Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


12. How GRACEful

Alex POV

"Oh, please, what would I do with a mere angel's grace? You are nothing." I told her, holding up my hand, pinning her to a wall. Fear seemed to sprout in her eyes. I wanted to kill her, I really did this time. But she was my sister now, I had to be careful with what I did or a whole legion of angels would be on my ass.

"Grace is pure creation, Alexandria. You do realize the more grace you contain the more powerful you are?" Anna said quickly because I was about to blow her up with a snap of my fingers.

"What...?" I asked, letting her down.

"If you take my grace, you can be even more powerful." Anna replied.

"Fine, then, give it to me now." I hissed.

"Excuse me? We have a deal. Open the Cage and let our brothers out and then you can have my grace." Anna said.

"'re funny," I laughed. "You thought I was asking." I knocked her onto the wall, my blade falling into my hand. I made a small cut on her throat and a blue light shone. She screamed as the blue light exited her, and I inhaled it. Power surged through me as her grace intwinted with mine. It was pain, pure pain that I haven't felt in a while. The grace bound together and became one. I snapped and Anna exploded, her scream cut off. Did she really think I was that dumb?

"Alexandria, my child. You are here." God said, and I turned.

"Yes, father, I am here." I bowed my head.

"Alex, you musn't take in any more grace. Anna is dead. Your mission is now clear for you. What must you do?" He asked.

"Unleash Michael and Lucifer from the cage." I answered. God smiled.


Castiel POV

Gabriel was right. I knew he was. Alexandria wanted to be more powerful than God. She wanted to unleash Michael and Lucifer and let them out of the cage. She was probably with Ruby and Sam, plotting away. I didn't want to say anything, because I didn't want to believe it was true. All the good Alex has done, now with just simple power she will take over the world?

Alex was a smart girl, I know that. But even I wanted power. I was even God for a few days. It didn't turn out very well for me, and this stolen grace in her will eventually burn up, and she won't even be an angel anymore. She was scaring me, she wanted to become the beast that she hunts. Gabe was right again about her taking Lucifer's and Michael's grace. I was notified that Anna had died, killed by Alexandria after Alex took her grace.

"Cas, you want a beer?" Dean shouted from the other room.

"Yes, Dean, I would like seven." I smiled, walking into the room.

"Might want to start off with just one." Dean laughed, handing me one. I struggled to open it and watched Dean open his. He smirked, grabbing mine and taking the cap off.

"If you didn't have your angel mojo, you wouldn't know how to live, would you?" He asked.

"No, probably not." I responded. Dean didn't know the threats Alexandria imposed. He just thought she was 'fulfilling' her mission. "Dean, there's something you should know about Alexandria."

"What is it?" Dean asked, frowning.

"She's taken Anna's grace. Gabriel thinks she intends to open the cage. She's planning to restart the apocolypse. She musn't do that. After everything you've gone through to shut Satan in his cage, you don't need to retry. Ruby has gotten Sam on her side, and Sam plans on inviting Satan in. To, as you would say, ride his ass." Dean raised an eyebrow.

"You really think Alex is capable of something like that?" Dean asked.

"I am certain it will play out that way." I replied. Dean stood up, pacing. Alex had to be stopped. I'm past the stage where I wanted to protect her. If I had to, I will kill her.


Ruby POV

My plan was working. Sam, being the ignorant ass he is, is willing to let Satan possess him. Sam was working on turning Alexandria. I had just walked out of the motel where Dean was. I had failed to turn him. I couldn't think straight. If Dean didn't turn, we would never get Alexandria on our side. I could try to turn Castiel, but he would most likely smite me the first chance he got.

I had just gotten some news that Alexandria had killed Anna and had taken her grace. Anna had done well, she did her job. She knew she would die, and her grace would be stripped, but Alexandria didn't let her die fast. One wrong move and Alexandria could shut everything down. Everything. I had intended on taking Lucifer's grace myself, but if Alexandria opens the cage, she's welcome to all the grace she wants.

Alexandria was pretty much the most powerful thing I have ever encountered. She was almost more powerful than God. If she take on Lucifer's and Michael's grace, and she's on our side? The things we could do. We could start another apocolypse, even without Satan being an angel anymore. I'm tired of the 'Demons are lower class citizens' shit. For once, we will take over with an Archangel more powerful than God. Maybe when she opens the cage, we let Lucifer and Michael out, and we shove her in, therefore, we'd have no angry bitch on our back demanding the grace. But if we did this, we don't know if it would go off without a hitch. She could destroy anything and everything.


I was sitting in my rental car, because Dean would've thrown a bitch fit if I had taken his baby, and I was waiting outside the back of a gas station, waiting for Ruby to get her ass over here. She must still be with Dean. She's such an ignorant bitch if she thinks she can take on Dean. She's crazy if she thinks I'll still work with her if she kills him.

Her plan was to turn Dean and Cas so Alexandria would turn. I heard a flutter of angel wings. I turned to the passenger seat and Alex sat there. My guard went up instantly.

"Don't try to run, Sam. I have a deal to make." Alex told me.

"A deal? What do you offer?" I asked.

"I will open the cage for you if I get Lucifer's and Michael's grace." She said, looking at me. I knew she was sincere. She had a plan. Open the cage, take Luci and Michael's grace, and then be the most powerful being in existence. (Yes, I said Luci. Usually when someone is in your head for a couple weeks, you get into a nickname basis. I don't reccomend you try it.)

"That would be a deal I would take, Alex. What happens to Ruby and I after you've taken their grace?" I asked.

"You will live, I suppose. Is it a deal? Will I open the cage for you?"


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