Phoenix Rising

The year is 2102, welcome to a world drowned in chaos and nuclear fallout. Humankind lay dessicated, what remians of us are conserved in bio dome cities, driven into risk, governments and military crippeled. I'm just a man, I don't know anything of my past, but I know about my future, and the future of this planet that was once ours. A story about a clan that looked out for everyone, human...or not human. A clan willing to risk anything to ensure survival, with the best technology and tactics at their disposal. A clan, that saved me, and made me something I tought would never be possible, I am a member of Phoenix Rising, I am Alec Shard, this is my story, this is our Earth, and what remains of it.


5. Nightfall

(Somewhere far from home, location unknown, Sunday 1:32am, 13th August 2102)
He has been running for hours, this jungle does not seem to end. Alec almost passed out and fell to the ground, desperate for breath. He rolled over and lied on his back, he must of outran the beast that chased him, but he knows he'll never stop pursuing him. His heavy breathing got lighter and lighter, he sat up, and looked at the glorious environment that surrounded him. "Its beautiful, i cant believe I'm this far from the city, the furtherest Ive ever been". He admired the astounding nature and harmonic tunes that amplified through the forest, the trees were very tall, the ground was covered in rocks and dirt, bright flowers and mushrooms glowing several exotic colors. They brightened up in the night in a benevolent passion, Alec walked over a trunk that bridged between two hills and a gorge beneath him. The nighttime in this area never looked so stunning. Insects and small mammals ran all over the place, the forest was complete paradise.

"Hmm strange" he thought. "How hasn't this place been affected by pollution? The air smells and feels so smooth and fresh". A small draft whipped on the back of his neck, he heard the sound of grass displacement and twig snapping. Alec gasped, he took stance and span around to find what it was watching him. He felt himself being stalked, bait wide in the open waiting to get snatched and mauled. He kept his powerful alien weapon close to him, his finger stuck to the trigger from all the sweat and pressure he can feel. The sounds got louder, he heard snarling and aggressive purring. He strafed through the forest, pacing his steps quickly."Show yourself, kitty kitty, kitty". He felt a force of wind push down onto his back, as if something landed down very hard from a jump. He suddenly felt himself pushed onto the ground, he couldn't see what was on his back and his weapon was on the floor beyond his reach, and was unable to move. He flipped over, it was the tiger again, it roared loudly and attempted to constrain him with its huge paws.

Using all his strength, Alec kicked the beast in the chest repeatedly, the creature only just stared to claw his face, his helmet taking most of the damage. He kicked the monsters pelvis excruciatingly hard as it yowled in pain. Alec moved back across the floor more, and punched a button on the earpiece plate on his helmet, and a calm robotic female voice was triggered. "Tactical Visor and infantry countermeasures engaged". Alec's helmet quickly closed together, pieces of metal and hard glass mechanically closed in and covered Alec's face, and worked as a protective visor. The monster got back up on all 4 legs, it leaped several meters in the air and pinned Alec down again. Through Alec's visor, he could only see the beast press its teeth onto his helmet, unable to reach him. The tongue licked across the screen as half his head was literally inside the tigers mouth.

He felt the force press against his neck, he felt weak and his eyesight went dim. The tiger overpowered him and clawed him across the chest, shredding his armor and leaving a huge scar. He screamed in pain. Another howl was heard in the distance, the tiger suddenly stopped and examined the area, Alec lifted his head up from where he is lying, he coud hardly feel his legs. The beast stopped its session of looking and glared back at Alec, its mouth foaming and overflowing onto the ground. Alec kept pushing down on his wound, he breathed heavily and closed his eyes. The Tiger approached him, ready to strike its final blow. Then the howl was heard again. Another beast jumped from a tree and landed on top of the tiger, the two creatures ran around in circles, the large one struggling to drag the other off of him. The creature that jumped on top of the tiger looked like some sort of wolf. He latched on tight and bit the tigers neck hard, he whimpered in pain and angrily waved his body in fast movement and the wolf flied off and smashed against a rock. Alec crawled towards his gun as quick as his life depended on it.

The wolf was not moving, it was in great pain. Alec saw the tiger begin its stance to pounce and attack. He was aiming directly at the wolf. He got up onto his feet and leaped for his weapon, he landed next to the wolf and the tiger made a leap for it, his jaws spread open wide ready to maul. Alec picked up the weapon with speed, he pulled back the bullet mechanism and aimed at the tigers mouth in midair. "EAT SHIT, MOTHER. FUCKER!" He shot one ray of lightning that precisely went through the monsters mouth. It began glowing green to the stomach, within secounds the body exploded and the monster faded into nothing but ash and glass. Breathing in and out, he threw the gun to one side and closed his eyes. He looked down to his right, he saw that wolf, who rested his head on his lap, in a loving passion. He lifted up the wolfs stomach slightly, and noticed a huge scar. He wanted to help him, but he felt incredibly ill. All he could do was throw up and watch his sick flow downhill into the endless gorge he lay beside.

He slowly got up to his feet, he could feel the blood rush and ooze from his scar, as he pressed his hand onto his chest and staggered across the forest, hoping to find open land. His footsteps felt heavy, losing his balance, the ground feeling like its sinking beneath him. His head was aching in great pain, the wildlife around him was timid and docile, rustling of leaves and scratching of bark didn't distract him, he just kept walking.

2:17am, loction unknown...

He finally felt his legs struggle to carry him, as they collapsed and dragged him onto the ground, his face planting into the mud. The jungle seemed to glow less, less trees were close together and didn't feel as dense as it used to. He felt something wet rub against his neck, light panting and breathing. Alec turned over, it was the wolf, it followed him all the way. He stroked its soft black fur. "Your a wolf, why wont you just kill me?" The wolf continued panting and stared at Alec. Alec continued to stroke it, it suddenly gave a cry of pain, Alec justed his hand back, and softly lifted up some fur, noticing the scar. He comforted the majestic beast, who lied down on the floor to relax the pain, as Alec leaned over to examine it.

"Oh, your a she?" He said, avoiding the wound. "Thank you for saving me, but you cant follow me, if I find my way home, they'll kill you rather than heal you". The wolf cocked her head sideways in confusion. "Oh yeah, your a wolf, why am I even trying to talk to you?" Alec finally felt the exhaustion shrug off, as he stumbled to his feet and carried on walking his way through the forest. He heard movement, he turned around, the wolf was still following him. "Go away, you CANT come with me". The wolf sat down on her back legs, and began barking in a high pitch. Alec stopped, he felt sympathetic for the wolf, she was clearly in pain and needs assistance. He approached her and sat down face to face with her. "Fine, you can come with me, when i find a place, i can get both of us patched up, i know a guy who can.... Mitchell" The wolf sat there quietly, Alec stroked her face, the fur on her back was dark black, and her face coated with a beautiful white coat. 

Her eyes were full of amazing colors, Blue, green and purple glowed her eyes in a graceful beauty of nature. It was a deeper sight than staring into the night sky, the most lively of space, her eyes displayed an entire universes, so full of life. Alec smiled. "I'll call you nebula" The wolf licked his face, and stood back on her legs excitedly, Alec got up to his feet. "Lets get moving, don't want to waste any more time". He suddenly felt something small shoot into his neck. "What the hell?" Pulling out some type of metal canister, he turned it over, reading its icon. "Wait, is this a tranquil?  Oh shi...." He felt his mind implode in on him, he fell to the ground, he saw Nebula fall down with him, she was already unconscious. He looked up, he saw no sky, just the leaves of trees, he began to start seeing black fade the edges of his view. A dark figure stood over him, whoever it was, it was tall...and wearing some type of strange mask. That was all Alec could make out as well as a light voice. "You've come a long way".

And then......Alec's mind...went blank.

Meanwhile back at Phanix HQ, New London, 2:46am

"Kieth, we have to send out a search party, he could be anywhere!" Kieth was in his office, where he actually lived in it, the walls were vintage brown and green with stains all over his carpet, in the back was a huge Screen, he primarily uses it to watch TV . He stopped smoking and spoke without taking his eyes off the screen. "Maxis, you already know we sent 3 drones out looking for him, 2 got destroyed, and the last one hasn't even reported back to us yet!" Maxis walked round Kieth's chair, where he was sitting. "But sir, he's your top priority! He knows more about the prison news more than anyone else!" Kieth switched off his screen and glared at Max. "Fine, we'll send 2 more, but we don't want to keep wasting our resources finding him! I fear it may already be too late"

Maxis was struck with curiosity. "Too late for what?! Eaten alive? Starvation? Mutants?" Kieth stood up from his chair and puffed smoke into his face in a rude manner. "Something worse"
"What can be more worse than those?"
A long silence struck between the two of them, Kieth  looked out his window, staring at the whole city, then at his own reflection. "An organization ...more powerful than us".



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