t understand what it was, as the English language seemed as foreign as Martian to her at the moment. She took a shuddering breath, letting it out in one big huff- a technique that she’d learnt to calm down. She could understand what Jamie was saying now.

“What happened, Hannah? Was it serious? Do you need me to get Mum?”

    Hannah shook her head and pushed herself up.

“No, I’m fine. It was just…just random. I’m fine, honestly.”

    Jamie ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair and sighed. “If you’re absolutely sure then.”

“I am sure. Thank you Jamie.” Hannah put a hand to her head and headed back to her room, closing the door behind her and throwing herself on the bed. Her laptop looked still now, and her thoughts about it being alive seemed ridiculous now. She opened it and glanced at the comment section.


i0|iV3 10th November (3 minutes ago): I’ll wait.


    She fiddled with her hair for a while, deliberating. She’d overreacted. Someone had said hi to her, and she’d gone and hyperventilated. 

    Before she could convince herself otherwise, Hannah clicked on iOlive’s name. The loading bar at the top of the screen taunted her as it took its time filling. She tapped a tattoo on the edge of the keyboard. Come on, come on… yes! 

    iOlive’s profile was ridiculously full. She (for Hannah had decided that Olive was probably a girl’s name) ran several blogs, and had around two thousand followers. There was even a photo gallery. Hannah entered it, and let out a breath. “Dang, boy,” she muttered.

    iOlive was apparently called Oliver. He lived in Devon, had a dog, loved his sister (judging by the happy selfies), and he was utterly gorgeous. Hannah hid a smirk. Pull yourself together, girl. 

    Next time he commented on her blog, she would talk to him. Properly.




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