Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


5. My Dirty Little Secret I Didn't Know

Alex POV

"A freakin werewolf, guys? Sam you said it was a shifter!" I hissed, I've never hunted a werewolf, but they don't need to know that.

"Because that's what it sounded like, because the papers left out the fact that the hearts were eaten. And it wasn't me who said it was a shifter, it was you and Dean, so shhh!" Sam said, arguing with me like a child.

"Oh, and Alex, just a fair warning, if I ever see that boy again I'm ripping his lungs out." Dean hissed, I rolled my eyes.

"He's not lying, Alex. He really will. Your boyfriend is in danger." Castiel replied.

"He's not my boyfriend, Cas." I replied. I looked at Dean. "He's not my boyfriend."

"Yeah, that explains why you were swapping saliva behind the motel." Dean cut in. I sighed in frustration.

"He was cute, okay?" I growled, frowning. We pulled up by the woods, and the full moon struck us like a spotlight. We split into groups of two. Cas and I, and Dean and Sam.

Cas and I were walking around in the woods with Dakota.Dakota always helped me with hunts, of course it was usually vampires, but you know.

We were at the point where we were walking for hours.

"Can we sit down for a couple minute, Cas? I don't have the stamina of an angel." I asked. Cas nodded, and we sat on a fall tree trunk, Dakota sitting on the ground. Dakota has what feels like unlimited stamina, she's crazy.

"I have a weird feeling about this hunt." I said after a few awkward minutes.

"Can I see your phone, again?" Cas asked, doing the signature head tilt.

"Sure," I smiled, handing him my phone. He pocketed it inside his trench coat, "Hey, what the hell?" I hissed.

"I know you're still texting that boy, Alex. Dean will literally kill him." Cas replied. I shook my head.

"Cas, give me my phone." I hissed, gritting my teeth. "Dean will do no such thing."

"Alex, yes he will. There's something wrong with him lately, and I don't know what, but he's losing his humanity. Piece by piece. He will do it."

"That's great, because 14 years of my life and I didn't know my dad and suddenly I just show up and he's happy I'm his daughter? My mom tried to let him know that she was pregnant, called his number and everything! His freakin' number changed. So don't get me started, because I'm done pretending it's unicorns and rainbows. I'm tired of it. He was supposed to be my dad and suddenly because some papers say he's my dad he's proud of me? No, he left my mom to be pregnant and alone. So if he wants to kill someone, it shouldn't be Blake, it should be me. Now. Give. Me. My. Phone." I growled. Cas looked shocked, but handed me my phone anyways. "Thank you."

"I am truly sorry, Alex."

"For what?"

"For this." Castiel replied, touching two fingers to my head.

Dean POV

Why haven't I heard from Cas and Alex yet? This was making me nervous.

A whoosh of angel wings was behind me. I turned.

Alex was draped over Cas's shoulder, his hand on Dakota's collar.

"What did you do?" I asked. Throwing my hands into the air.

"She wanted her phone back." Cas replied. "Then she got angry when I took it."

"Cas, why did you sedate her?" I frowned.

"She wouldn't shut up." Cas said. I choked back a laugh. "Dean, I must ask you a serious question."

"Yes?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. This kid has the weirdest moments, I swear.

"I'm in love with you, Dean Winchester." Cas started. "And I wanted to ask you if you'd please, please...




"Take a selfie with me?"

"The hell is a 'selfie'?" I asked, completely scared of what a selfie was.

"Well, there's these pictures all of the app on Alex's phone called 'Instagram' and everybody is taking a number sign selfie Sunday. (#SelfieSunday)" Cas explained. I raised an eyebrow. What the hell is wrong with this kid?

"No, Cas, I'm not taking a number sign selfie Sunday. I refuse." Dean said.

"It's a hashtag, dumbass." Alex said. "Put. Me. Down." Alex said, completely unamused.

"What is a hashtag?" Cas asked, doing his signature head tilt.

"It looks like a number sign, but it means a hashtag, like you're tagging somthing with it. like #SelfieSunday is a hashtag the people put on the selfies that they take on Sunday." Alex explained. She's smarter than me. That's not fair.

Alex POV

These idiots were clueless. Did they live in a hole? I feel like they do. This must be so complex for their tiny brains. Sam seems to get it, therefore Sam and I? Smart ones. Dean and Cas? Dumb ones.

There was a howl, a long piercing howl. A werewolf, all five of us (Dakota included) tensed, running towards the sound. We heard human screams, as well.

When we approached the werewolf, it was kneeling over a body with it's head deep into the person's chest, about to eat the heart.

"Hey, furball!" I yelled. Dakota sat there growling. The werewolf turned, growling at me. I grabbed my blade from it's sheath(my sleeve) and waited for it to approach. It didn't,

I thought we were all just going to stand there, and then the werewolf jumped me. It clawed all the way down my arm and I screamed because pain was a bitch. My blade had flung out of reach, and I was inching toward it. The werewolf was edging towards my neck, even as I pushed it away. I heard a deep bark and the werewolf was tackled off of me.

"Dakota, no!" I yelled. She was wrestling with the werewolf and the werewolf lightly scratched her back in the tumble.

I blacked out.

Dean POV

"Dakota, NO!" Alex yelled.

There was a sick sounding, crunch of bones and flesh moving. Alex had disappeared and what stood before us wasn't Alex, it was a husky, with brown (almost black) fur, and impossible green eyes.

Of course it was Alex, it had to be.

Alex barked, running at the werewolf, who was about to tear out Dakota's neck, and leapt onto it, ripping out it's throat. I didn't know what the hell was going on, so Sam, Cas, and I all exchanged looks.

Alex was panting pretty hard as her and Dakota walked back up to us, her leaning on Dakota for support.

The werewolf had scratched down her stomach, leaving a gash that was leaking blood.

"Alex, oh God!" I cried, running over to her. I grabbed her, trying to patch up her wound right there. Her eyes started to flutter, and she closed her eyes, falling over.

Another gross crunching of bones and moving flesh, and Alex was human again. Her stomach bleeding profusely.

"Cas, don't just stand there! Help!" I cried. My daughter was dying in my arms. This wasn't how this was supposed to happen. This wasn't how any of this, this twisted situation, was supposed to have happened. Alex stopped breathing.

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