Listen To The Silence

They disembark in the depths of night,
Blending and twisting out of sight,
Their faces masked,
Their heads kept down,
Their eyes scanning the sleeping town.
Eyes of flame and hearts of titanium,
Their motto burning into your cranium,
They move as one,
Unable to break,
To come undone,
To turn around and away they run,
For they are together,
Bonded and tied,
Together forever like Bonnie and Clyde,
They learn your house without a key
Snatching the ones you may never see,
For Hells creatures will wander,
Who are they?
What do they do?
Why is it they didn’t snatch you?
It takes time to adjust,
To understand
But when you do you will join the rest,
You gather together and realise,
That what you were fighting for was in front of your eyes,
You could only wish away,
For you were apart of them now,
You were living and breathing the same air,
Never being able to give and share.
The facts were facts,
Noise is your enemy,
We are quiet,
We are violence,


1. Part 1 ~ They Took

It was thick black in each of the four corners of the large apartment. The curtains were sealed shut, blocking out the view of intruders and peering eyes. The windows were clamped closed and all the doors were bolted off from the breathing world beyond. This one wasn’t taking any chances. These precautions were pointless overall, they were already in.

  “We’re coming” A voice hissed from the other side of his closed door. “And we’re coming for blood.” It taunted, a cunning smile spread across whatever its facial features looked like. Whatever it did look like, he wouldn’t need to wait long to find out.

  His body jerked up in between the silk sheets, the eyes of a man who feared for much more than his life, burned like the fires in Pompeii. The end to his days would have set his horror free. It had been 48 hours of pure hell. Hopefully, this is the end. However, his prayers meant nothing to these monsters.

  “Come on now…” The voice began, suddenly warm and deceiving. “Pain isn’t cheap, neither is time. Lets make this easy” It bared the voice of a human. It had the intelligence of something ten times better. It had no feelings, it had no worries, it had no other feelings but bone deep hatred for the world.


“I will never go with you”


He replied his voice was a swirling mix of terror and disgust. This wasn’t the end of him. Sadly it was only a new beginning.




Its tone was bitter sweet. It didn’t care whether it fought him or not, this debate had only one end and it wasn’t a pretty one. There would always be more blood to add to the players winning pot.


“I’ll ask you one simple question”


It became clear to the man that this creature was now in the room with him. Its presence was chilling and threatening. Black eyes, cold as two stones, bore into his soul from one of the deathly still walls. The innocent man couldn’t hear breathing, footsteps or traffic sounds. In fact he couldn’t hear anything over the beating of his quivering heart. The creature was toying with his fear, playing mind games.


“Who are you?”

The question had no purpose to the demonic creature, it bequeathed the question to him as a final sentence. A final breath of freedom.

  In that one breath he thought about everyone he cared about. His sister, his mother, his dead father and all of this friends. Finally he parted his lips to respond to the question he was given. His last given gift.


“I am Jayce Clearwood.”


He breathed, his hands slowly loosened their death grip on the bedsheets he had tangled around him in his sudden movements.


The creature chuckled, or something close to the sort. “Tell me Jayce..” It yawned, it was almost finished with the games. It was boring itself.


“Do you know what you are?”

His blazing eyes opened but they were no longer the burning orange that they had once been. They were just black. Dead eyes that had no soul. They were midnight black. “I am a Silence warrior.”


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