Somebody To You

*This is the second and final book to Kidnapped by Jason McCann*
It's been three years since Hope and Jason have seen or heard from each other, but Jason wants his fiance and child back. Hope lives with her younger brother Max and daughter Fay. Will destiny bring them together? (READ TO FIND OUT MORE)


3. Need her

Hope's P.O.V

"Mommy, Mommy!" I heard her small voice yell with excitement as I heard the sound of feet coming in my direction. As Fay ran towards me, I picked her up, making her giggle with happiness. She looked just like her father. It's been three years since I've seen Jason and moved to New York, I went to university when I was pregnant with Hope and Max had a babysitter, so everything worked out fine and now I work as an accountant and I get paid a lot. I tried to find my parents, but they moved away to Greece and didn't give two shits about Me or Max. I shook my head, trying not to think of the memories.

"Look at what I made!" She yelled as she showed me the piece of paper in her hand. 

 "It's Max and me!" She said as she began to giggle. 
"It's lovely princess." I said as I gave her a kiss. 
"Speaking of Max where is he?, he's going to be late for school and your going to be late for kindergarten." I said as I got Fay dressed. 

"I'm here sissy." I turned around and saw Max ready. 

"Okay, lets go." I said as examined myself one more time. 


Jason's P.O.V

"IT'S BEEN THREE FUCKING YEARS ALEX!" I yelled as I threw the glass across the room. 


I grabbed my packet on cigarettes and set one alight, knowing that it would calm me down. 

"I'm sorry," I said exhaling some smoke in a perfect ring. 

"Go, to New York." He said while checking something on his phone.

"Why would I do that?" I said bewildered. 

"I know that you want to find Hope, but you have to do your job. You have to kill Leo." He said in a serious voice. 

"Are you talking about Leo that still has our money?" I asked confused.

"Yeah and he said that he won't give it back to us, and I think you need a break from all of this." Alex replied. 

"Fine, I'll do it for one condition." I spoke back. 

"What do you want now." He said while smirking.

"Your going to try and find Hope's location again and I don't care how long it's gonna take you and get help from the gang if you can't find her plus you have to keep me updated." I spoke with frustration. 

"Jason, how many times have I told you. I've tried to find her location a multiple of time. but still can't find her." He said sympathetically.

"Then I'm not going to New York." I retorted. 

"Fine, But don't complain if we don't find her."  

Hey a/n this chapter is really crap, but it will get better :) and there's gonna be more drama xx

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