This Is How It Ends

As a child she believed of something that lived in the dark abyss of the universe now, after being proved right, she was left with no family, no friends, no anybody. She was alone in the remains of a world that had once been.
The Recall invaded our solar system within the space of three minutes. The humans had no idea that these were their final three minutes alive.
The tiny insignificant mundane lifeforms stared up into the sky in wonder as one by one the bright stars went out. They were doomed.
It all happened in stages as another blossoming life form disappeared into ash, 4.54 billion years all to be forgotten and never to be remembered again.

She was on her own. Or so it seemed.


2. The Outsiders

She was sure she had shrieked; a dream which occurred regularly had the same effects each time. Her eyes were open and wide in alarm, her unmoving gaze settled on the large spidery crack running through the plastered ceiling “Every night…” her mind saturated in shock and bewilderment.

       The familiar stench of freshly fallen rain on the meadow swiftly occupied her nostrils and made her cranium whirl. A city adolescent certainly couldn't get used to the grasslands so rapidly. The earth loosened underneath her figure and triggered her to shift uncomfortably in the uneven, jagged dirt. She knew how stained she must be; this judgement alone terminated any doubt of her to sit up and bitterly scrape the dust from her limbs.

      Around the trifling shack it appeared to be frostier than the usual standard. As it was sheltered in a bank of earth at the side of the highland this came as no astonishment, but it seemed diverse. After minutes of pondering over this thought she apprehended what it was that made it unfamiliar. Isolation had pressed in deep beneath her membrane and it was now compelling the girl in question. “It won’t be long before the insanity kicks in” she exhaled acknowledging that this declaration was accurate.

           The unknown life force had invaded their world searching for destruction and desolation. Within 97 minutes and 12 seconds of their incoming, the last few humans that had survived were barely able to draw breath, if they happened to do so they would be ending it all too quickly. Unidentified liquids rained down on them in the gallons, it would eat away at the raw, untouched flesh and fizz away every single cell frantically trying to keep your body alive. After that faze, the humans that were left which had not had the chance to suppress themselves in shadow were claimed as 'The Lucky Ones' their fate is still anonymous but it goes without saying that no one craved to know.

      Emerging out of her prudent base she was hit with the abrupt blaze of sunlight. The girl cringed away from the sizzling rays and sidestepped beneath the shade of neighbouring saplings. The brook could be overheard cascading down the mountain trail to ground level not far away from where she was stood. “Perhaps a wash would be sensible…” she couldn't help but contemplate. The soil around her was moist and easily moved beneath her stance “It must have rained last night” the girl thought subconsciously, her mind on different subjects. Her eyes scanned the forest floor, all her concentration was turned to the search for footprints. Anyone or anything that could have wandered past here in the night would identify her whereabouts; if so her bereavement was bound to follow.

           Finding nothing she returned to her starting point and stood there momentarily whilst gathering her bearings. Above her head was the sun which beat tough and fulfilled onto the brunette coffee hair which sat on her head. Everything was inaudible, and she didn’t enjoy it. Ever since the whole process of invasion began wherever she went had seemed to have lost its buzz; the buzz of human life wasn't there anymore, animal life was scarce and undergrowth appeared to have taken over, the food chain was at a standstill.

            Her skin began to grow humid and saturated in the morning light, a definite warning that it was going to be a blisteringly hot day. Even to her, this was a struggle.

     Occasionally she wondered what it would be like if she had perished; if she had gone out into the blaze that evening and aided her mother, given her an appropriate farewell. However she would suddenly repeat to herself “If I did that then I wouldn’t be here, waiting for William…like I promised” His promise was to come back to her if she waited for him to return. She had continuously built confidence in him; this phase would be no different.

       Making her way towards the brook, the hillside breeze cured her sweats but she still felt unclean and grimy. Over her shoulder was a large empty water container about a metre in length, once at the lake she would collect the liquid and use it for consumption. She came across this container when she found the uninhabited shack, in which she resides, over a year ago.

         The brook shimmered against the early morning light and different spots were shrouded in shadows under the safety of the trees. Here, the girl could bathe quietly and privately.

    Kicking her depleted and run down trainers onto the bank of the creek she gently slid into the water with slight grace and little elegance. Her mouth formed the exact shape of an ‘O’ as the instant bitter temperatures battered her from the waist down. Even though the sub-zero temperatures were a surprise, it was comforting to be out of the penetrating heat for a moment.

     Once finished with her bathing she dressed for a second time and packed the vacant water container, she began her stroll back to the cabin. Her brown curls dried swiftly in the intense heat and her clothes absorbed the cold H2O of the creek which kept her cool and hydrated.

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