Phoenix Rising

The year is 2102, welcome to a world drowned in chaos and nuclear fallout. Humankind lay dessicated, what remians of us are conserved in bio dome cities, driven into risk, governments and military crippeled. I'm just a man, I don't know anything of my past, but I know about my future, and the future of this planet that was once ours. A story about a clan that looked out for everyone, human...or not human. A clan willing to risk anything to ensure survival, with the best technology and tactics at their disposal. A clan, that saved me, and made me something I tought would never be possible, I am a member of Phoenix Rising, I am Alec Shard, this is my story, this is our Earth, and what remains of it.


2. Flashback

(New London, United Kingdom, 7:53am, Saturday 12th August, 2102)
Welcome to New London, 4 decades have passed, since the last war here nearly destroyed all of Europe, we all fear nuclear war, governments  around the world are helpless to stop it. Our resources were abundant, since the economy was struggling, the technology was too valuable to us, it could save our lives, and thats what it did. Back in 2058, London became invaded, not by rival countries, but by rouges, mercenaries. A huge fraction of the city was destroyed, millions died, while many others evacuated....we never saw this day coming. We had to fight back, we lost so much, but we achieved victorious. Thats when we decided to rebuild, but we didn't do it alone. Our allies around the world, American forces exchanged military forces, we made friends with people throughout Asia, even parts of Africa, people contributed to protecting themselves for whatever came next.

Our exports kept arriving, from our moon and mars, mining shipments made us more vast than ever, and like everyone else, we built. On the 1st of June, 2060, the most important discovery struck mankind. Marcus Librem, a scientist dedicated to particle theory and physical ion interaction, discovered how he can fuse particles and alter their mass to be physically visible and intractable. His research led to installation of reactors that created huge shields that expanded for miles and miles, and can create a huge dome shape, in which only organic matter can enter, anything that isn't a living thing, or is something that has traces of elements, would be atomized upon contact with the shield.

And thats what happened, our city is under ultimate protection, and we have everything we need to keep it alive, the same as it keeps us alive. Our friends worldwide worked together to share this invention, and when they struck us with nuclear force....we we're ready. It was all for a price, most of our world, is unknown to us in this day, we still venture outside our outskirts, in  hope of maintaining more than just our city walls, but we are never too far away from the radiation, its always there for when we don't want it to.
Everything has changed, the world will never be the same, and neither would its inhabitants, its all different. On August 12th, 2072, Librem died from lung cancer, an expedition he ventured two years before his death was rumored to be the culprit, but he will be remembered for his place in history. We are safe, for now, we haven't won anything, and neither have they. Librems son, Mitchell, still roams the city today, who effortlessly spends his life to curing the disease that claimed his father, and his name is hardly known throughout New London anymore. He is  best friends with a man who's parents disappeared at a young age, now classed as a orphan. He goes by the name of Alec Shard, he has had an elusive past that he never knows anything about, but future events will show him, what really happened....a long time ago.

His position in the military is more important than he thinks of it. He may be the only person who may be able to connect the world back to order, like it was 4 decades ago, when we we're not enemies with other countries, we worked together to survive. This is the story behind a man who chose a path that had consequences throughout, but was the only key to the future of Earth. This is about Phoenix Rising, the most notorious and worldwide powerful clan in human history.....and how they're path is the right path.

But that was after our story began, lets rewind back a bit, to when our protagonist, Alec, woke up with flashes from his past...


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