Light up my world

Britney Marie was just an ordinary girl but her world changes when she gets pregnant by some one he barely even knows. Read and find out what happens


8. Boys P.O.V

Zayn's P.O.V 
It's been five months since the accident and I was faced with some.... News. I'm still not sure how I want to handle the situation but I'm sure Louis is ready to tell every one. All we have to do is protect me from Harry... His reaction won't be so good especially towards me since I was the well cause of the problem. I stand up and face the other guys.
"Guys I have to tell you guys something. I just found out very recently there is something else going on with Britney.." Harry sits up in his seat and Liam's face cringes. Louis couldn't move he new what was about to happen.
"She's uhhh.... Pregnant." Harry shot from his seat and raced towards me. Niall and Louis followed him to keep him from hitting me but it was too late his fist slammed into my face. I fell over in intense pain my hand sculpting the pain. My face burned like fire the Liam hovered over me his face hadn't changed since I told the news. My life hasn't been the same since I've met Britney she's changed me so much. First it was just a one night thing then I grew feeling for her fast. I broke up with Perrie for her and now I might loose her all because of a blow to the back of her head. I heard the nurse foot steps get closer to me her hand rested on my shoulder but I shook it off. I was here for Britney and to know if she's getting better I don't care how much pain I am in....
Harry P.O.V 
WHAT?!? SHES PREGNANT?!? BY ZAYN! That arsehole! IM GONNA KILL HIM. How could he be so inconsiderate. I lunge from my chair towards Zayn my fist clenches up and with all my force my fist rockets in to Zayn's face. He falls to his knees his hand pressed against his face. Louis and Niall grab my arms and forcefully push me away from Zayn. I try to squirm loose but they only grip my arms tighter. Once we were around the corner Lou pushed me against the wall.
"You need to calm down! I don't care what he did or what you feel. There is a girl he took in and now we have to help her. So clean your act up and get over it because now she is with Zayn." Louis' voice ran through my ears like lava 
"He's not even a suitable dad. The kid needs someone better." I spit
"The kid has all of us." Louis eyes began to water as he loosened his grip. Maybe he is right she has Zayn and I've only known her for a little while but with in that little while my feelings for her just grew. With out warning they came apon me like a curse. 
I looked at Niall just standing behind Lou waiting for me to explode and to help Louis when I do, but I am done. I won't let my feelings get the better of me. 
Louis P.O.V
Zayn was getting up from his chair and turned to us. I could hear the worry and fear in his voice. Was he about to tell them? He couldn't he wouldn't. Would he? Then he began "Guys I have to tell you something..." Oh no Harry. I sit uneasily in my chair as I await Harrys move. I look towards Harry as he leans forward.
"Shit" I mutter under my breath.
I nudge Niall so he would be ready but he shook off my elbow. Zayn finishes his sentence and with out a moments notice Harry is on top of Zayn. One fist strait to Zayn's face and Zayn was in his knees. Niall and I both raced after Harry to keep him from throwing any more hits. I pull Harry towards the hall away from Zayn. I get him around the corner and push him against the wall. 
"You need to calm down! I don't care what he did or how you feel. There is a girl he took in and mower have to help her. So clean up your act and get over it because she is now with Zayn." I hurt me to say this to my best friend but he needed to be stopped. His face filled with rage.
"He not even a suitable dad the kid need some one better." He wouldn't stop but he needed to be. I only had one thing left to say. 
"The kid has all of us" Harrys face dropped an I knew I had won a war that I wished I didn't. Now the only thing left is to decide what to do and what to say. 
Liam's P.O.V
Britney is pregnant!? By Zayn! Is this a joke I thought they said they didn't do anything... But why lie? Louis dragged Harry away from Zayn. I stand up and I was inches away from Zayn but I didn't want to help him I actually wanted to punch him. Violence is never the answer but it seemed like a pretty good idea. Zayn this guy I called my friend is now the reason the band is falling apart. Because of him we missed the rest of our concerts for the year the record company is thinking about dropping us. All of this is because of HIM. I've never been angry at any one like this. I walk away from him as the nurse gets to his side. I walk right through the front door my mind furrowed with thoughts and feelings. But where are my thoughts and feelings at was it towards Zayn or was it because of something else or someone else.... The air braces my lungs as I take a shape breath. Within seconds of leaving the building I was surrounded by fans and paparazzi. 
"So what happened?" 
"Who is the girl?"
"When do you plan on going back on tour?"
"Why are you guys even here?" 
"A nobody but yet you waisted you time on it"
"We didn't waist our time and she's not a nobody she's a person who's had a traumatic past! Cut her some damn slack." Oh shit what have I just done.
"Are you cheating on your girlfriend with the girl in the hospital?" 
"Who is this girl?" 
Questions came from left and right from different people I rush back into the building. The security keep every one from rushing in behind me. The mistake I made was terrible

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