Just a dream

Just a Dream is about a Girl Melissa, and her crush Alex, but something happened so he finaly begin to see his Best friend in another way


5. Alex and Babra

5: Alex and Babra


"Meli, i would have said it another place but... me and Barba are together now!"

i could feel the tears starting to push on.

"excuse me" i said, i ran out to the bathroom with tears in my eyes, while i was sobbing. i opened the bathroom door. locking a stall. i just started crying and crying, more and more. but i could not stop crying. i heard the bell ring but i didn't go out. it would be a lot easyer if it was a nice girl but BABRA! she is the most evil person on the entire school.

i got out of the bathroom and ran to my bag there was at the drama table. and ran out as fast as i could out of the school, but then... i saw Babra and her little gang, comming closer and closer. really i mean what did i do to them!?

"listen Melissa, im with Alex now so you better stay the fuq away!"

"calm down we are just friends" i know it was clear that i lied.

"Melissa, oh Melissa. i know you feel another way. and thanks to your strong conection with him, im with one of the most popular boys."

"i know you don't like him."

"oh really? well she is not that stupid after all hu?" she said with a little smile upon her face. her little gang began to laugh.

"if it wasn´t for you, Alex would not be so depressed. and if he were not depressed, he would not need somebody to carry him through it."

"what are you saying?!" i almost screamed it out. i could feel the tears roll down my cheek

"im saying, that i only needed to act like i cared. and then... yeah you know what happened."

"you fake!" she cut me off

"actor? well acting comes natrualy to me so"

"you can't just play with peoples feelings! you monster"

"but i already did! and now you are gonna stay the fuq away from him or else!" i cut her off

"or else what?! this?" i slaped her, so she got a red mark

"you know, i can convince Alex to hate you. and that slap is my free pass!" she began to go, and after she moved they all followed her.

i ran, as fast as i could home... i just wanted to go home!

quick note

hey guys! thanks for almost 50 views!

i know it wasn´t that long but its late and... you know.

but thank you again and please leave a replie on this movella, it makes me feel really good inside ;) i didn´t wan´t to swear so... but see ya tomorrow with a brand new chapter!

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