This Is How It Ends

As a child she believed of something that lived in the dark abyss of the universe now, after being proved right, she was left with no family, no friends, no anybody. She was alone in the remains of a world that had once been.
The Recall invaded our solar system within the space of three minutes. The humans had no idea that these were their final three minutes alive.
The tiny insignificant mundane lifeforms stared up into the sky in wonder as one by one the bright stars went out. They were doomed.
It all happened in stages as another blossoming life form disappeared into ash, 4.54 billion years all to be forgotten and never to be remembered again.

She was on her own. Or so it seemed.


3. The Stranger

It didn’t take her long to return to the shack with her water and cleaned body. Opening the only door built into the whole rickety wooden structure, she cautiously placed the water down next to the cupboards which lined one wall of the kitchen. This shack had two rooms; the living space, which was unfurnished apart from her rucksack, hunting boots and weaponry and what she assumed to be her kitchen- empty, bare cupboards and a small rectangular table with 3 chairs, a sink with no running water and a window no bigger than the table. The girl had called this her home for nearly a year.

        She took a seat under the pines outside her front door and positioned herself so she was comfortable. It was just over midday, she estimated by the position of the sun. She made the quick decision to have a siesta and snooze for a couple of minutes. She had nothing else to do with her time for now.



When she finally opened her eyes once again she saw that she slept a lot longer than she envisioned. It was hastily turning to sundown. She sat up quickly but soon cringed at the stiffness of her body for sleeping against the hard bark of the pine. She surveyed the spectacular view from her high watch point.

    The sky was an outstanding balance between soft and brash colours, each feathered orange would contrast against a bold and harsh pink, and the white clouds peppered across the sky added even more texture to what could have been an incredible picture. The abandoned wail of the wind through the brittle bushes sent shivers up the girl's spine, chilling yet beautiful.

      That was when she realised her dilemma; she had no food for her supper tonight. With the light retreating fast, she needed to act swiftly. The girl had starved for as much as 18 days without food and she didn’t want to start another cycle like that one. Her life span couldn’t afford to.

        A light season breeze didn’t distract the girl from her unwritten duty to herself. She trundled back inside and cautiously she packed her possessions into the half open rucksack and laced up her worn, battered and threadbare hunting boots. The growl of her starving stomach silenced her indecisive mind and concluded her decision. She was going out hunting.

     She took to a large AK47 which felt smooth and trustworthy in her grip and had helped her kill the first hunted food she had eaten in weeks. It held a special section for appreciation in her heart.

      Sprinting down the decline from the cabin she knew she would have to get closer to the mouth of the valley if she were to actually catch anything. Ever since the colonisation began she knew that whenever food would become scarce, her life would once again be walking the very thin line between the dead and the living.

    When she arrived at her usual hunting spot she had already shot a pheasant but she also noticed it was extremely quiet, Not quite tranquillity but somewhere in-between peaceful and suspicious. The sky was harshly turning a smoky black, the complete opposite of the weather only an hour ago.

    As she sat there in anticipation for a rabbit to hop along and meet its end, she observed a figure moving in-between the trees. To her amazement, she saw something she never thought she would never see again in her life time. No matter how much hope she put into her brother’s promise.

        From her watch post under the shrubbery, she saw everything happening in a slow process. Everything seemed to pass so quickly now; watching something at this pace was incredibly unusual. Seeing another human alive was the most extraordinary. But yet there it was- another human. Or, in a pessimistic way, the last male.

    This man did not know he was being observed, however considering the amount of care he was taking to haul a backpack of bottled water across a completely exposed area, you might think he would take the time to look at his potential prey. Maybe it was just her who thought that way. "Either that or this person has only just come to grips with the invasion process." She thought to herself, a small wicked smile spreading across her face.

       Even from 200 feet away she could hear his breathing, heavy and ragged, short and sharp. His impenetrable eyes and inscrutable countenance gave little away and he appeared to be limping slightly. A set of dirty blonde hair sheltered his appearance, out of view of the girl's indissoluble glare. From what she could notify, he was quite muscular and towering, along the lines of 6 foot. As diminutive as she was, she knew in comparison to him she would be nothing more than a patronised speck.

     The mundane stopped dead in his tracks, he plummeted to the floor in an attempt to get down. The girl scrutinised in perplexity as he trundled into the nearest bush, only realising after he had rolled into the vegetation that it was a thistle. A small curse escaped his lips but he still remained as silent as possible. The girl grinned at him, her mind being entirely amused by the comic situation of watching someone who doesn’t know he is being surveyed.

       Without warning, a figure of incredible size- almost triple the measly 6 foot of the unknown mundane- came thundering at the both of them. The girl was positioned just correctly so that one jerk of her trigger and the enormous beast would be at her feet all life escaping its body within seconds of operation. The man however looked defenceless. His eyes appeared to grow wider as the creature approached, unable to move because of his strong, ruthless adrenaline and his life threatening fear. He managed one word to slip from his voice box; this word was powerful and made the decision for the girl to spring up. In her distress she almost forgot to pull the trigger.


As the shot rang out and recoiled off every surface, she was on her feet and sprinting towards the man. She lost all her doubts behind her when she took off. Anything, even death would be better than being alone. The thud was indescrible as the creature collapsed to its knees; it made the girls' blood quake inside the seal of her skin.

       As the 19 year old neared she found that the mundane she had believed to be a man was actually bordering that process; somewhere from 20 to 21. "What the-?!" The plus teen cried in shock, shuffling backwards hastily when he found the movement spring back into his legs again. "Just don't look at it" the girl hissed as if it were obvious. She quickly hoisted the boy up and propped him against a nearby moss coated tree. "But...” his eyes fell back to the creature who laid lifeless a few metres away. The girl wasn’t in the mood to be patient “You’re injured" she snapped ordering him to focus on her. As the girls' eyes settled on her newest discovery, she finally had the chance to take in his features.

    She stopped when she saw the way his eyes surveyed her, brown pools of milk chocolate for eyes; exactly the same as her brothers that night, fear filled yet forgiving, glassy with the current situation but filled with affection. A golden coating over his skin and long dark lashes hinted he wasn't always a blonde. It wasn’t her brother, but he terrifyingly had his exact eyes.

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