Cardinal Who?

17th century France is not as it seems... The entire royal family has been taken over by an alien called the Infiltrator. This beast is residing in the dead King Louis XIII, making decisions that will change France forever, and only the evil Cardinal Richelieu ( and his companion Milady de Winter) seems to know what is going on... But is it really the Cardinal... Cardinal Who?
The inspiration for this story stemmed from Peter Capaldi playing both Cardinal Richelieu and the new doctor.


2. Arrival

" I would ask you to stop laughing but seeing as your eyes are watering so much I doubt that will make me forget my insecurity..." Mumbled the Doctor, whose newly acquired goatee and moustache had been the trigger for Clara's fits of uncontrollable howling.

"I'm.. Sorry!" She croaked between gasps of giggles. "Just...warn me... Next time you decide... To grow facial hair!!!" And with that, the new woman that Clara had become, lost all ability to keep a straight face.

The Tardis came to a smooth holt and after gathering several things, the Doctor led Clara out into the daylight of a dappled green forest. No sooner had they closed the door than the familiar swooping sound preceded the blue box's disappearance.

"But Doctor, won't we need that?" Questioned Clara, stunned at how trapped they suddenly were.

"I did tell you this was a long term event, didn't I? And I hardly think these people will be able to keep their noses out of the Tardis once they see it,"

"Never seemed to bother you before..." Muttered Clara as they made their way through the thick foliage of the forest floor.

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