Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


1. Prologue

The year was 2000. Dean Winchester was in Tampa, Florida, dealing with a skin walker-the last he'll see for years. Dean entered the bar, he was 22, and he was hunting alone.

The bartender was a pretty girl with brown hair and pretty blue eyes. Dean couldn't help but be swooned by her. She walked up to him. He flashed his charming smile, and the bartender winked at him in return. This is going to end well, Dean thought, smiling to himself.

"What can I get for you?" She asked. Dean looked up, her eyes were beautiful.

"Just a beer, please." He replied, and for a couple seconds, bright blue eyes met with gorgeous green eyes, and it was just like when the sky touched the greenest of grass.

"Coming right up," She told him. He nodded. She reached under the counter and pulled out a bottle of beer. She leaned over the counter and talked to him.

"Thanks," He smiled again, flashing his white teeth.

"No problem. But there is one thing you can help me with..." She smiled. Dean raised his eyebrow, the classic move that helped his game. "I get off in an hour. I'll be waiting." She smiled again, and Dean was happy. He nodded, not taking his eyes off of her. Something about her made Dean tick. What was it about her? Was this feeling...a warning? But Dean ignored it, even if he shouldn't have. He sat there, drinking his beer, not caring about anything but being here in an hour so he could spend the night with...whatever her name is.

"I'm Allana, by the way." She smiled.

"Dean." He replied in his deep voice. He winked at her and she tried to cover her smile.

It was an hour later, and Dean was waiting outside, his foot on the bricks.

Allana walked out, her coat over her low cut shirt and skinny jeans. Dean smiled, and they climbed into Dean's '67 Chevy Impala and left.

They arrived at Allana's house, and Dean opened the door for her, and she unlocked her front door and Dean followed her in. She grabbed his arm and pulled him into her bedroom, and Dean kissed her, softly, and she pulled off Dean's shirt and Dean undid the buttons on her's. He softly kissed her neck and then her jawline. Dean went back to kissing her lips and they fell onto the bed.


This is just the beginning of how this story came to be. The chapters will not be as short as this.

I thank you for taking your 5 minutes to read this and hope you'll come back for the next chapters, as from my perspective, will be very interesting.

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