love or hate ?

after Alexis (lexi) begins a new year of school she soon discovers that it will not be a good year however a year she will never forgot probably for all the wrong reasons. after receiving her room keys she discovers she is next door to harry styles Liam Payne and Niall Horan. will she end the year enemies or more than that ...


1. introduction


Alexis' p.o.v:

My name is Alexis however my friend just call em Lexi, I'm 18 and currently studying music and drama at school. I have long blond hair and crystal blue eyes, I'm and average weight and I would say I'm not very popular.My best friend is Alana who is 17 she has dark hair dark eyes pretty much the same as me apart from I'm slightly taller than her.I live with my mum, dad and little sister Hollie who is 14. My parents have good jobs and are obsessed with giving me the best education possible. I like school just not the people there well five of the Louis Liam Niall Zayn and worst of all Harry! I feel he is the worst because i had to survive primary school with him ! and not only this they are like the most popular and talented boys in school so that why im not so popular. 


It was Monday morning the first day of the new school year, we all gathered into the large hall where we where assigned with our rooms, thankfully we got to choose who we where in rooms with so obviously I was with Alana. As they where reading the names out they finally came to me " Alexis Robson and  Alana Watson room 56 "  "Harry Styles Liam Payne and Niall Horan  ( "ugh !" i interupted ) room 57 !" he spoke carmly. Harry shot me a stare from a couple of rows in front " is there a problem Mr Styles !" Mr Brown complained. " no not at all sir," he replied. Thank god Zayn and Louis where in room 134 a long way away on the next floor.

At the end of the assembly we made our way to the reception to collect our keys we got to sets i took one and handed the other to Alana. We made our way up to our room with our luggage we got out of the lift and saw lots of other people on the same floor BANG  suddenly i fall to the floor and quickly picked my self back up everyone in the corridor was laughing of course at me ."Harry  !" i glared looking at him. " really need to be more careful the don't you !" he said just walking away with Liam and Niall following him like flies around shit. "What a year this is going to be !" I sighed under my breath. "Come on !" Alana spoke gesturing me to walk into the room,  I spotted two double beds and flopped onto the bed by the window . " What am I going to do a year with harry and them cranks living next door ?" I asked "Don't worry WE will be fine !" she said emphasizing the we. " Thanks Alana !"


I smiled and got up to unpack my belongings as we don't start until tomorrow. After about an hour and a half we had made the place look a bit more ours we decided to head down to the reception to collect our planners." Erm Alexis Robson !" i said " tutor !" Mrs Clark said plainly "oh 10DB !" I replied after a moment our two she found it and we waited for Alanas . " What shall we do now ?" I asked . " Lets get some food from the canteen !" I smiled and we continued to walk, " I never much liked Mrs Clark I always thought she was a moody bitch !" I said whist looking over to Alana to check she was listening. She laughed and replied ."me too !" We came up to the canteen doors " thanks " harry said yanking my planner out of my hand I tried to get it back but I just drew more attention to my self and he could hold me back with one hand so I just gave up " double drama music English and art ?" He questioned "Same as me that will be fun !" He continued.  He  laughed and just walked away chucking my planner on the  floor causing every bit of paper to flutter around the canteen. Everyone was pointing and laughing so I picked them up got a sandwich some apple juice and just slammed out a chair and sat down. Soon after Alana joined me. " I hate him !" I said wiping a tear from my eye. " look it will be fine I promise !" She reassured.






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