Somebody To You

*This is the second and final book to Kidnapped by Jason McCann*
It's been three years since Hope and Jason have seen or heard from each other, but Jason wants his fiance and child back. Hope lives with her younger brother Max and daughter Fay. Will destiny bring them together? (READ TO FIND OUT MORE)


5. Reunited

Hope's P.O.V 

I stared at my reflection as I tried to calm myself down, my eyes were bloodshot from the pain of disaster as the tears still streamed down my pale cheeks as I wiped away the mascara which darkened under my eyeballs. He was back and there was nothing I could do to change it. 

Looking at the time, I realized that I had to pick Fay and Max up. 


Walking into Fay's classroom, I noticed her run up to me with tears running down her cheeks. I gasped in shock as I had never seen her this upset. 

"Princess, what's wrong?!" I asked as crouched down and wiped away her tears.

"Danny s-s-aid th-at I do-n't have a D-add-y becaus-e he h-ates me." She said crying again.

"That's not true darling," I said soothing her. 
"Then why don't I have a Daddy?" She asked in a quiet voice. "Everyone else does." 

"Lets talk about this when we get back home." I said as I carried her and walked to Max's classroom. 


I gently carried Fay to her bedroom as she fell asleep in the car. Walking back downstairs, Max was watching T.V as I began to cook dinner, trying to forget about him.

Jason's P.O.V

"Yeah Alex! I know, I never thought that I would find her." I said with happiness. 

"I'm so happy for you man!" Alex said while I grabbed some clothes out of my suitcase. 

"Thanks!" I said. 

"I'm gonna go to sleep now. I'll talk to you tomorrow." I said while yawning.

*********************************************NEXT DAY****************************

Hope's P.O.V

"Hope!" I heard Layla yell from excitement as ran into my office. 

"You won't guess what happened yesterday?!" She yelled, earning a few glares from some of the staff.

"What?" I said while shutting the door. 

"Sarah is so pissed off and jealous because some guy came in looking for you yesterday and ignored her." She said shouting again.

"Calm down your shouting again and who's this guy?" I asked confused. 

"Sorry, I don't know but according to her, he's hot!" She whispered.

"Okay?" I said confused, wondering who this mystery guy was. All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks...


Jason's P.O.V

Walking inside the building, I felt my heart thumping like lightening. As I made my way to the reception, I noticed that the same lady from yesterday was here again. When she noticed that I was walking towards her, she added an extra coat of lip-gloss, making her look like a clown. 

"Hello again, handsome." She said while checking me out. 

"I knew that you could't resist me, by the way my name's Sarah." She said while winking which made me roll my eyes. 

"Is Hope here?" I asked ignoring her flirting. 

"Yeah why?!" She said confused. 

"Yesterday, you said that I could come back and speak to her." I said, starting to get annoyed. 

"Well I can't help you right now, sorry." She said smirking 

"What the fuck is wrong with you, bitch?!" I yelled while walking out. 

All of a sudden, I collided with a petite body. It felt like deja vu as I noticed who it was. 

"Hope?" I whispered as we made eye contact.

"We have to stop meeting like this", I said chuckling. But I knew that it was the wrong time to make jokes. 

She looked flawless.

Her eyes like puddles of water, so clear that I could see into her soul. The deep blue reminded me of a daytime sky and her dark hair looked creamy like a chocolate bar, rich to its full intent. 

All of a sudden her eyes began to fill with water and I knew that this wasn't going to end well...

Hey a/n what do you think? :) xxx There's gonna be so much drama.

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