Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


10. Sam Winchester Must Die


So, loyal readers that I love so much, Sam Winchester is addicted to demon blood. Again. Ruby's back. I just want to know what you guys think of that. I mean, I struggled to bring Ruby back because she's a BITCH, but you know. As for the chapter's name, Alex reveals some stuff in this chapter. Some stuff that may sound cruel to Sam. Sorry, but try to enjoy the chapter!

Oops, I already said too much!


They knew, they knew the demon blood was back in my system. Damnit, I knew I couldn't hide it for long. I was indeed working with Ruby, her intentions I didn't know, she wouldn't tell me. Maybe she did plan on releasing Lucifer again, who cares? Life sucks anyways. The only two things my brother loves, not me, probably doesn't love me, turned into Heaven's bitches. Great, right?

"So, Alex, now you're Heaven's bitch?" I smiled. She sarcastically laughed.

"Oh, yeah," She held a blade to my throat. "And you're Ruby's bitch." I laughed, I could feel the blade moving on my skin.

"How did you know?" I asked her, even though I think I know.

"It was God." She whispered in my ear. "God showed me the real you, Sam Winchester. You are an evil, pitiful being. You, are an abomination." She smiled. "But that's just the details. I would kill you right now, but I think I'm going to let Dean say goodbye."

"Thanks for the generosity." I smiled. I got an idea.

"Yeah, but you guys aren't go to share that look that tells each other a plan. If I have to kill Dean to kill you, I will." She murmured. I scoffed.

Alex POV

God had told me many things about Sam Winchester. He never told me exactly that it was my mission to kill him, but he talked about demon blood and how he drank it, how he planned to release Satan, the works. Both God and I believed that even if Sam had some good in him, he chose evil. And with choosing evil, he has damned himself to Hell.


"Not everything is as it seems, with Sam Winchester, Alexandria. He is not who he seems. He is drinking the blood of our enemies- he is just like what it is that you hunt. He does, indeed have good inside of him, but he has chosen evil. Chosen a demon over his family and friends. Sam Winchester must be-" The voice faltered.

"Killed." The voice finished. It sounded different, but I didn't really make any suspicions.

"But he is my uncle." I pleaded. "I cannot kill him. Who else will Dean have in this world? Cas and I? Sam is his entire life. All his life it's been him and Sam. What will he think of me?"

"You mustn't fret, Dean will find it in his heart to believe in you. He will trust you once again. He will deal with Sam's death." God replied.

"Just like he dealt with it last time? Selling his soul?" I argued.

"Kill Sam Winchester."


Dean was awoken by Cas and he saw the circumstances and started freaking out.

"Alex, what the hell are you doing with Sam?" He said, jumping up, walking towards me. Cas pushed him back down.

"No, Dean. Sam Winchester must die!" Cas replied.

"No. Cas, this isn't you, you haven't been since Alex here went Archangel. You listen to me, don't let her kill Sam!" Dean pleaded. Cas winced. I knew he was going to do something. I dropped the knife and punched Sam.

"Dean, there is nothing I can do. This is God's word." Cas replied, choking on his words. He didn't want to hurt Dean, or Sam for that matter. But he knew his duties were to God.


"Please, Cas..." Dean's voice broke. Damn it, Cas! Don't you fall for that!

Punch. Crack.

"Alex, wait." Cas said. I sighed.

"Cas, don't tell me what to do." I hissed, punching Sam again. He stood in front of Sam, pushing me back.

"You listen to me, this is what your going to do? You really think He's going to make you human when you kill someone in cold blood?" Cas said.

"Shut up. God told me to kill Sam Winchester. This, this is my mission from God. Let me complete my mission!" I said, this time punching Cas. He didn't move.

"No, Alex, this isn't what you think. I was with God, when he told you his conditions." Cas said.

"Oh, yeah? What importance are you? You're just an angel. I'm the most powerful archangel in existence. So back off, before I'm forced to kill you, too." I replied. I didn't want to kill Cas, but I would if I had to, if he didn't let me complete my mission.

"I'm just an angel? I've rebelled for these Winchesters, I've been hunted in Purgatory by Leviathan. You don't know what I've been through. Even if you have more power than me, I know more than you will ever. Kill me, I dare you. God will bring me back.

I muttered Enochian, and that same white glowing box was the one Cas was trapped in, his mouth hung open and blue lights exploded from everywhere. Cas was screaming.

"No!" Dean shouted, jumping into the box with Cas, and immediately regretting it. I muttered more Enochian and the lights faltered and Dean and Cas fell to the floor. Cas was shakey, but he still stood.

"You going to kill the both of us to complete your mission, Alex?"

"Shut up, Cas. I should've killed you faster." I smirked. I grabbed my blade from my sleeve and threw it at Cas, it caught in his hand, pinning him to the wall, lights flashing around him. He pulled the blade from his hand.

"It won't work on me, angel." I smiled. He threw it anyway, impaling my heart. Nothing happened and I pulled the blade out. "Did I not just tell you it wouldn't work?" I was angry. Cas was being annoying. Even if it didn't kill me, getting stabbed in the heart kinda hurts.

"Alex, if you want to kill Sam Winchester, you'll have to kill both of us first." Cas replied. Dean nodded. I walked up to Dean and I smiled. I placed two fingers on his forehead and he fell to the ground, I didn't bother soothing his fall at all.

"You won't kill him, you can't." Cas said.

"You don't want to try, Cas." I replied. Cas shook his head.

"No, I don't, but listen, please! I was with God when he was telling you to become an angel and complete the mission. Remember when his voice faltered?" Cas asked. I nodded, getting confused. "That wasn't him after you heard him falter. It was Anna, trying to mimic his voice. You can't honestly believe God could be so cruel! You can't do this!" Cas said.

"I don't believe you. Why would God have you with him?" I hissed, retrieving my blade from the wall.

"Listen, this is not it, this is not your mission from God. God wants you to save Sam Winchester." Then it came back, the different voice. I hadn't made a note of it...but it was different...he was right. I am supposed to save Sam Winchester.

With all this coming back to me, I started to fall to the ground, only to be caught by Cas. His face was the last thing I remember.

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