Just a dream

Just a Dream is about a Girl Melissa, and her crush Alex, but something happened so he finaly begin to see his Best friend in another way


3. with you again

3: with you again


My mom came in.

"MELISSA! my little baby"

"Mom i´m okay!"

it was so embarrassing! "i´m gonna go now Meli, see ya..." Alex said, i think he wanted to stay. i wanted him to stay too, but my mom was of corse so worried. i understand her.

"mom what happened while i was in koma?"

" i came every day after work, and i know Alex also did. he stayed here for hours every day"

i dont know if it made me happy because he cared for me or, if i was creeped out... but i think i´m more happy...

i needed to stay at the Hospital for a couple of days. but every day i were there i had the same dream over and over. but each time i had it, it was like 3-5 seconds longer.

now its friday, Alex came every day in the last week or so. i feel more happy here, its only because Alex had been here every day. i saw Alex come with a mattress, a pillow and a blanket

"what are you doing Alex" i said with a suprised tone

"i´m going to have a sleep over with a very special person"

"am i the special person?" i asked with a happy sarcastic tone

"maby" he puts the mattress, pillow and blanket down. i felt so happy and supriced at the same time

we talked almost the entire night. we sat in my hospital bed. Alex and me fell asleep in the hospital bed. but in the start i didnt sleep like he did. i was too busy ejoy the moment. he was under my blanket, he was so warm. the best part was him having his arms around me<3 i squeezed myself closer in to his chest.

"goodnight Alex"

"goodnight Meli"

Kinda i got a shock, but i was too tired to think about it.

i dreamed the same dream, i dreamed every night at the hospital. its just that it felt so much more realistic this time

Me and Alex walked at the same road as we did from 6 months ago. Alex and i are holding hands. our hands are so warm its like they are melted together. we begin to push eathother again, i see the car driving in full speed, he pushes me out on the road, so he yells at me. normaly my dream ends there but it does not stop. Alex runs out for me, he is coming my way. jumping on me so i fall. me and Alex are laying on the road, the car is coming closer and closer . and the car drove over us, but i did not feel anything that hurt. only Alex´s warm body. i turn around to Alex´s face

"thanks" i say and i kiss him. every thing turns black and i wake up

"goodmorning sunshine" Alex says in a very happy tone

" goodmorgning Alex" i say while i put my hand on his chest and pretend like i´m going to fall asleep again. im laying my head closer to his chest. so i can hear his heart beating. but he moves from the hospital bed. making my head fall down.

"were are you going Alex?" i say with a very tired voice

"home, but i will be back tomorrow"

i begin to sing the song stay "but i want you to STAAAAAAY"

"ok i will be back at... lunch! and stop singing it makes my ears deaf" he says with i happy tone in his voice


"No stop it" he says with a smile upon his face

"you need to hear the last part!"

"okay... BRING IT ON"

"i want you to STAAAAAaaaay"

"but i got to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" he says with the melody of stay

Quick note

Hey everybody! hope you liked it.

it might not be as good and dramatic like the others, but i want to show more of there reletionship!

ps. Alex had clothes on while sleeping. i´m a bit scared if you thougt he didn´t.

by the way I GOT 15 VIEWES! and here it comes... 1 FAVORITE! thanks guys!

please reply so i can hear your thougts on it and stuff :)

here it comes "I WANT YOU TO STAAAAAAAAAAAY!" XD that was for you! BYE!

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