Cardinal Who?

17th century France is not as it seems... The entire royal family has been taken over by an alien called the Infiltrator. This beast is residing in the dead King Louis XIII, making decisions that will change France forever, and only the evil Cardinal Richelieu ( and his companion Milady de Winter) seems to know what is going on... But is it really the Cardinal... Cardinal Who?
The inspiration for this story stemmed from Peter Capaldi playing both Cardinal Richelieu and the new doctor.


1. Disguise

" Clara, I know your not happy about this but it is the only way..."

"I know, it's just... It tastes AWFUL!"

"Hold your nose, it helps..."

"Why can't the Tardis change me... Or your screwdriver? ANYTHING but this..thing!"

The Doctor sighed as he watched Clara reluctantly chew off a chunk of the DNA changing jelly cube.

"There, it wasn't that hard now was it?" He asked, relieved.

"Right.. So now what's gonna happen? Some kind of horrible, bumpy transformation?" Breathed Clara.

"I don't know. Why don't you look in the mirror?" The doctor replied, exasperated.

As Clara turned to look in the wide mirror, a beautiful and mysterious woman with black hair and full lips,in a flattering ruby and ebony corset, skirt and cloak, stared back.

"Wow! If you'd told me I was gonna look this good I wouldn't have moaned! This is permanent right? It's just I think I prefer this look to 'gullible English teacher'" Clara said, looking bewildered at her reflection.

"No, you know it isn't, when we return and are in your normal time frame, it will change you back automatically," the Doctor held in a laugh as Clara turned round and sulked.

"So, can we go over this again please? This is one of the biggest things I've had to do but you must understand, the situation is so bad I've had no choice. You are now Milady de Winter, remember? I am Cardinal Richelieu and in essence we are evil plotters, planning to overthrow the king, got it? But the thing is that no one must know we are even trying to do that. They will suspect, which will eventually be our cover." Explained the time lord, getting more anxious by the minute at Clara's blank expression.

"Sorry, you lost me at Milady de Winter, you forgot to mention we were going to FRANCE!!!" Exclaimed Clara, "I stopped learning French in Year 11!"

Hi everyone, this is just an initial idea- I wanted to see what you thought, I don't believe The Musketeers was shown in America so I'm aware anyone who understands this will be British but I thought I'd give it a go! Please comment and review!

Isabella :)

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