Just a dream

Just a Dream is about a Girl Melissa, and her crush Alex, but something happened so he finaly begin to see his Best friend in another way


4. Back to school

4: Back to school


I finaly got out of the hospital. or i will miss it you know Alex visiting every day. and last friday was the most romantic day i have ever experienced with Alex. it might be my best day ever!

i can hear Alex´s car outside. i can´t belive he finaly got the car! i go out to Alex

"hey Meli!"

"hey Alex!" i jumped into the car

"are you ready for school?"

"uhm.. i guess so..." i was not really sure. i mean after being in a koma for six months, you get a lot of attention, questions and stuff. like are you okay, do you feel sick and do you remember us. but what i fear the most is if i can´t play football. that would be the worst. i know it is not a question but, i´m out of the hospital for a reason.

Alex parked his car at the parking lot. i got out of the car looking at Alex and the school with a worried face.

"come on Meli, or else we will be late!" i took a deep breath

"here we go" i walked with Alex to the school entrance, i looked up at the sign. it said High School. but i couldn't move. i was too nervous

"come on Meli, or else we will be late for class"

"uhm... i-i´m"all the thougts is going throug my head. Alex took me around my stomach. lifting me up and into the school. he sat me down, and then almost every one looked at me. and began to go over to me, and then... they began to ask questions "how are you" "do you have scars" "does it hurt" but then the bad questions came, them i hoped they would never ask...

"are you mad at Alex for pushing you?" "is Alex a killer now or what?" "why are you with him he almost killed you"

i just stood there. i couldn't anwser any questions right now. Alex could see im scared and confused so he takes my hand and pulls me out of the cirkle i made, or did i? im confused

"excuse me! comming through!"

"thanks Alex" its just that im not good at pepole. he still had my hand, but now he was running so i couldn´t stop.

when we came to class the teacher told that i was back and all that stuff. but i didn´t listening. i just had these thougts going through my head

after class we went to lunch. normaly we sit at he sport table, but Alex didn´t stop there. he just walked towards the drama table. he sat down but i didn´t understand

"are you gonna sit down?" he asked. i sat down but were still so confused.

i saw Babra (the queen of the drama team) coming closer and closer, going from her snob face to the kindest thing on earth face.

"hey baby!" i was suprised... first we are sitting at the drama table and then she says baby? oh no this could not happen

"Meli, i would have said it another place but... me and Barba are together now!"

quick note

what a shock! :O

im glad you guys is reading them it makes me happy and i hope t makes you happy too :D

this chapter wasn´t so dramatic but it leads up to something real bad in the next chapter

also i´m gonna try to make 1 chapter a day. and that means no chapter tomorrow because i made 2 today. also i didnt put so much effort in to this chapter because i made a longe very exiting one but... it got deleted

so as always please replie and what you do in here, and! i relly want to hear you thougts! bye!

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