Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


4. The Cute Boy


Finally, Dean and Cas were together. No more bickering. Even if I owe Alex 20$, I'm glad that they're happy. This whole thing with Dean having a kid is really weird. I mean, that's what Dean's always wanted. I feel like something going to go wrong, very wrong.

"Dean, where's Dakota?" Alex called.

"Cas is playing with her outside!" Dean called from the bathroom. Alex chuckled (I have a feeling Cas is now her friend, her and that little oddball.) and exited the motel room.

"Hey, Dean, so you and Cas are together now, right?" I asked, because sometimes Dean is a douche and decides to deny anything ever happened.

"Yeah, I guess, why?" Dean said, walking around.

"Because I found this app called 'Instagram' Alex's phone, and I'm totally putting that recording on there. HA!" I laughed.

"I'll stab you in the throat." Dean said, literally tackling me off the bed. I made some deranged noise that sort of sounded like a pelican who's about to die. Not that I know what that sounds like.

"Gerrof Dean!" I hissed, standing up. "Don't be a child, I was kidding."

"Sure, you were, bitch."


Alex POV

Cas was awesome, I'm not gonna lie. He was probably one of the most unintentional funny person I've met. He's still looking at tumblr, pointing out the many flaws about my father, while I sit there, drowning in my own puke.

"Okay, Cas, time to put Tumblr down now, okay?" I said softly, grabbing my phone from his hands. He looked like a sad child. "You can have it back in a little bit." I smiled at him. He nodded, regaining his happiness.

I saw Blake down the street and I patted Dakota's head and handed Cas my phone. I walked over to him.

Castiel POV

I frowned. Why did she give this back? I looked up and she was talking to a boy. They crossed the street and dialed Dean's number on Alex's phone.

"Hey, Alex, what's up?" Dean asked.

"Dean come outside." I said through the phone.

"What is it Cas? Is Alex okay?" Dean asked, he sounded nervous.

"She's fine. But hurry." I replied. Dean exited the motel, and I stood up. "Follow me."

We crossed the street, hiding behind a tree they were walking behind a building, a different motel.

"What the hell does she think she's doing?" Dean asked.

"I have no idea, but something is wrong." I replied. I had that feeling that the kid had the wrong intentions. Alex was not clear enough.

"Come on," Dean said, and I followed him behind the building.

Alex and that kid were making out on the bench behind a motel.

"What the hell are you doing?" Dean asked.

"Dammit," She cursed. "I gotta go." She looked at the boy. She left with Dean and I back to our motel.

"What now?" Alex asked.

"You're not allowed to make out with boys!" Dean chimed.

"Why not?"

"Because you're 14!" I intwined with Dean's story.

"For one, I've done that before, and for two, Cas this a conversation between Dean and I, so beat it! And, three, you do it, so what's the problem?" Alex hissed. I felt hurt. why is she so mean?

Dean's phone rang. "This isn't over." He looked at Alex.

"Guys, let's go!" he said when he hung up.

"What, why?"

"It's a werewolf, not a shifter."


Sorry for the really short chapter! I feel bad! But the next chapter is better. I hope you'll forgive me for such a short chapter!

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