Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


15. The Final Chapter

As for all of you know, the Winchesters planned to go out bloody. Alexandria is just a regular girl, who's father happened to be Dean Winchester. Alexandria got a taste of hunting and what she could be.

After being an Archangel, Alexandria Marie Winchester knew it wasn't going to be easy. When they got back to River Pass, Sam was detoxed of the demon blood, and Castiel returned to heaven for a little, spreading the news that Lucifer and Michael are dead. Dean and Alexandria continued to hunt, and they were a good pair.

Soon, Castiel returned, and him and Dean were officially together. Castiel stayed on Earth, and Dean and him were eventually married. Sam and Gabriel were chatting a lot, and Alex knew she detected something, kind of like that day she caught Dean and Castiel together, but Alex knew better now, Sam would tell Dean if he wanted Dean to know. Castiel knew about Gabriel and Sam, but now, life was good.

The Winchesters, for once, were happy. The occasional demon would still try to kill them, but Alex was fine. They continued to live their lives.

Blake and Alex had started dating, and in the future they would get married, but they didn't know that quite yet.

Dean and Cas decided, eventually, that they would adopt a baby. It would be another girl, and Alex was very excited. The baby was brought into their lives on January 28th, 2016. Alex was 16 with a 6 month old baby sister.

It was a good life.


Yeah, yeah, I know it's short but at least it was cute...right? I thought you guys might like a sneak peek of the future to come, what with Blake being Alex's husband-to-be. My favorite thing to write in this whole chapter was that I decided to include Sabriel. If I were to make a new sequel for this book, it would have Sabriel in it, for sure. I ship Sabriel, but Destiel FTW.

I love you guys and I really want you to know that and now I'm gonna get all sad writing a good-bye speech so I'm just not gonna.



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