Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


14. Michael and Lucifer, Back Again


So as you guys probably guessed, this is the (almost) end. I think there'll be about one more chapter after this, and it's more like a epilogue, but not in anyone's point of view. You guys are awesome and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of you because it just makes me happy.



(Picture of Lucifer)

Alex POV

A bright, blue light shown, and when it disappeared, Lucifer and Michael sat there.

"Who are you?" Lucifer hissed at me.

"I am Alexandria. I have freed you." I told him. He snapped, trying to kill me. I frowned.

"You asshole, I just saved you!" I said sadly.

"Why can't I kill you? Who are you?" Lucifer asked.

"I am Alexandria. I am more powerful than you. Michael, too. My mission from Father was to rescue you."

"Alexandria, it's not too late, you can stop this!" Cas hissed. I snapped, hearing Cas explode behind me.

"Alex, why did you-" Snap, Dean exploded too.

"You are the one who released us?" Michael asked.

"Yes, brother. My mission is completed. You are to have your battle, now." I replied.

"Some fourteen year old girl released us from the cage?" Lucifer hissed. I'm tired of people underestimating me. I snapped and Lucifer exploded.

"Don't talk to me like that." I hissed. Michael stood, mouth agape. Sam was looking around, three blood puddles with chunks of people. Ew.

"You killed Lucifer!" Michael yelled. I looked at him, nodding.

"Yeah, you're next if you got a problem with it. Everything ends bloody. So if you want to talk to me about that, you're basically committing suicide. You see, my real mission was to release you, then kill you both. Of course, that means tricking everybody. If I really had wanted to kill Sam, I would've, but he's my proof. I didn't kill Castiel, or Dean for that matter." I snapped, and they reappeared. Dean looked frightened, and Castiel smied.

Castiel knew my plan. Castiel knew about God's mission. It wasn't to save Sam Winchester. Well, in a way, it was. Killing Michael and Lucifer was number one on the hit list. I did kill Ruby though, but that's a different matter.


"Alex, you musn't take in any more grace. Anna is dead. Your mission is now clear for you. What must you do?" He asked.

"Unleash Michael and Lucifer from the cage." I answered. God smiled. I knew what he really meant, what he really wanted me to do. He was expecting it.

"And what happens after you open the cage?" God asked.

"I kill them." I replied. God nodded, and he looked at me.

"Then, you will be human, Alexandria, I promise." God smiled.


"Alex, what's going on?" Dean asked.

"I'm fulfilling my mission." I looked at Dean, then snapped, and Michael was no more. I could feel another being, and I heard a voice.

"Alexandria." I turned. It was God.

"God," I bowed my head.

"Wait, Chuck is God?" Dean asked, I glared at him, as Castiel bowed his head as well.

"Dean, don't be disrespectful," Cas said, nudging Dean.

"Alexandria, after all of these confusing and murderous times, you have fulfilled your true mission. You deserve the world. Is being human still what you want?" God asked. "You could keep your powers, if you would like."

"God, I love being an Archangel. But, when I see my family, and who I've killed, I know that I need to become human." I replied.

"Human. You choose family over power. Smart." God smiled. He blinked and I was surrounded in a white, warm light. I floated up, I could feel the power leave my system. It wasn't painful, more of a satisfaction, like drinking warm coffee. It was nice.

I got flashbacks of happy memories, some I'd even forgotten.


"Alexandria Marie, you're going to be late!" Allana calls out. I was about 5 at the time, and I was about to leave for school. "Alex!"

"Comin, momma!" I call, running down the carpeted stairs. I run into Allana's arms, and I give her a hug. "I love you, momma!"


"Please don't start that, Alex!" Mom says. I tire of it, sometimes, how she uses that mom voice on me.

"Start what, mom?" I ask. "I really want to go!" I was basically pleading.

"Why do you want to go?" She replies. "Why do you want to leave me?" She jokes.

"I don't, mom. I just have to go." I reply. She nods.

"Fine, you can go."


I knock on the door. My father was currently in this motel.

A tall man with long hair answers the door.

"What's up?" He asks.

"Are you Dean?" I reply with a question.

"No, I'm Sam, but my brother is Dean. Why, who's asking?" He says.

"I-I'm his daughter." I reply.

"What?" Sam's eyes widen. I look up at him, and he welcomes me into the motel room. I sit down in a seat.

"I have tests to show if you're-"

"Human?" I interrupt him. "I know about hunters. I like to think of myself as one." I smile.

He continues to do a test with silver, salt, and holy water.

"So, you're really Dean's daughter?" Sam asks.

"Well, I would think so. He is Dean Winchester, right?" I reply again with a question.

"Yeah, he is."


I don't usually think of this stuff, and the memories came flooding back. I met my dad, and we instantly bonded. Castiel, who was incidentally my brother for a while, was my best friend, and I couldn't think of life without Castiel and Dean. Sam was another person, who even though was addicted to demon blood again, who was awesome. He was my uncle, and I just met him, but I just met these three people that would make my life suck if they disappeared.

They all had their problems, but then again, who didn't? Sam, Dean, and Cas were probably the least qualified people to watch over me, but I wouldn't choose anyone else. If I did, I would regret it for the rest of my life. Even though they were least qualified, they knew what was right. I learned everything from them. I wanted them to know that if I were to die (again) then I want them to be there for each other.

I wanted them to know that I love them, all of them. If I died, I'd want Castiel to have my phone so he could use tumblr and instagram, beat my high score on Flappy Bird. I wanted them to be happy.


I was dropped from the white light and back on Earth, where I was standing in the same spot. I turned towards Dean and Castiel, and I smiled. Even if I couldnt see Cas's wings anymore, I still knew I had seen them, which made it all better. I'll always remember the outline of them, and if I couldn't see them anymore, it was okay.

God had left, and Sam, Dean, and Castiel were all instantly by my side, and I smiled. This is my life, and it all started one fateful Wednesday in Tampa, Florida.


Okay, guys, I hope you liked the ending. There will be one more chapter. I hope you will like the next chapter, and basically the whole story! I was wondering if you guys would like some type of sequel, and when it should take place. Like if Alex was older, or if it was right after this ending, but it's sad to see this book end for me, I don't know what you guys feel, but I wanted to sincerely thank all of you who read this, and I love all of you!



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