Light up my world

Britney Marie was just an ordinary girl but her world changes when she gets pregnant by some one he barely even knows. Read and find out what happens


5. Meeting the Guys

I grabbed the cloths from his hand and picked up my underwear off the floor I went to the bathroom and got dressed when I got out I saw Zayn next to the coffee maker making two cups. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck.

He turned around and put his arms around my waist

"Looks like you can't keep your hands off me either" he giggled trying to mimic me from earlier.

"Well what can I say you took my breath away when I first saw you."

"Let's go and meet up with the others if you don't mind? Do you?"

"No, not at all." But deep down I kinda did I had no clue who these people where and He probably wants me to get along with them.

"Alright let's go." He grabbed my hand and walked me out the door to the elevator.

-one elevator ride later-

We walked out of the elevator with another girl who wouldn't stop staring at us. When we got to the café door she screamed at me

"ZERRIE FOREVER!!" Her voice was full of hate and it seamed it was all towards me.

I looked at Zayn , he bent down and whispered in my ear

"Zerrie is something people ship Perrie was my ex girlfriend so they.."

I cut him off before he could finish his sentence

"I know what shipping is." I muttered

"Is that jealousy I hear." It was like he was bragging.

"NO, why would I be jealous." I screamed loud enough that the people around us could hear me. Even though he was right I was jealous but I wouldn't admit it.

He just put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my head

"Don't worry there's nothing to be jealous of, besides I broke up with her almost a year ago."like that's going to help she was probably a model or someone famous for all I know she is probably a whole lot better looking than me.

I grabbed my ear phones and placed them in my ears. My favorite song was playing, Helena by my chemical romance. He kept his arm around my waist and led me to the table where four other guys where sitting I sat down next to Harry he was the only one I really knew beside Zayn Harry gave me a hug before ripping my headphones out of my ear

"HEY! Those are my headphones and I do have a right to listen to music." I stated

"Well I was thinking you might want to meet the others."

"Ok, I'm Britney, done met them." I said with a smirk

"Ok, well you know every one now except Paul." Great another guy who I will have to trust.

"Ok, it was nice meeting you."

I put my headphones back in my ears and went back to listening to my music while watching the guys talk I watched there lips as Harry sets his hand on my knee and Zayn gave him a death glair. I just laughed and Harry pulled one of my earphones out

"You think that's funny well tell me if this is hilarious he moved forward in one swift beat and kissed me Zayn got up from his chair while Liam grabbed his arm trying to keep him back, but failed and Zayn threw a punch at Harry by the way Harry fell back into Louis arms it was a pretty good punch Zayn went to throw another but was held back by Liam and Niall. Zayn looked at Harry and his face was filled with anger

"If you ever touch her again.." He was cut off by Harry

"What, you will do what nothing. Zayn it's not like you're dating her are you?

"Just leave her alone don't touch her you heard the same story that I did right before we left when her friend pulled us all aside."

"WHAT STORY." the anger in my voice frightened every one. Harry looked at Zayn and gave him a glair. Zayn looked at me then back at Harry

"Shit" I hear Zayn mutter

"No shit Sherlock" Harry screamed at Zayn

"It's not my fault."Zayn retaliated

"WHAT IS GOING ON, AND WHAT DAMN STORY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" I screeched at both of them Zayn and Harry looked at me while the others looked as confused as me.

"Britney we know about... about.."

"Spit it out Zayn she deserves to know."

"Fine, Harry. Britney we know about you past."

Before I could react I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I could hear every one gathered out side the door and every one's voices Zayn's voice over took every one else's

"Britney, don't do this we didn't ask your friend just told us. When we gathered outside the door." I could hear the pain in Zayn's voice

"I.. I... I don't know what todo my life is so messed up. Every day gets harder and harder I've been in a mental hospital twice because of my stepdad he would beat me and I would tell people but every one thought I was crazy and I was bullied at school because of being in the hospital there are still days I believe that I belong there like today." My voice was cracking and tears were falling down my face I fell to my knee's there was to many bad memories coming back to me the pain I felt when Mike(my dad) would hit me till I fell to the ground then kick my stomach. Then when I went to school days after I got out of the mental hospital and I cut my self for the first time."

I could hear the door being kicked and voices from out side of the door

"Britney, I'm not letting you do this!" I didn't want him to see me like this either I just wanted to live. But it turns out no one wants me to and the ones who do I hardly know and they think they know me. They know nothing I pop my phone out of the case and get the razor I keep in it out. I put the razor to my skin and press the same time I hear the door hinges start breaking I slide the razor down and let the pain fill my wrist I retrace last nights scabs with the razor and open them. I then took the razor and hold it up to my thought I slowly slide it across before I could get half way the door breaks open Zayn falls on his knees when he sees me, while Harry's eyes are filled with tears Louis and Niall stood there with shock as Liam grabs the razor from my hand and throw it across the room. Zayn scoots hisself by my side and wraps his arms around me

"Please, stop this it hurts me to see you like this."Zayns voice was no longer smooth it was cracked from crying.

"You don't under stand, do you my life is a hell hole I don't deserve to live." Harry looks at me in shock just like every one else

"Don't say that its not true who ever told you that lied to you. You're perfect and don't let any one tell you different." His voice was strict yet soothing his deep voice was always calming to hear.

"Then you know every thing." From how much I was crying I doubt they understood what I said but Harry did hear me

"Yeah, well only what your friend told us. So you have and abusive dad you where bullied and raped then sent away to a mental hospital because you told people about your dad and thought you where lying and that happened twice ." By the time he was done talking he was nearly out if breath.

"Yeah that sounds like she told you every thing." I muttered under my breath.

She was the reason they know about me Sam the person I called my friend told them a secret that I wanted to keep away from them.....

Hey my beauties hope y'all are enjoying the story and I hope y'all read more when it's posted I'll be posting very soon so enjoy!

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